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The Yoga Block can be used for so much more than just supporting your yoga practice. It is also a great fitness tool in which I often use in our client sessions for alignment, functional movement and to build base strength. Toning Workout Using A Block! 

Below is a simple workout you can do at home to tone and strengthen the entire body!

If you don’t have a black, you can use a book! This makes the toning workout a great option when on holidays.

The fast mode video below is to assist you with the exercise technique. When completing the exercises, focus on each exercise being slow and controlled.

This will create greater results 🙂


Toning Workout Using A Block:

Complete each exercise for 10-16 reps and then repeat 2-3 sets!!



Overhead Straight Body Sit-ups: 

Really focus on lengthening the body. When you come to the top of the sit up, checking your arms are beside your ears so you have a straight spine. For a less intense option, bend the knees with the feet flat on the ground.


Bridge Rolls: 

Check you can touch the backs of your ankles with your finger tips. As you roll up, tuck the tail bone first and then slowly roll up, one vertebrae at a time. To lower, again make sure you are keeping with the exaggerated rolling action with the tail bone the last to reach the ground.


Leg Extension Toes Taps: 

Squeeze the block between your knees to activate all the inner thigh and pelvic floor region. Press your belly button into the ground and with your feet in a table top position, slowly tap the ground and then return back to table top. Making sure the whole time the back is firmly flat on the ground by really activating the core.


Straight Leg Crunches: 

Ensure the feet are flexed towards the head and crunching up towards the feet. Making sure the neck is relaxed and visualise the upper abdominals working.


Prayer Pulses: 

This movement can be quite easy if you don’t really squeeze the block with the palms of the hands… so make sure your squeezing! Checking to make sure the elbows are in line and going from shoulder height to just above the head, activating the pectoral muscles (chest area).


Abductor Pulses: 

Set up your body so your toe on the ground is following a line to your shoulder. Keep the core and gluts (bottom) engaged and only bringing the leg up to where is comfortable in a slow controlled manner.


Let me know how you go!!


Many of us become culprits to the Winter hibernation. Its so easy to, I know! Frosty mornings, dark by 5.30pm, so many more layers needed…. but these are not reasons why we can’t exercise and stay fit in Winter. These are just excuses we tell ourselves to make it ok to get out of our routines. ‘Get Fit This Winter….. please I will wait till summer!’

This is why I have compiled a number of reasons to get fit this winter!

Not just so you can get into shape, but how you can utilise Winter to your advantage for a whole range of holistic benefits.

Motivating Reasons To Get Fit This Winter:

Use the Winter Cycle To Boost Your Metabolism: 

During Winter our system naturally runs slower and functions to reserve energy. The problem is when we don’t move our body enough in winter, it takes this slowing down of the system to the extreme and further slows our metabolism believing its in ‘hibernation’ mode. So in keeping with the natural season cycle of our body, move the body is someway everyday and get in 2 sweat sessions a week. This allows your body to maintain in its natural winter cycle while naturally boosting your metabolism in the process.

Strengthen Your Immunity:

Staying fit through winter will boost your immune system, helping to protect you from all those nasty Winter bugs going around. Just make sure your staying warm while exercising and recovering.

Anti Ageing Secret:

You will age less by exercising through Winter! Yes Im actually serious. Improved circulation to the skin throughout Winter is a little anti ageing secret.

Prevent Those Winter Blues:

Do you notice how the grey skies and cold exterior of Winter has a huge effect on your mood? Well staying healthy and fit doesn’t just release feel good endorphins to boost your mood. It also gives you a purpose in your day-to-day life with self care at the root of intention.

You Will Make Healthier Food Choices:

It has been proven you are more likely to eat healthier through Winter by exercising regularly. When we are motivated to improve our fitness, we naturally crave healthy food options. Win, win!!

Excuse To Go Shopping:

Winter is a great excuse to kick start you #fitgoals off with a new Winter activewear outfit! Go out and find a new set of cosy tights and a long sleeve top that you feel good in… and in the health and fitness world there is no looking down on someone for wearing the same activewear more than once!! In fact, exercising the hell out of your favourite tights is something to be congratulated on!

Natural Detox:

Sweating in winter is the best winter detox!! However make sure you rug up quickly after (even if you still feel warm) to prevent your body temperature dropping too quickly.

