The Best Podcasts For Business Babes!

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Ok… So podcasts are our favourite thing at the moment! And why wouldn’t they be? They’re educational and informative, they’re free to access, and they have a wide range of topics that include podcasts for business, meditation, self-help, finances, entertainment, comedy, health… and even channel dedicated to talking about your period!

It is so much more convenient to listen to a podcast than it is to read a book sometimes! You can simply plug in your earphones and listen to one whilst you’re walking your dog, sitting on the bus, walking to work, etc. And within the next half an hour you would have broadened your horizons and learnt something new and useful!

Today’s top picks of podcasts are all for you career, entrepreneurial, and businesswomen alike!

We absolutely love these podcasts and encourage you to listen along to a few too. Whether you’re sitting down at home, or out and about, you will be sure to end the podcast with an inspired, motivated, and determined mindset.

Our top tip for listening to educational podcasts like these is to write notes! We understand that if you’re on public transport and walking about, that this could be a little awkward. But simply write what you have learnt when you get home and have time. Jotting down notes activated the brains memory and in turn you will remember and be able to reference the knowledge you gained from your podcast, rather than forgetting all this information the next day!

We would also love to know what your favourite Podcasts For Business Babes are?


Here are our top 8 podcasts for business babes:

Being Boss


The Lively Show

Behind the brilliance



The Get Paid Podcast



Boss Mom


Don’t Keep Your Day Job


Style Your Mind

The Strategy Hour






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