The Secret Of Spending Less And Gaining More

The saying ‘less is more’ is surprisingly true when is comes to spending. Many, (ourselves included) are guilty of spending unnecessarily on material items that do not serve a purpose in our lives. So how can we change this and really live by ‘less is more’ and why? What are benefits it holds? We wanted to know the answers that could potentially save us a lot of money! Here is the secret of spending less and gaining more.

An important question to ask yourself is how do you define rich. Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean having a huge house and a fancy car. What matters is the richness of your life. Who you spend time with, work that you love doing, hobbies that bring joy to you, exploration of new places- this is what being rich is all about. Rich with life experiences.

With the influence of consumerism and marketing, we start to believe that we need ‘things’ to be happy, to succeed and so on. This takes up a LOT of mental energy! How much time do we waste thinking about what to buy next- new clothes, new technology, a new cushion, the latest health gadget…. the list goes on. We will always have wants, but how many of those wants do we actually need?

We often forget that the finest joys in life are absolutely free. We believe that the more items we have- that this will make us happy. Too often we have those moments where we look around the room and think why did I buy this?! Hello impulse shopping! Instead enjoy the little things in life that are free, the activities you love….. painting, reading, going for a walk. These will be so much more beneficial to your wellbeing and free up mental energy. Check out these 50 ways to be more mindful!

Financial stress isn’t good for you or those around you. Always needing the latest things is stressful and trying to arrange your finances to purchase those items is even more stressful. More often than not, we relay the stress on our partners causing strained relationships. We need to remember the importance of clear and open communication and keeping our core values in sight when it comes to spending and relationships.

Now, there ARE necessities that we need to spend money on but its important to focus on quality of life instead of quantity. We get so caught up in the day to day motions of life, spending being one of them, that we forget to appreciate the joys in life. Spending time with loved ones, walking in nature, having a home cooked meal with friends, laughing so hard it hurts your belly. Spending less ┬áteaches us we don’t need to focus on material items but instead on the quality of life.

So, the secret to spending less? You gain MORE!


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