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Not long ago we shared best healthy restaurants in Sydney. So this time we thought we would do the same with best documentaries on Netflix! Sometimes it’s just nice to hang on the couch for some down time and focus on interesting films… Therefore we gathered some health, wellness & lifestyle documentaries that are worth watching!

Best Documentaries On Netflix!

best documentaries on netflix

Forks Over Knives

This food documentary focuses on the importance of nutrition on peoples health & preventing diseases. Researchers study how plant-based diet can help with disease and improve health.


best documentaries on netflix

The Magic Pill

Australian documentary which follows peoples journey of dietary changes and what an effect it has on their health and illnesses.


best documentaries on netflix


A Documentary about the minimalistic lifestyle, which Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus are living. Above all, they share their experience on how less is more and what an effect it has on overall happiness.


best documentaries on netflix

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

This inspiring documentary follows organising professional Marie helping people to declutter their homes – and gain more joy in their lives!


Best Documentaries On Netflix

I Am Maris

A documentary about a girl Maris, who struggled with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, and how yoga helped her through her journey.


Brené Brown – Call For Courage

An impressive documentary, researcher Brené Brown is discussing humorously about courage and facing fears in modern culture!


Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins event filmed behind the scenes. This documentary shows how his life coaching methods have helped people to improve their lives and in addition, how he does it!



Interesting documentary about how peoples emotions, thoughts and beliefs impact on health. Scientists & spiritual teachers discuss the mind-body connection and its effect on healing the body.


So what are you waiting for! Which one of these documentaries are you are going to watch first?



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By now you have probably gathered the newest update in my life – IM PREGNANT! So here is my pregnancy first trimester journey… because it really has been a rollercoaster journey!

Firstly my husband and I are beyond excited and so incredably grateful to be able to share this news. It still feels so surreal. It has been a really tough last few months and now at 15 wks pregnant I feel I can finally take a deep breathe and start truely enjoying pregnancy life.

For me being a mum one day had always been a high priority in my life. From a young age I knew that was my purpose in life. I have always loved my career but my passion towards one day bringing up children with the love of my life and creating a warm, loving family has always been far beyond any other desire or dream.

Lets just say pregnant life so far has been a rollercoaster beyond what I could have imagined. 8 weeks ago I was adamant I NEVER wanted to fall pregnant again to give you an idea! There has been a lot of doctor visits, tears and struggle of juggling normal life.

Below is a little summary of my first trimester experiences! Its raw, honest and contains a lot of detail so opt out now if thats not for you. I personally found reading and hearing about others experiences, particularly during my first trimester comforting and reassuring.


Finding Out We Were Pregnant: 

We had decided from this particular month we would just start trying and see what happened. It was the first month we could have fallen pregnant without it affecting our big trip this year….. because priorities you know!! 😉 I had been taking prenatal supplements for a couple months prior as advised by our doctor.

Within BV I have worked with A LOT of women over the years who have struggled with fertility and I have been exposed to the pain and struggle that comes with this. Due to our particular client focus, more of our prenatal clients coming to us were considered high risk than those low risk! As a result I was cautious of the whole process and believed it probably would take us a few months at least. My husband on the other hand was highly optimistic and rather confident in the fact we would just fall pregnant straight away.

Well not long later that month I sensed just subtle changes in my body and had to admit to him “I actually think we might be pregnant”! We waited the recommended time to test. First pregnancy test was a “negative”. At this point he was doubting and I was still sure we were. We waited another 24 hours and sure enough it was a clear “positive”. It was the morning before I was just about to go away for a girls weekend and to be picked up in 20 minutes! There was a lot of excitement in the rush with also a sense of uncertainty knowing it was very early days.


The First 6 Weeks: 

These were easy! I was slightly more tired at night but honestly had so much more energy in the day than I have had in 10 years (prior autoimmune). I was so productive in the day, sleeping so well at night and able to maintain much of my usual fitness efforts (with pregnancy first trimester modifications). It was a “I love pregnancy” time!


The Rest Of First Trimester:

The 6 week mark brought with it all day and night sickness with an instant BANG! I suddenly had no energy, was unbearably nauseous and food aversions become a really big thing. A couple days after this the throwing up started and continued to increase with intensity each day. I had to completely give up my previous healthy lifestyle and adapt to really anything that helped. At this point my diet consisted of hot chips, hot cross buns and chicken schnitzel and making sure these foods were in my stomach continuously. Even still now an empty stomach is danger zone (aka triggers me to throw up).

