What I love about Spring!

What I love About Spring!

Spring symbolised renewal! Its a time to leave behind and rid of the unwanted. It’s a time to start new projects, create new ideas, and take charge of our health and wellbeing.

Spring to me symbolises;

Flowy dresses & skirts

Time for an internal cleanse

New beginnings

Lots of berries

Less shoes & dirty feet

Longer days spent outdoors in the light of the early evenings

Breakfast in the sun

Crisp mornings and warm days

Beautiful colours blooming everywhere

The feeling of lightness as you leave the heaviness of winter behind

Birds singing in the earlier hours of the mornings

New colour to my skin

A time to manifest my dreams into life

Salt water through my hair

The clearing of physical clutter

Fresh juices

Evaluation of my goals and life direction

Running with the warmth and energy of the sun

New inspiration to write

Excitement for upcoming celebrations and trips away

Lying in the grass

Plaits and flowers in my hair

More salads and less soups

 A desire to sing and dance

More colour in my wardrobe

A season to be more mindful and meditate

Maybe add a bit more planking and squatting

A time for extra self nourishment

What does Spring symbolise for you?


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I love Spring too, Claudia! And all the things you mentioned signify Spring to me too. I LOVE the smell of Jasmine and the increasingly hot sun mixed with cool breezes. The second I step out my door, it hits me and it is absolute bliss!

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

I love Spring too! And I think you've painted a pretty amazing picture of what Spring feels like. I love stepping outside to the hot sun, cool breeze, and the delicious scent of Jasmine in the air. My idea of bliss and oh-so Spring-like!


I really love your blog! Your posts are all so beautiful and inspiring :) I am so glad I got to discover you <3

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