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In life there will be many obstacles and it is our choice to decide what our reaction will be and the attitude we project that determines our own happiness and life path.

I decided to post this as a result of recently reaching a very low point in my life and watching many people close to me struggle to find their feet when also coming across their own obstacles. I hope by sharing what has allowed me to now feel more positive and excited for an unknown chapter which lies ahead, you will be able to take something that may help you from this when life isn’t being so kind.

Recently going through a rather unpleasant break up, I learnt so much about myself and was surprised by the obvious need to make positive changes for my own health and happiness. It took time but I realised I needed to embrace the feelings of hurt, confusion, anger and pain and to just accept and understand why this experience needed to happen and therefore allow me to be where I am supposed to be.

I’ve been focusing on pouring love into myself and celebrating who I am. Each of us are so amazing in all our individuality, so tell yourself at least twice a day why you are amazing and feel proud about it. Let go of the negative notions that others may have projected onto you and accept that this is just part of their own insecurities.

Surrounding myself with loving friends and family has also been significantly helpful. Whether it allows you to get everything off your chest or to just enjoy the company of people who love and care about you. Being around the innocence of children can also play a magical role in healing the heart.

Do new things. I took up yoga and started to get back into small amounts of running which I always loved, but be careful to treat your body gently when going through large amounts of stress or emotional changes. I also plan to learn to sew and can’t wait to get creative and play around with beautiful fabrics.

I made it a priority to reduce my work load for a while so I have more time to focus on things that make me happy and allow my body to adjust to the many changes.  Read, enjoy the outdoors, meditate, cook, go out with friends, get a massage, enjoy delicious ‘healthy’ desserts, dance, sing, draw, paint, watch a good movie, have a relaxing bath, fill your body with wholesome foods (your body will be happy), spend time near the ocean…… The list could go on forever but really just slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

While you will still have challenging moments/days, its important to be able to accept that this is normal and all part of the natural greiving process. Sometimes you may feel like your going backwards. Thats ok, remember to keep hold of your  positive attitude as this is only temporary and you DO have the ability to create your own happiness.

Most importantly tell yourself you ARE safe, and feel excited for the unknown path because life is leading you towards the greater.

Much love,



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