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Keep your tummy happy, treat and reduce illness, and assist weight loss through probiotic health.  By balancing the good bacteria in our stomachs, our body can fight against colds, flu and stomach upset as well as [...]
I refuse to hear any more excuses as to why you don’t have time to exercise. Make the time to improve your health and wellbeing. I have made it so easy for you. This workout is only 10 minutes, it will work [...]
While some people find pride and joy in their car, scrapbooking,  garden, the newest electronic-  mine is my kitchen cupboard. For many this is a place you try and avoid, however for me its a place of inspiration, [...]
This recipe if full of goodness! It contains no refined sugars, is dairy free, gluten and grain free and tastes absolutely amazing. Recipe adapted from Living Healthy with Chocolate. Recipe: Crust: – 2/3 cup [...]

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