What Should My Daily Steps Goal Be?

Walking is a great form of exercise and has a lot of health and wellbeing benefits. By incorporating lots of walking into each day you can boost muscle power and endurance, strengthen your bones, reduce excess body fat. Walking also keeps your body and mind healthy by lowering blood pressure, improving sleep and relieving depression + so much more.. You may already know walking is good for you but sometimes it’s a struggle getting those steps up during the day! So, let’s go through what your daily steps goal should be and how to reach that goal!

Daily Steps Recommendations By Age:

Amount of daily steps depends on age, health condition and fitness goals. Being active is natural for the human body and movement is necessary for our health.

According to Integrative Medicine a person should ranging between the below daily steps:

  • 4-6 years old active 10,000, highly active 14,500 steps
  • 6-11 years old active 11,000, highly active 13,500  steps
  • 12-19 years old active 10,000, highly active 12,500 steps
  • 20-65 years old active  7,000, highly active 11,500 steps
  • 65+ years old active 7,000, highly active 10,500 steps


We recommend 10,000 steps each day for general health and wellness. This however can vary depending on your health status and age. Are you wondering how you are going to get all those steps in a day?

See below how to reach your daily steps goal:

Tips To Add More Walking Into Your Day

Incidental activity is highly recommended and a great way to add more daily steps. Lets not forget how easy it is to be active in lots of little ways throughout the day:

  • Walk while making your phone calls. Getting more steps into your day becomes easy while chatting with a friend or having a phone meeting. Try to choose a place where you can walk during your call. even if it is just a few loops around the block.
  • Instead of a car or bus, walk or cycle to work. If your work is too far to walk, instead of walking to the closest bus stop, walk to the second or third stop along.
  • Skip sitting. While you are waiting for something or someone, take extra steps instead of sitting still. It can be a waiting room for an appointment or during activities of the kids.
  • Do your errands by walk if possible. Walk to the hairdresser, post office, groceries and get those extra steps at the same time.
  • Choose the stairs. It’s easy to take the elevator but after a few times of choosing the stairs, it becomes a habit. Start by taking the stairs up and then you can come down with the elevator. After a while, progress to both up and down with the stairs. Before your even aware, you have a new habit!
  • Take the longer route/ distance in any activity you are doing to add more steps. Choose a parking spot from a distance instead of the nearest one, don’t choose the closest coffee shop etc…
  • Have a walk date! Ask your friend if they are eager to have a walk catch up. A great way to catch up and be active together.
  • Choose a shopping center instead of online shopping. Have you ever thought how active shopping is? It’s a lot of walking, and getting in and out of clothes… all while doing something most of us love, looking for the perfect outfit. Time flies and within a short period of time, your daily step goal is reached!


To make it easier, you can use a health app to keep track of your daily steps. Iphone Health App and The Fitpit App are great tools for tracking daily activity! Claudia uses Fossil Hybrid watch to know her steps each day.

Can you plan a jog or walk for this week? Here are some ways to mix up your jog/walk! Our body is made to be moving- let’s get started!



Maximise Your Jog or Walk
April 01, 2013

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