Taking A Minimalistic Approach To Christmas

While christmas is a beautiful time of year for most is typically is also the season of consumerism and indulgence. Both can be wonderful things when taking a balanced approach however thats usually not the case when christmas is involved. The act of giving and receiving, sharing time with loved ones, enjoying food and drink and the many traditions and celebrations that go along with Christmas are so special. Then there is the chaos, stress, financial burden, obligations, over indulging, accumulation of “stuff” ….

So how can you bring more of a minimalistic and balanced approach to your christmas season this year for greater happiness, health and wellbeing?


Don’t Over Commit

This means don’t commit to breakfast with Aunty Anne, Lunch with the in-laws and then Dinner with your parents. Christmas in not about traveling from one place to the other on a schedule. Its about sharing QUALITY time with others and mindfully enjoying the moments. For those you can’t cover on christmas day, organise celebrations around the other days such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Eve or even a delayed celebration lunch a few weeks past christmas.


Think Quality Not Quantity

Present giving sadly can become a stressful and expensive activity, particularly when your list of people to buy for keeps increasing from year to year! Why not organise a secret santa system with the family and your friends circle and then bake up a batch of yummy christmas cookies to gift to everyone else. Try our Gingerbread Spelt Cookie Recipe! Making or buying christmas decorations to gift is also a lovely way to give from the heart that does not leave a big dent in the pocket.


Respect Your Body

While your mind may switch to “its christmas time, that means health is on pause”, your body does not really work that way. Keep some sort of balance with your health routine is really important to allow you to feel your best heading into the new year both physically and mentally. We are not saying no drinking or christmas pudding. Rather enjoy a little more alcohol and indulgent foods than you normally would, however make that extra effort to maintain some balance. Try to include a daily green smoothie, move your body in someway everyday and take even just 5 minutes a day to spend in meditation to ground yourself. Following The BareVitality Studio Online Program can help keep you on track!


Come Back To What Matters To You

What do you love most about Christmas time? The carols, time with family, cooking, decorating, the time off work… Whatever you love most about christmas, mindfully focus on those 1-3 things this year. Truely feeling them, be present in the moments and cherish the memories and satisfaction they bring.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from The BV Team!

Image – @simplejoy.co.uk

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