My top tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period!

Pic instagram @claudia_beyer. Preparing our nourishing AboutLife gifts for the BareVitality Christmas Breakfast 2015.  

Tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period

Its that time of year again when everyone just expects their health and fitness routine will go out the window in the chaos of the silly season.

Christmas parties, often working long hours, a million social commitments usually based around eating and drinking and to-do lists as long as Santa’s.

This time of year, more importantly than most is when we should put all our focus into our health and wellbeing. The last thing you want to do is start the new year, tired, rundown and with no health and fitness routine in sight. You can not give yourself to others or allow yourself to properly receive the magic of this time of year when you are stressed, tired and your body is out of balance.

This is why I have put together my top tips to stay fit & healthy of the christmas period.

Tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period

My Top Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy Over The Christmas Period!

1) Plan/ schedule & follow through:

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Your to-do list will build up and up and so will your stress. A bit each day leading up to christmas will ensure you feel in control of what needs to be done and ensuring it is all done in a calm manner.

You also need to schedule in ‘me time’ and ‘fitness time’. Can you complete your fitness/ movement for the day first thing in the morning before a million other things arise? Can you schedule ‘me time’ in your lunch break to recenter before you take on part 2 of the day?


2) Nourish & dont punish:

I have had so many clients this week completely unhappy with their food diaries due to events, stress and out of routine. I will tell you a secret.. the cortisol produced from you stressing over a ‘not so good’ meal causes far more damage to the body than the actual meal itself. So relax, let it go and if your going to eat it, really sit back and mindfully enjoy every last bite.

If you know you have a function that night, ensure the rest of your day beforehand is full of lots of greens, water and that you are not starving going into the function and end up eating 3 meals worth of ‘not so good’ food at once. A good way to make sure you are still getting in the good stuff is including a large vegetable packed salad everyday.

Always make the healthier choices of the food available to you, with the mindset of nourishing your body where possible. Indulging in a small quantity of your favourite not so healthy foods is also absolutely OK, as long as you know your body is healthy enough to handle it!

The day after an event make sure you start with an Alkalise & Boost drink & a Detoxifying Green Smoothie out of my ebook Your Holistic Metabolism.  This will help you detoxify and alkalise from the night before. 

Also make your contribution to the christmas table a healthy one so you know there will be at least one healthy option for you to enjoy.


3) Get your FitChick firing: 

Why end the year in a slump. Start the new year with goals ticked off and feeling energised and ready for the next. Set realistic fitness goals that you want to achieve before the end of the year.

These could be practicing plank everyday, achieving a running distance or time, having a goal of completely 50 burpees a day… Whatever you decide, make sure it excites you and your feeling motivated.

Don’t make it anything too time consuming or complicated. The Christmas period is busy enough as is. Following the Your Holistic Metabolism fitness program is another great way to include 20-40 minutes of result effective training.

Further more make your Christmas celebrations healthy where possible.

Organise christmas catch ups based around a lovely walk and a whole food breakfast with the girls. Get everyone playing games on the back lawn on christmas day…

Tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period

4) Just be happy:

One of my very top tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period is to just be happy. Don’t forget to remember that christmas is a celebration of joy, love and happiness. Do what YOU need to do to properly be able to absorb the happiness of the season. If people around you are burdening your christmas cheer then take a step back and don’t involve yourself in their expectations and try to rub a bit of your christmas cheer off on them.

Sing, dance, give, receive, share, laugh and smile. A smile to a stranger around this time of year can make their christmas so much more full as can it yours.

xx   Tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period


Tips to stay fit & healthy over the christmas period


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