Toning tummies while watching TV – Part 2


Toning Tummies

Now we are up to the exciting next 2 weeks where we create the definition on top of the solid core we have been working on the last 2 weeks.

The best way to tone your stomach is to make sure you target the separate muscle groups in your stomach. That is why I have selected 3 simple exercises that most effectively target each section to aim for a flat and firm tummy. We know what a males toned upper abdominal looks like, for women it gives the stomach length and creates that desired line down the middle. A toned lower abdominal creates a flat lower stomach so nothing hangs over your jeans. The obliques are the key to core strength and will help burn fat from your love handles.

Depending on your current core strength and the amount of weight you hold on your stomach, everyone will see different results in their own time. To create a flat toned tummy, exercise isn’t everything. You must complement these exercises with a clean, balanced diet and cardio exercise. The definition can not be seen if it is covered by excess abdominal weight. By this I mean above the recommended healthy measurements. Abdominal fat bears the blame for many health problems because it resides within striking distance to your heart, liver and other vital organs, pressing on them , poisoning them and affecting their daily functions. This is why it is so important to keep our tummies healthy and happy!

Formula to your toned tummy- Part 2

Complete as many continuous repetitions of each exercise as you can before repeating the set a second time.

1. Upper Abdominal

Crunches- Lye on your back on the mat with your calves resting table top on the couch to support your back. Lift your chest towards your knees, enough so you isolate your upper abdominal.

2. Lower Abdominal

Leg Flutters- Lye on the mat with your legs locked straight in front. Lift your head and neck off the ground and flutter your legs. Keep knees locked and toes pointed.

3. Obliques

Oblique bicycles- On the mat, balance on your bottom so your torso is shaped as a V with your knees in table top position. Bring your right elbow to the outside of your left knee, then the same on the other side. Make sure you keep your legs still while twisting your core.

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