The Wonderful You!! + Birthdays + Aries!!

Count down to my birthday is on!! woohoo!
Who else is an Aries?

I love birthdays because its a celebration of the wonderful YOU in this world! The day is purely dedicated to you. You are celebrated, made to feel special and those close to you share their appreciation to have you in their lives.

When we start to dread birthdays we forget that this is a day to really embrace and feel special about who we are and all the amazing adventures, accomplishments, obstacles, life gifts and challenges we have experienced and received. With every year we have become wiser and gain greater gifts within our lives.

Age should be celebrated, not covered in shame or sadness. YOU should be celebrated, not hidden under modesty or lack of self love.

When discussing birthdays to someone the other day, I caught myself rolling my eyes and they mentioned they didn’t like to draw attention to this day and that it was nothing special.


I blame this automatic reaction on my star sign.

After receiving this unexpected reaction from me, I explained to them why I feel so passionately about celebrating how wonderful YOU are and the importance of acknowledging self and allowing others in your life to as well.


This morning as I was reading an Aries moon sign (which is something I don’t do that regularly) this caught my attention:
‘..teaching others to be self-approved is very empowering and quite a gift to share. The world needs to learn to be okay in its skin, and your Aries moon sign means you were born with this ability.’

Ahh hello moon signs!!

This is an area within BareVitality I am very passionate about!

I most definitely still have times of natural self doubt and criticism, however I have learnt to acknowledge them and reprocess the train of thought. I believe that loving and fully respecting yourself and your body is the most powerful tool towards your health and happiness. Its a tool we need to continuously revisit and strengthen. At some times in our lives more than other.

Self love and acceptance governs our ability to maintain a health weight, ability to be successful and follow through with projects, our emotional health, physical health and overall mental wellbeing and life happiness.

So my loves with all my Aries power and passion toward helping women reach their optimal state of vitality. STOP! Now take 3 deep breathes, close your eyes and off the top of your head state with confidence 5 things as to why you are wonderful!


Ok now take those 5 things today. Nurture and utilise them in your day.

Tomorrow morning repeat this process and the day after and the day after and so on…

We don’t need to wait to our birthdays to celebrate how wonderful we are. We should be doing it everyday. On your birthday however you should be putting that extra bit of love into yourself and allowing yourself to be open to others celebrating your wonderfulness with you.

Lots of love xx



Image via  Behance

Horoscope reference via the Numinous



Help, my motivation is refusing to cooperate!!
August 28, 2014

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