Easier to Challenge Yourself:

Its easier for our body to train hard in Winter than the warmer months. This is because it takes a lot longer for our body to overheat and tire! Use this to your advantage. Challenge yourself a little bit more over Winter to build a strong fitness base for for the coming months.

Motivating Reasons To Get Fit This Winter!

And of course make sure you are also nourishing your body with lots of whole foods to fuel your workouts. Check out some of these Healthy Winter Eats!!

Much of my Personal Training client base initially come to me with the goal to lose weight, tone up and feel great! So one of the first questions is always ‘should I eat before our sessions?’.

The answer- yes!

I will tell why, along with what are the best pre-workout snacks for weight loss.

But before we get into that, lets clarify!!! When we talk about weight loss in this post, we are talking about utilising our workouts to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. Not actually the number on the scale themselves!!

So lets get into it!!!

How does our pre-workout snacks assist our weight loss goals?

When we exercise we are first and foremost utilising the bodies energy stores, that if not used will convert into fat.

With the goal to lose weight, we are wanting to be building lean muscle to boost the metabolism and reducing excess fat. So you might be thinking, if we are trying to burn the bodies energy stores first, why would we want to add to the stores with a snack?

Heres why:

  1. We don’t want low blood glucose levels! When these levels are low and we are placing physical stress on the body (e.g.. exercise), the body will go into energy saving mode of all fat stores while it believes it is in a “crisis”! Therefore we create an overly stressed system that is holding onto fat stores…. the ones we are trying to get rid of may I remind you!!
  2. Food = energy! Energy = more effort during workout! Greater effort = greater results!!


So are you saying Claudia its fine to eat a bit of chocolate before my workout because that will bring my blood sugar levels up??

Not exactly!!! 

The type of pre (and post…. for another time) workout snack you choose is almost as important to your weight loss goals as the workout itself.

Best Pre-workout Snacks for Weight Loss

We are after something easily digestible, with a bit of natural sugars to boost blood glucose levels and a small amount of protein to slow the release of the sugar to prevent that blood sugar drop.

I know it all may seam a bit complicated but I promise its not!


Here are some examples of great pre-workout snacks for weight loss:

  • 1/2 banana sliced length ways with a spread on almond butter in-between.
  • Any other fruit with a bit of nut butter.
  • A small smoothie w berries or mango, baby spinach leaves, coconut water and LSA (linseed, sunflower seeds, almond meal).
  • Bliss ball
  • 1/2 a natural health bar with nuts and seeds in it.
  • 1/2 natural protein bar.
  • Brown rice cracker with organic ham/ tuna or nut butter.
  • Veggie juice + a small handful of activated nuts/ seeds.


As per usual, these are just a guide. Listen to your body and if you know your really prone to blood sugar drops, then you may need a larger snack and play around with the carb to protein ratio.

Your prior meal should be your main energy source towards this workout, the snack is purely for a quick glucose lift!

How long before a workout should I consume my snack?

We don’t want to burn through our snack before the workout has even begun. Nor do we want that smoothie slushing up and down in our stomach.

Now everyone is so different and its all about trying to find the amount of time perfect for YOU! Personally I find 45 minutes beforehand to be just right.

Trial somewhere between 1.5 hours and 30 minutes beforehand and see what works best for you. The larger the snack, the greater time you are wanting to leave between consuming and starting exercise.

Happy snacking!


Pre-workout Snacks for Weight Loss

So as you probably already know, I am a big advocate of creating your own holistic fitness routine that works for you and your body. A Week Of Fitness- my fitness program!

So as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, Running Coach and Yoga Teacher, how do I balance it all out? What does a week of fitness look like for me?

The answer- every week is different!

I listen to my body and give it what it needs that week. There is always variety and a balance of ‘working in’ and ‘working out’.

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you have seen that last week I took you through my week of fitness! So here it is, all in one place!! Just an example of what my weekly holistic fitness program looks like.


Monday was the first day back into my holistic fitness routine after last week resting with a cold and the couple weeks before in Bali focusing on yoga & meditation.

To ease back into things I went with a Yin Class (restorative stretching/ meditation) + 25 min jog/ walk.


Tuesday was a yoga class + bits & pieces of our BareVitality Mat Endurance class this morning while I was teaching.


