What is a Holistic Lifestyle Balance?

Holistic living is the balance of discipline & surrender.

Prioritising whats important to YOU.

A bit of trial and error to learn what works for your individual body and lifestyle needs.

Understanding that our health and happiness is a result of balance between multiple areas of our lifestyle not just fitness or eating healthy or getting enough sleep. The mindset that in order to feel Vitality we need to strip back Bare and create and maintain balance in all areas of our life.

Movement = Work Out & Work In.

Nutrition = Nourish & Nurture.

Wellbeing = Work Smart & Play Often.

@thebarevitalitystudio Online Program is launching next week to help guide you through daily life. Little steps creating BIG changes to your health, fitness, success & happiness.

A lifestyle program designed through 8 years working on the floor, researching and leading in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

The program I personally live by. Resulting from a huge amount of personal trial & error to figure out how to thrive in modern society with an autoimmune conditions + trailed & tested on over 300 females with different health statuses, lifestyles, ages, and goals.

Health. Fitness. Wellbeing. Let’s be honest, it can be all so over whelming!

So we at @thebarevitalitystudio have listened & are creating an interactive, simple & effective guided holistic lifestyle program.

Its time to get real, raw & strip back to BAREVITALITY.


studio.barevitality.com launching 8th August 2019 

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