Tips To Optimise Your Health Over The Christmas Period!

 Healthy Christmas Tips

I love Christmas and everything about Christmas. The festivities, christmas carols, lights, the smell of fresh pine trees, colours, bringing family and friends together and the sharing of food and gifts…

In all the wonderful chaos of christmas we are often in our least healthy state. Stress levels run high, our alcohol consumption increases, we eat our weight in food and exercise becomes last priority. Christmas ends and we are often left feeling exhausted and heavy and usually our new year resolutions are based around magically fixing all the damage we have recently contributed towards our health.

Now imagine going into the new year feeling refreshed, healthy, calm and full of abundance.

Here are some tips to optimise your health over the Christmas period:

1) Avoid unnecessary stress by not leaving everything to the last-minute. Ending each day with 5-20 minutes of deep breathing meditation will also allow your body to effectively rest and be ready to start the next day revitalised and feeling in control.

2) Start your day first thing by exercising in the fresh air. This will create a positive start to the day and ensure to are getting in movement before its 7.30pm and you have no idea where your day went.

3) Don’t take on more than you can handle. Spread the christmas duties between family and friends and keep it sweet and simple. It’s having each other together that is most important. The rest are extras.

4) For every alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water and be sure to add a green juice into each day to help detoxify and cleanse the system.

5) Christmas food should be enjoyed, with ENJOYED the main rule. Eat mindfully and be sure to bring gratitude to your plate. This will prevent over eating. Contribute big, fresh salads to the christmas table and proportion your plate with lots of veg, some fresh meats and avoid white starchy foods and high sugar sweets. A healthy indulgence for you; Creamy Chocolate Tarts– gluten, dairy, sugar-free.

6) Organise active social activities with family and friends. Backyard cricket, beach fun days, bush walks, park games tournaments etc. Bring everyone outside and have a christmas BBQ or picnic.

7) Give healthy gifts. The gift of health is more valuable than anything. Inspiring friends and family to start the year healthy will also motivate your own health goals. Think gift cards to go paddle boarding or rock climbing, or to spoil themselves at one of your favourite sport clothing shops or health food stores. Maybe a package of yoga classes or spoil them with a relaxing massage voucher. Even an IOY for breakfast at the latest health food cafe after a social walk is a lovely personal gift to enjoy with a loved one.

8) Include lots of antioxidant rich foods and drinks such as berries, green tea, brightly coloured veg and a probiotic to protect yourself from the rich food, alcohol and stress that will be having a toll on your health.

9) Make sure you are living each moment in the present. When in the company of others, give your whole self. Stop and admire the christmas lights or the children singing carols in the street.  Feel gratitude for all the love and happiness around you and let go of past and future planning thoughts. Just enjoy the now.

10) Share the christmas love. Christmas is often not a happy time for everyone so share what christmas love you can. Invite a lonely neighbour to your christmas celebrations. Send a thoughtful card to someone who may need it. Smile at everyone you pass and wish strangers a merry christmas. The smallest gestures are often the most well received.


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