Tips For A Strong Core

Our core is our centre of stability.

Creating a strong, solid core foundation should be the first area to address in a fitness program. Without this base,  you will not see optimal results within your fitness goals.

Lets address a couple of things firstly: 

  1. A strong core does not mean a flat stomach or ripped abs. These outcomes can be achieved by creating a strong core, among a number of other things. This ‘look’ however does not necessarily represent core strength or stability. We must create the base first and then build on that.
  2. Your core is NOT just the front of your stomach. Your core includes your pelvis, hips, lower back, abdomen and upper legs. These areas all work as one to create your core stability.

Creating this base will help improve posture, balance, stability, range of motion, physical performance and assist with injury prevention.

So now we have those things straight lets get to the fun stuff!!!

Tips For A Strong Core

Tips For A Strong Core:


  • Become aware of activating your transverse abdominals during any activity. Your transverse abbs are those deep core base muscles we are talking about. To engage these, think about tightening a corset that wraps from your lower back around to your belly button. Maintaining this engagement foremost during exercise will act as your stability and over time assist in strengthening these base muscles.


  • Daily core training:  Now you most definitely don’t have to be spending 30 minutes a day on core work. 2-3 core sessions a week (10-15 minutes) + a couple sets of planks a day (2-3 minutes) will have you progressing in no time.


  • The correct core exercises: As mentioned above, we are targeting those deep core muscles. Core exercises such as plank, leg extensions, bridge, sunbirds, leg flutters are all great exercises to be targeting this area. Here is a quick workout video to target these spots Deep Core HIIT Workout ! Getting into a routine of putting the timer on and completing a set of shorter plank reps each day is what is going to bring all the progress of your other core sessions in the week together. I usually start my BareVitality personal training clients on 20 seconds X 3 rounds with a 5 second break between each. I then encourage them from week to week to build up the sets and repetition time as they start to get stronger.  Challenge yourself with the short intervals, while also not over doing it- the core sessions are your opportunity to really push yourself. Plank days are more about creating consistency.


  • Make sure you maintain a clean and healthy digestive system. Bloating, stomach cramps and other symptoms of an unhappy digestive system will make core work firstly not very comfortable but also create inflammation and unnecessary stress on the internal stomach. Stay hydrated and include a diet of in inparticular lots of green veggies, fibre, clean protein and good fat sources. Focus on alkaline foods and include lots of gut healthy elements into your diet such as pre and probiotics. Here is a Happy Tummy Raspberry & Kefir Smoothie Recipe.Tips For A Strong Core


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