Any liquids were impossible to get down and absolutely no vegetables or fruits even if I tried to disguise them in my meals. Exercise became non existent other than a very little walks in fresh air each day. I slept continuously and had to reduce my work load as much as I could, taking naps in-between the necessities whenever I could.

After 2 weeks of being very sick and dehydrated I was prescribed quite strong anti nausea medication that they usually give you in the hospital (of course pregnancy approved) which was life changing. Up until a week ago I was on this 24 hours a day, however now just in the day and hoping to reduce this over the next week or 2. This meant I was still nauseas 24/7 however it was manageable. I had more control over being sick and was able to figure out routines to manage the sickness.

These included; Eat toast before sitting up in bed in the am (bless my husband for becoming my personal chef), no liquids until 10am and hydralytes only, eat every 1.5- 2 hours, keep only with the foods I knew worked (mostly high GI carbs), avoid travel, avoid smells particularly cooking smells, avoid thinking about food and avoid putting my head or torso on an angle that wasn’t upright or directly flat (bye bye yoga).

Im embarrassed to say I have consumed more McDonalds in the last few months than I have my ENTIRE adult life! For some reason at the moment their meals settle my stomach better than most over foods.

Slowly as the weeks went past I was able to introduce new foods such as some fruits and some healthier grains such as rice and oats. Towards the end of the first trimester allowed the return of eggs, meats, nuts and some vegetables as long as they were blended or disguised.

Up to this point on top of all the sickness I have experienced I bad UTI infection and had to go on antibiotics, chronic constipation with 9 days becoming the new norm of regular (currently now a little more under control with doctors help), a skin flare up + lots of other fun little things..

I have also had the pleasure of witnessing how amazing the human body is! The changes and its ability to adapt in such a short period of time astounds me. I have loved watching my little bump grow with its first appearance quite early at 8 weeks. Keeping track of bubs development from week to week on my pregnancy app with my husband has been so great. We also have had so much fun fantasising together about life when he or she arrives in what feels like no time at all.

Anyway fast forward to 15 weeks. I now can eat most the things that were part of my pre pregnancy diet. Some veg are still out, including all green vegetables unless in a smoothie or juice. Unfortunately no salads yet and the veg I’m eating usually has to be roasted and covered in a flavour. Still can’t keep down water unless its flavoured and carbs need to be the base of every snack and meal to keep my stomach settled…… but this is all great in comparison to the before! I have started to slowly include a little strength work into my week to gain back some of which I lost and trying to make movement a little more regular with the goal to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible.

Pregnancy so far has been a process of letting go and celebrating the little wins!

All medical professions have confirmed along the way our little baby is very healthy, chilled out and has a very full tummy which is all we could ask for 🙂

Heading forward my aim is to try and get my gut health back on track, include more nutrition in my diet and work on hip stability, deep core, pelvic floor and back strength for ongoing pregnancy health.

You can follow my regular pregnancy updates here: FB & IG


The BareVitality Studio Available ONLINE SOON!

We are very excited to announce there are big changes happening within BareVitality over the next few months!!

The BareVitality Studio is transitioning into an ONLINE Studio Program so it can be accessible worldwide. The BV Program is currently being created to support your holistic health & fitness journey in a simple, realistic and sustainable way.

We will be providing the resources for a life long balance with;

Daily Yoga & Fitness Videos For All Levels Of Fitness

-10 minute workouts to work to whole body

-Yoga practises

-Warm ups

-Pregnancy safe exercises

Nutrition & Healthy Recipes

-Meal plan

-Delicious & healthy recipes

-Information for a balanced lifestyle


Daily tips including:

-Essential oils




-Inspirational practises


So what does this mean for BareVitality? More content, greater accessibility and so much more BV love to share around.


Yoga is amazing for our health and wellness in so many ways, there is no doubt about that! And it is so easy to start anytime, and do anywhere! You don’t need to invest lots of money on equipment and finding a spot in your home a place a mat down does not need effort. No wonder yoga is trending as such a popular form of movement currently and has been used in many traditions for centuries! See below the reasons to include Yoga in your day.

