The Magic Of The 10 Minute Workout

Often a typical workout is 45-60 minutes!  An effective workout does not need to be this long to provide the health benefits of exercise to our body & mind. Exercising regularly helps to better sleep, strengthen muscles, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, improve memory + so much more.. We feel strongly towards the 10 minute workout and have based The Barevitality Studio Online fitness program around this daily formula to work the whole body and gain amazing results. Inspired by the online program coming soon, we wanted to share why a 10 minute workout is a great option and often better than the typical 45-60 minute workout.

The magic of the 10 minute workout!

Time Efficient

So many people just don’t have the time for 45-60 minutes workout in todays busy lifestyle. There is no need to stress about including long workouts into your packed schedule when 10 minutes done right is more than enough to gain the health benefits of exercise.  You can fit it in as soon as you wake up before your morning shower, in your lunch break, as an afternoon pick  me up, in the kitchen while dinner is baking…  The 10 minute formula is also perfect to fit in while traveling.

Greater Chance Of Long Term Success

When the purpose is to include movement as a part of your lifestyle, starting smart with small steps is more likely to keep you going. Healthy habits have more chance of sticking if they are easily manageable, enjoyable and consistent!

Avoid Burn Out

Too often we tend to push ourselves too much with good intention…. however often leading to our bodies burning out and/or injury occuring. A 10 minute workout doesn’t shift your body into the zone connected to adrenal fatigue, instead it provides all the benefits of exercise while protecting your adrenals and nervous system.

Greater Energy

In today’s world of ‘sitting all day’ jobs, means the body is not getting the exercise it needs for daily health and wellness. 10-minutes of increased heart rate and body movement gives you a boost of energy and keeps your muscles & mind more awake. Have you ever finished a workout feeling more tired than before you started? This is not the goal and will not lead to long term results. 10 minutes allows us to feel more energised and as a result power through the day.

Proven Results

Within the BareVitality Studio we have included the 10 minute daily workout as ‘homework’ for our private clients over many many years. Those who included their 10 minute workout 5 days/ week received double the results in half the time than those clients who only worked out hard for 1 hour/ 1-2x each week. We also identified those following this formula maintained their results and continued to achieve great results in their health and fitness ongoing than those who trained at high intensity for 1 hour 4+ days/ week.

Achievable For Everyone

Achievable no matter your age, fitness level, lifestyle or health status. When your not feeling 100% a light 10 minute workout can assist your body heal. All members of your family can join in no matter the different abilities (adjusting exercises and intensities accordingly). Most of us have experienced that dread of getting back into exercise at some point!


The secret is to commit to daily movement without over doing it. Variety of strength, cardio and stretch is essential for a balanced body and mind. The benefits of this formula shows instantly and is more likely to become an ongoing lifestyle practice.

Within The BareVitality Studio Online (AVAILABLE SOON) we combine the 10 minute workout with daily steps, whole food recipes and wellbeing practices to gain the benefits of a balanced holistic lifestyle.



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