Wednesday was another yoga day due to a studio visit. Thanks for having me YogaBar Sydney and for the awesome smoothie afterwards.
Plus I think I can count that I padded for 2 client boxing sessions today. The only negative of your clients getting fitter and stronger is they start boxing harder and fast = more work for trainer!! haha …. so my arms got a good incidental workout too!


Thursday I went with a 15 minute Medicine Ball Strength Workout. See below:
2 Sets
– 1 min plank on MB
– 20x MB Squats
– 20x MB Sumo Squats
– 20x MB Sit ups
– 20x MB Oblique Twists
– 20x MB Overhead Presses


Friday was another Yin Class. My body was craving restorative movement so thats what I gave it! I also incorporated the 15 minute walk with my headphones in to yoga and back. Bliss!!


Saturday I upped the intensity and joined in for parts of our morning BareVitality Group Session + Afternoon Bay Run (7km). First proper run back 🙂


Sunday was a Vinyasa Yoga Class (Flow based) + a gentle walk with as part of the #activeadventureseries post the most amazing whole food breakfast at Egg Of The Universe!!

The perfect Sunday right!?

What’s your Holistic Fitness Program this week been?

Use the #barevitality to share your fitness adventures xx

Our core is our centre of stability.

Creating a strong, solid core foundation should be the first area to address in a fitness program. Without this base,  you will not see optimal results within your fitness goals.

Lets address a couple of things firstly: 

  1. A strong core does not mean a flat stomach or ripped abs. These outcomes can be achieved by creating a strong core, among a number of other things. This ‘look’ however does not necessarily represent core strength or stability. We must create the base first and then build on that.
  2. Your core is NOT just the front of your stomach. Your core includes your pelvis, hips, lower back, abdomen and upper legs. These areas all work as one to create your core stability.

Creating this base will help improve posture, balance, stability, range of motion, physical performance and assist with injury prevention.

So now we have those things straight lets get to the fun stuff!!!

Tips For A Strong Core

Tips For A Strong Core:


  • Become aware of activating your transverse abdominals during any activity. Your transverse abbs are those deep core base muscles we are talking about. To engage these, think about tightening a corset that wraps from your lower back around to your belly button. Maintaining this engagement foremost during exercise will act as your stability and over time assist in strengthening these base muscles.


  • Daily core training:  Now you most definitely don’t have to be spending 30 minutes a day on core work. 2-3 core sessions a week (10-15 minutes) + a couple sets of planks a day (2-3 minutes) will have you progressing in no time.


  • The correct core exercises: As mentioned above, we are targeting those deep core muscles. Core exercises such as plank, leg extensions, bridge, sunbirds, leg flutters are all great exercises to be targeting this area. Here is a quick workout video to target these spots Deep Core HIIT Workout ! Getting into a routine of putting the timer on and completing a set of shorter plank reps each day is what is going to bring all the progress of your other core sessions in the week together. I usually start my BareVitality personal training clients on 20 seconds X 3 rounds with a 5 second break between each. I then encourage them from week to week to build up the sets and repetition time as they start to get stronger.  Challenge yourself with the short intervals, while also not over doing it- the core sessions are your opportunity to really push yourself. Plank days are more about creating consistency.


  • Make sure you maintain a clean and healthy digestive system. Bloating, stomach cramps and other symptoms of an unhappy digestive system will make core work firstly not very comfortable but also create inflammation and unnecessary stress on the internal stomach. Stay hydrated and include a diet of in inparticular lots of green veggies, fibre, clean protein and good fat sources. Focus on alkaline foods and include lots of gut healthy elements into your diet such as pre and probiotics. Here is a Happy Tummy Raspberry & Kefir Smoothie Recipe.Tips For A Strong Core

I have had a lot of requests for core workouts so I decided to feature a deep core HIIT workout as our first fitness video on my youtube channel.

With 1 round only taking 3 minutes you can make the workout as long or short as you desire.

This video focuses on strengthening the deep core muscles to create a solid platform for everyday health, wellness and as a basis to build abs!! … because really who wouldn’t want a strong, toned, flat stomach.

Deep core strength assists with digestion, posture, running techniques and is the foundation of a balanced body.
Using the HIIT style (high intensity interval training) we are able to get the most out of the muscles with short and fast bursts.

