What To Eat and Drink Before A Race!

What to eat before a race

What to eat and drink before a race is always a tricky one.

You need enough fuel to get you through the event and having you performing your best, but then you also don’t want to be running on a full stomach, dealing with indigestion, blood sugar level instability or needing to rush to the toilet. And we haven’t even got to hydration yet.

Ahh so much to consider!

It doesn’t make it easier with so much out there on what to eat and drink before a race, how much and when- its all just so confusing!

So lets simplify it!

Now we all have completely different bodies that work in different ways so the most important thing is you listen to your body and figure out its best pre race routine. Playing around with your pre race routine when training is a great idea so you have what to eat and drink before a race down pack for actual race day.

Most events are in the morning so for this example lets say ours is as well.

What To Eat and Drink Before A Race Checklist

1.   As soon as you wake up consume 2 large glasses of water with a pinch of a high mineral sea salt in it (not table salt). This will make sure you are receiving optimal hydration & mineral absorption.

Also sipping on coconut water throughout the morning is fantastic!

2.     20 minutes after your water and at least 2-3 hrs before your event have 2/3 the proportion size of your usual breakfast. This is so you can easily digest in time and hopefully you fuelled up the day before so you already have those energy stores ready to go.

Your breakfast should be something familiar to your body, yet super plain & light. I usually go with Porridge cooked with water and little bit of raw honey & a spoonful of organic nut spread instead of my usual porridge with 100 ingredients. This gives me easily digestible low GI carbs, small amount of protein + a good sugar to give me ready to use instant energy.

Avoid high protein, rich dairy, high fibre or high fat foods. These will slow you down on race day or cause digestive upset!

3.     Now an hour or 2 later your feeling hungry again but race is starting in less than an hour. This is when I sip on a good quality juice with both fruit & veg in it.

My fav current pre race juice is the Nudie Carrot, Apple, Orange & Ginger. Liquid carbs, good sugar & nutrition straight to the blood stream. If Im needing something more I have a bliss ball or raw health bar.

Try these bliss balls:  Apricot Cashew Bliss Balls

4.    Just keep slipping (not gulping) on water pre event.

5.    Your body is now perfectly fuelled so all you have to do is run as fast as you can. Good luck!


I hope this guides you on what to eat and drink before a race. I would love to know what you find to be your perfect pre race routine?




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