Toning tummies while watching TV!! – Part 1


Toning Tummies

I am sure most of you have had that challenging decision knowing you should be putting on your runners and heading out, but really the temptation of relaxing after a long day in front of the TV is much more appealing by this point.

This is the reason why I have constructed a simple sequence of exercises, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. So set up a mat/towel in front of your couch and get excited, not just for your TV show, but for the amazing foundations you’re putting into place to achieve a stronger, toned and defined stomach.

While I am absolutely for exercising outdoors and all its amazing benefits, I know sometimes it’s not always as simple as walking out the door. This workout is for those days so your body doesn’t have to miss out. To get this simple formula to a toned tummy started, the next 4 weeks however should be completed as to the guide below and along with a healthy diet and other exercise including cardio to achieve the most effective results.

The Part 1 sequence will strengthen the deep core muscles that then allows you to build the definition on top in Part 2. For best results complete the sequence 4-5 days/ week for the first 2 weeks.

To track your progress, your main results will be seen in your improved abilities of each exercise. This will mean your abs are strengthening. Another way to keep you motivated is to take a photo of your stomach first thing in the morning before you start the challenge and then once a  week after that. Don’t get to disappointed if you don’t see much change in the first 2 weeks, it will be the second 2 weeks where results will start to appear.

I am looking forward to joining in on the challenge as well and cant wait to hear your feedback and results.


Formula to you toned tummy- Part 1

1. Hold plank position on your mat: 1 minute (If your unable to hold this position on your toes for the entire minute, drop down to your knees, still holding a firm plank position)

2. Lye on your back, knees table top in the air and brace your core muscles. Push your core muscles into the floor so there is no natural arch under your back and hold this position: 1 min

3. V crunch- sit on the edge of your couch and lean back slightly and bring your legs into table top position so your torso is shaped as a V. Now lean back further while extending your legs out straight and then pull everything back in: x 20

4. Leg extensions- lie straight on your back on the mat.

Option a.  Extend your legs up slowly, keeping them straight, aiming to raise them to a vertical angle and then slightly lift your bottom off floor. Extend back down: x 8

If this is to difficult try option b.

Option b. Lye with legs in table top position and extend 1 at a time out in front of yourself: x 8 each leg

Now second round compete the same sequence of exercises, holding 1 & 2 for as long as you can, and 3 & 4 completing as many repetitions as you can. Try and beat your  times/repetitions the next session.

Stretch your abdominal muscles once you have finished and make sure you consult with your doctor if you have any injuries/ health conditions that may worsen with these abdominal exercises. Last of all listen to your body, if something doesn’t feel right stop!

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