Why I believe in BareVitality


I was going through ideas in my head thinking what my next post should be about that wasn’t anything to do with food because lets face it, I am slightly obsessed with getting creative in the kitchen. This was when it became apparent that I should be telling you a bit about the idea behind BareVitality and why I so strongly believe in it, allowing you to put all my posts into context. Central Coast women’s fitness

What does BareVitality stand for:

BareVitality is about stripping back the toxins of the developed world so we can live a lighter, happier, healthier more energised life through focusing on achieving optimal nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Nutrition: the whole idea of wholesome, clean eating and taking away what we were not made to consume and filling our bodies with natural nutrient dense super foods for optimal health. Mums and bubs fitness

Exercise: exercising in the fresh air of the outdoors and using functional movement to promote sustainable health. I love utilising what is around me such as hills, stairs, water, grass, benches, trees, sticks, different air temperatures etc as they all play a role in creating simple health. Also incorporating incidental exercise. Go through your routines and change a few things – walk or ride to the shops, get off the bus a couple of stops early, mop the kitchen floor while bracing your abdominal ….. and the list go’s on.
No human body functions the same. As a personal trainer I aim to construct exercise that is individualised to the clients goals through exercise tailored to each body type, energy levels and physical requirements. This helps people reach their individualised optimal fitness and health, and better understand their own body. personal Training 

Wellbeing: in today’s society we have everything, yet we are more stressed, anxious, and discontented than ever before. Environmental pressures are destroying our self confidence,challenging our ethics, and depleting our natural health defense mechanisms. My aim is to provide small, practical steps to help people reduce these toxic pressures in their life so they can learn to have control over their mind, strengthen their body and feel an over whelming sense of happiness for everything around them.

Why I believe in BareVitality: 

Its as simple as the concept behind BareVitality provided me with a healthier more meaningful life. Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from a young age, I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that I had to change everything that I thought made me ‘me’  in order to regain some sort of life besides the one that was isolating me in unhappiness. It was the end to all my competitive athletics, high achieving studies and perfectionist personality. While my mind was still strong, my body had given up.

Through years of trying different elimination strategies, seeing different professionals, studies in health, fitness & meditation programs as well as my own personal research, I have healed myself through a new lifestyle I composed; a combination of the most practical and effective aspects of my discoveries with a simplified approach to health that so many people over look & manipulate in day to day life.

Join me on the path to discover ways of nurturing your body so you can reach and maintain your own optimal health and live the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.


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