Wrapping up a year!

It honestly feels like only a few months ago I was wrapping presents and listening to christmas carols, yet this time last year feels like another life time ago.

2014 was a year that held so much value into the 12 months it contained.

I know its not quite the end of the year yet, however Im off on holidays tomorrow to shut off, rest and recuperate.

This is a continuation of my Facebook post yesterday. Firstly to share my gratitude and thank everyone for all your support towards myself and BareVitality and also to inspire you to follow what you love and believe in yourself.

‘Everyday I feel so unbelievably grateful that I get to wake up & share my passions with my clients & The BV community & bring positive change into the lives of others. I feel so blessed I have a thriving business that is flexible & allows me to shape & create in any direction I feel inspired to take or dream of reaching.
I started up BV about a year & a half ago in my early 20’s with a small blog following what I love, just for fun & to push myself out of my comfort zone. That love grew bigger & bigger & became this beautiful community & a Holistic Personal Training & Health Coaching business + a book on the way- ahhh still so hard to believe sometimes this is my life! I have combined what gives me joy in my life into a career that too complements & inspires my own health journey & goals (my #1 priority).

It most definitely has its challenges & some days I struggle with intense physical pain, fatigue, short term memory loss etc, which as you can imagine adds a certain challenge to my days of inspiring health & wellness. I choose to see these as tests of my own self strength & the positive energy I receive each day through my clients & community provides me with so much fulfilment & the most powerful type of energy.
So thank you thank you everyone for supporting me & our BV community & I whole heartedly urge you to make the time to do more of what you love & believe it to be possible to build or reach WHATEVER you desire whether that be through your work, your health or passions xx ‘

What an incredibly eventful year it has been;

New beginnings. Successful ventures. Beautiful memories. Challenges over come. Personal growth. New friendships formed. Adventures. Somethings lost while others were gained. Achievements. Increased knowledge. Areas of great health progress & new areas to focus on. Plenty of ‘me’ time. Lots of laughter with the occasional tear…

Running BareVitality


So as you wrap up YOUR year make sure you take with you into 2015 the knowledge you learnt, the precious memories you formed and the strength you gained. Choose to leave behind whatever does not serve you any longer or brings unhappiness/ burden into your life. 2014 will look after them for you so don’t be afraid to let go or leave them behind. They are safe and wanting you to enter 2015 light, calm and excited for the fresh and abundant year ahead.




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Very open and positive :) Skies the limit for 2015, very keen to see BV and yourself continue to go from strength to strength


Thank you Phill and yes so much excitement for 2015 :)

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