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Pregnancy is such a special time, however for most pregnancy does come with its fair share of symptoms and changes that can have a toll on a tired and uncomfortable mama. This natural belly balm recipe for pregnant mama’s is made of just pure nourishing ingredients to indulge your skin […]
Before we moved into our new home I bought a big bundle of sage to cleanse the space or all energy and spirits and make it ours. Smudging sage or cleansing with sage is a beautiful healing ritual to create a clear slate to ones body, mind or space. In my opinion, essential when moving into a […]
These Almond, Date & Cacao Balls are super easy to whip together, just a food processor or blender needed! Full of healthy fats and protein from the almonds, chia and flaxseed meal, packed with fibre from dates and rich with antioxidants from the raw cacao powder. To top it off, rolled in […]
I truely believe a birth should be a beautiful and spiritual experience (no matter what type of birth we have) and how we view and treat our births impacts our connection to our our babies and their strength as a new generation coming into our world. I’m a researcher, I love to know […]

Claudia Beyer

Founder of The BareVitality Studio – In the heart of Balmain, Sydney for 8 years, before transitioning to an Online Studio available world wide.

Accredited: Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Running Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner!

Also seen as: Health & Fitness Influencer, Creator, Presenter, a mum & foodie!


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