The #1 Most Natural & Simple Wellness Booster!

Is it a food, a supplement, a yoga pose?

Nope, no, na ah to all!

It is something even more simple, accessible and its free. It is something that absorbs us in fascination and wonder as young children and then becomes something in passing or only receives the attention from a small proportion of our conscious mind.

It has the ability to naturally adjust our mood, rebalance our hormonal system, reduce stress & anxiety, top us up with minerals, improve our energy & sleep, reduce our internal toxicity levels and increase our oxygen intake.

In summary it will cleanse the body and help us feel happier, healthier and younger.  Yes please! Where can I get some?

This magic wellness booster is all around us.  Nature – the key to vitality!

The diverse natural environments around us each provides their own natural wellness boosters. With our busy lives and large proportion of hours in the day spent inside, we need to make a conscious effort to absorb the nature around us, find ways to bring more into our daily lives and go source a dose of nature at its most rich.

These are my top nature boosters for optimal simple wellness:

The Country Air

The pure country air is oxygen rich and the abundance of flora and fauna boosts your wellness to a whole new level.

I was lucky enough when I was young to have grandparents with a big farm where we would visit on holidays and spend our days collecting eggs, climbing hay stacks, mustering cows on the back of a horse and really just getting super dusty, stung by stinging nettles and continually swotting flies. Now I know that doesn’t really sound like I am selling the whole country air thing but it was fantastic! You ended a day so contently exhausted, grounded and grateful!

Recently I visited The Cedars Cottages in Kangaroo Valley for just a few nights and instantly felt rebooted back to life. Limited phone reception, no laptop, no make-up, only the noise of birds and bugs, clean crisp air and 360 scenes so blissfuly spectacular. The few days we filled with very little other than leisurely bush walks, creek picnics, feeding farm animals and reading my book.


Simple Wellness

Simple Wellness


The Sand & Sea

The sand & sea are a mine of rich health enhancing minerals ready to be absorbed by the body. Those who live in very close proximity to the ocean often have a boosted wellbeing due to the high mineral salty air.

Whenever I am feeling a bit rundown or my immune system is struggling I hit the beach or go dangle my feet in the salty sea off the wharf down at my local park. Instant mineral boost and reconnects you with natures natural energy flow- pure simple wellness!

Simple Wellness


Flowers & Gardens

You can not help but feel happy when you enter a florist or a beautiful garden. Creating your own secret garden in your backyard is the perfect way to gain natures wellness on a daily basic when living in the city. Fill it with plants and flowers that make you feel happy, peaceful and serine & don’t forget a little herb and veg patch while your at it!

Filling your home with a vase of flowers and indoor plants is another way to just bring a little bit of nature into the home and help reduce the indoor toxicity levels.

A daily walk to your local park/ reserve or one near your work place is great way to further improve your simple wellness.


Simple Wellness


Download the  ‘Your Holistic Metabolism’  ebook for a complete fitness, nutrition & wellness program to reach optimal health!

Please share in comments below your favourite way to boost your wellness with nature?



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