My Bridal Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Routines + Wedding Updates!

We are less than 3 months out from our special day and I have received ALOT of questions regarding what I am doing in prep. So here you have it, my compiled bridal health, fitness & wellbeing routines all in one place + a little update on our day!

It’s all about love

Now I never was that girl who dreamt of her wedding day or if I am completely honest was never hugely excited about the whole planning part of a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, all they symbolise and always wanted to get married. The whole build up of the event itself just isn’t my thing. The thing that does make me SO excited about our day is saying “I DO” to the love of my life and sharing that with our nearest and dearest. My partner is much the same and we seem to both be extra excited about everything we get to share with marriage. We organised our honeymoon before the wedding to put things into context haha…

We planned a 13 month engagement. Mostly because we just really wanting to mindfully enjoy this time as an engaged couple and aim to leisurely plan the wedding along the way in the most fun, stress free way we could. Therefore, we also chose to not stress about saving or planning throughout this time. We always envisioned a simple wedding and this engagement time we wanted to symbolise adventure, joy, lightness and love. There has been a bit of traveling this year, tried new challenges and continued to focus on growing as both individuals and as a couple.

We have been determined to have the day represent us as a couple, full only of love, happiness and celebration. We chose not to care for the smaller details (this just isn’t us) and place our attention in creating a celebratory atmosphere based around food, wine and entertainment. Let’s take a look on my bridal health, fitness & wellbeing plans!

Focusing on my bridal health, fitness & wellbeing

Now I work in health, fitness and wellbeing and live a pretty balanced and heathy lifestyle already. I also have had many clients over the years come to me, pre-wedding with the goal to lose weight, tone up and feel empowered. So not long after we became engaged, I was first asked ‘what I will be doing pre wedding?’. I realised I hadn’t even thought about it! While I knew I didn’t want to lose weight, I did want to find a little more balance in my own personal fitness and health routines. Very easy these have become second to my clients goals. My wedding became an opportunity to actually priorities MY health so I decided to take it!

Now my routines are nothing special or even consistent, but they have given me a reason to be selfish and priorities my health when I can.

My goals;

  • Grow my hair thicker and longer
  • Consume more veg and less sugars
  • Improve energy levels
  • Build up greater strength and balance in my physical body
  • Increase that skin glow


My Bridal Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Routines:


When we got engaged my hair was at shoulder height and had been at this shorter length for a good year and a half. I have always liked it long, but with my ‘no maintenance’ beauty attitude, it was just so much work!! If you didn’t know, my hair is naturally curly which = always tangled, prone to being dry and time consuming. Its not as curly as it use to be and I now get keratin treatments. I therefore don’t have to straighten it and it appears healthier and stronger. Before I get married I decided I would give this longer hair thing a go again. Mostly so I would have more options when it came to hair styles on the day.

Other than the keratin treatment every 4-5  months, I have been taking Natures Way Beauty Collagen Gummies, coconut oil through my hair as a mask once every couple of months, left overnight + I am avoiding chemicals, harsh sun and straightners/ hair dryer use. As well as a regular hair trim every 10 weeks or so.



I go from really good weeks of lots and lots of fresh fruit and veg to other weeks when it just hasn’t happened. Mostly as a result of the crazy work hours excuse but I have been conscious of it and definitely my overall fruit and veg intake has increased. I am also consciously trying to reduce my sweet tooth and choose more savoury snacks. The after dinner 2 squares of chocolate routine isn’t going anywhere however. There is nothing I am restricting, just being more conscious of including more of the “good stuff”! I don’t feel like smoothies in this cooler weather as much, but as it starts to warm up I will be utilising them as a way to pack in the superfoods.



My biggest energy zapper has always been stress. So automatically this year I have tried to reduce my work hours (with some success) and avoid all unnecessary stress, wedding planning included. I have made an effort to not over commit in my social calendar or work schedule. My sleep and wake routine has been fantastic and I have incorporated more mindful slow walks and meditative practices into my week. I have also been getting a series off regular Acupuncture treatments at The Village Remedies, local to the BV Studio for my energy and circulation. I have also been including Go Healthy’s High Strength Magnesium to combat the effects stress from exercise, work or just life has on my body.



While I have placed more attention on my own fitness goals this year, the consistency hasn’t been fantastic as of yet. This I am hoping to focus on in the upcoming months. I have switched to more low intensity exercise including yoga, pilates, walking and gentle strength/ technique work, rather than high intensity which my body is not needing with its current energy levels. Just moving has definitely improved with the use of my new Fossil Hybrid Watch tracking my steps each day. I have set 10,000 steps as my daily goal and have enjoyed upping my walks and incidental activity to reach this number.



As we know an inner glow = an outer glow! So my digestive health has been of focus, including fermented foods, a daily probiotic and of course a balanced healthy diet with lots of those fruit and veg! Along with Go Healthy’s Go Beautiful Skin Supplements and the supplements mentioned under “Hair”. I have also implemented a solid skin care routine. I am currently using Andalou Naturals Skin Care Range with their Turmeric and Vit C Brightening Serum a favourite. Trilogy exfoliator a couple of times a week and every 3-4 months I have been treating myself to a facial. Now we are a bit closer to the day, I may increase that to monthly facials. My focus is on making my skin appear healthy, glowy and not tired!


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