I would love to hear how you went with this deep core HIIT workout. Comment below how many rounds you did!!
And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Claudia Beyer – BareVitality  for many more fitness and health videos to come.


Deep Core HIIT Workout -The foundation to toned abs!


The idea behind the 3 Minute Workout series is to allow everyone to have the flexibility to benefit from movement despite time constraints.

We can all find just 3 minutes in our day and those days you have more time repeat 2-5 sets of the exercises for a super intense workout. These 3 minute workouts are created to boost energy levels, increase your heart rate, tone and fill your body will feel good hormones.

Dont believe you will gain benefits from a 3 minute workout? Try it everyday for a week and let me know how you feel.

Including a combination of 3 minute workouts with your #HolisticChicks Workout Program in the Your Holistic Metabolism eBook will create amazing results.

Print out each workout in the series to create your own HolisticChicks 3 Minute Workout Card Collection. The printable link is below.

3 minute workout series

Click to download your free printable: HolisticChicks 3 Minute Workout Series


Claudia - Bare Vitality

Have your workouts lost their sense of adventure and excitement or have they diminished all together with your motivation & negative thoughts and feeling towards exercise?

Here are some ways to embrace your inner child’s need to move freely with excitement and creativity, and turn your workouts into an adventure bringing wellness to your body, mind and inner soul.

Claudia - Bare Vitality-47


1) Create an obstacle course with whatever you can see around you. Think stairs, benches, hills, walls, tree branches, the lines in concrete slabs, light posts, puddle    jumping..

2) Set out on a jog or walk without a plan and let your inspiration take you in whatever direction it pleases. Just make sure you don’t get too lost.

3) Go on a hunt for the biggest hills you can find and tackle them like mountains!

4) Workout mindfully in the outdoors. As children we formed amazement over the beauty of simplicity. Take in your surroundings with an eye of curiosity and gratitude.

5) Workout with your besties! Who better to create and share adventures with, while challenging and encouraging each other.

6) Make your workout a game. Challenge yourself trying to beat your previous score (times/ reps/sets).

7) Leave your workout up to chance. Put together a lucky dip of different workouts and only pick one just before you’re about to head out the door with your runners on.

8) Try a class that reminds you of your childhood or something that is completely out of your comfort zone. A close friend and I are about to revisit a childhood memory and start beginner’s ballet- super excited!

9) Plan to take day trips and explore new places, combining different types of activities.

Maybe try;

– Kayaking, bushwalking and then a swim

– Rock climbing and trail running

– Beach interval training and wave jumping

– Cycling and a surf

10) Add music! Put on your favourite high energy tunes and dance like crazy, while including squats jumps, star jumps, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers and kick ass those burpees!

Monday Mindset

Our attitude on a Monday make a large impact on our health choices for that week.

Let’s start this week with positive energy and a focus on dedicating this week to looking after our bodies through fitness and movement, ‘me time’ and  noutritional nourishment.

This week lets focus on filling our plates with plenty of greens and make sure your including good fats and omegas (coconut oil, chia seeds, wild fish, flaxseed, eggs, nuts, seeds) to help repair your body from stress and/or other damage and provide you with a healthy glow. Eat everything in its most natural form, staying clear from processed foods and added sugars.

Take at least 15 minutes out of each day for ‘me’ time. Meditate, read a book/magazine, go for a calming walk, write in a diary, paint/draw, enjoy a cup of tea, practice yoga etc. Anything that helps you relax by yourself and has nothing to do with work/study.

To make it easier starting this weeks fitness routine, I am providing you with a set of exercises to include in your day, everyday this week. You don’t have to do them all at once. You may like to do half in the morning and half at night, or break them up through out the day eg.  as soon as you wake up,  while brushing your teeth, watching tv, waiting for the jug to boil, while cooking dinner etc. Start today and notice how your bodies energy lifts and you start to feel confident, toned, lighter and happier!

50 squats

30 push ups

60 crunches

30 obliques twists (each side)

30 triceps dips  (use edge of a step, couch, chair)

30 lunges (each leg)

20 burpees

Up the numbers if you have more time or finding it too easy.

Remember our health is our greatest possession in life. Without it we would not be able to move, love, eat, think, explore, discover or live. Nurture your body and in return it will provide you with an abundance of health, vitality and happiness.

Happy Monday!!

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