Toning Workout Using A Block + Video!

The Yoga Block can be used for so much more than just supporting your yoga practice. It is also a great fitness tool in which I often use in our client sessions for alignment, functional movement and to build base strength. Toning Workout Using A Block! 

Below is a simple workout you can do at home to tone and strengthen the entire body!

If you don’t have a black, you can use a book! This makes the toning workout a great option when on holidays.

The fast mode video below is to assist you with the exercise technique. When completing the exercises, focus on each exercise being slow and controlled.

This will create greater results 🙂


Toning Workout Using A Block:

Complete each exercise for 10-16 reps and then repeat 2-3 sets!!



Overhead Straight Body Sit-ups: 

Really focus on lengthening the body. When you come to the top of the sit up, checking your arms are beside your ears so you have a straight spine. For a less intense option, bend the knees with the feet flat on the ground.


Bridge Rolls: 

Check you can touch the backs of your ankles with your finger tips. As you roll up, tuck the tail bone first and then slowly roll up, one vertebrae at a time. To lower, again make sure you are keeping with the exaggerated rolling action with the tail bone the last to reach the ground.


Leg Extension Toes Taps: 

Squeeze the block between your knees to activate all the inner thigh and pelvic floor region. Press your belly button into the ground and with your feet in a table top position, slowly tap the ground and then return back to table top. Making sure the whole time the back is firmly flat on the ground by really activating the core.


Straight Leg Crunches: 

Ensure the feet are flexed towards the head and crunching up towards the feet. Making sure the neck is relaxed and visualise the upper abdominals working.


Prayer Pulses: 

This movement can be quite easy if you don’t really squeeze the block with the palms of the hands… so make sure your squeezing! Checking to make sure the elbows are in line and going from shoulder height to just above the head, activating the pectoral muscles (chest area).


Abductor Pulses: 

Set up your body so your toe on the ground is following a line to your shoulder. Keep the core and gluts (bottom) engaged and only bringing the leg up to where is comfortable in a slow controlled manner.


Let me know how you go!!



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