30 Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Day

These are some of the reasons why you should include yoga in your day:

  1. Improves your flexibility.
  2. Builds muscle strength.
  3. Betters your posture.
  4. Can improve the uptake of oxygen when exercising.
  5. Increases happiness & can help with depression.
  6. Lowers blood sugar.
  7. Improves your coordination, reaction time & memory.
  8. Helps you to relax & focus on the present.
  9. Improves your bone health and density.
  10. Increases blood flow.
  11. Gives your immunity a boost.
  12. Can help with migraine symptoms.
  13. Lowers your resting heart rate & blood pressure.
  14. Betters your balance.
  15. Improves ability to breath more efficiently.
  16. Slows down frustration, regret, anger, fear + more
  17. Prevents digestive problems.
  18. Can ease arthritis, back pain & other chronic conditions in your body.
  19. Reduces stress and even symptoms of anxiety.
  20. Increases sexual satisfaction.
  21. Makes you feel calm & peaceful.
  22. Maintains your nervous system.
  23. Releases tension in your body.
  24. Helps you to sleep better.
  25. Increases general productivity.
  26. Supports weight loss.
  27. Can lead to better self-esteem.
  28. Gives you more energy.
  29. Strengthen your core and help sculpt your abs.
  30. Helps detox the body of toxins.


Set up your yoga mat and find a comfy spot to connect with your body & calm your mind. Try these 10 yoga poses to start your day!



When we are go-go-go all day the body can become very airy and we often find ourselves living in our head and disconnected from our body. I thought I would share this slow yoga flow  practice.

After one of those days, this was a free style slow yoga flow based around just what I felt my body needed.

You can use this flow as a template to create your own evening yoga ritual.

The below video is in fast mode-  aim to practice this flow with at least 1 slow breath per movement.



Slow Yoga Flow Sequence:

  • Seated spinal twists
  • Childs pose
  • Side twisted childs pose
  • Cat/ Cow
  • Annahatasana (melting heart pose)
  • Downward dog > peddle out the feet
  • 1 Legged Plank > downward dog flow (focus on stretching out the hamstrings and calf muscles)
  • 3 Legged Dog
  • Hip Opener
  • Chaturanga
  • Warrior 1
  • Pyramid pose
  • Warrior 2 > Reverse Warrior > Angle Pose > Extended Angle
  • Chair > Twisted
  • Forward fold > halfway lift flow
  • Seated spinal twists
  • Butterfly > supine
  • Alternate hip flexion hugging the knee in
  • Savasana

Spring is about reducing and clearing. As nature around us starts to warm up, our body tries to as well. The body wants to move on from winter stiffness and internal hibernation and start planting seeds of goals, ambitions and plans. We want to free ourselves from the layers, whether that be superficial or internal that have built up during the last few months. This is why I thought it so necessary to share my Spring body tips with you xx

Spring is the season of the Ayurvedic dosha, kapha. Kapha represents earthly, lubricating and watery qualities. This can bring us into a conflicting state if our kapha is not balanced.

When our kapha is balanced we feel strong, clear and stable. When unbalanced we experience feelings of dullness, lack of motivation, confusion, sleepiness and depression.

All NOT great qualities to be experiencing when your body is also wanting to reenergise and ‘spring’ into Spring.

So you can see how important a balanced system is at this time of year.


How can I balance my Kapha and utilise the season of Spring to transform my Spring body?

Here are some tips:


Spring Body Tips:

  • Spring bodies love rhythm and routine! Wake up at the same time each morning and go to bed at the same time each night. Aim for 10pm – 6am sleeping hours. 


  • Upon waking move the body to produce heat. This could be through 10 minutes of gentle yoga or a workout (follow along on our App), a walk/ light jog or maybe a class. If you live in the Southern Highlands, why not come along and try one of our BareVitality group classes in Moss Vale 🙂


  • A bit more on moving to build inner heat! Rhythmic breath is essential. When we breath too erratically we are losing heat out of the body and just reach a sweaty, overly stressed state. Think lots of sun salutations or functional movement with a smooth, repetitive flow. I am loving at the moment cardio boxing, yoga, pilates, jogging and circuit training.


  • Meditate daily! Yes I know you are probably screwing your face up at this one. Its something that I struggle with as well. Trust me! With so much change coming into Spring the mind NEEDS stillness and grounding. Start with 6 minutes a day just focusing on the breath and the body.  You can use The BareVitality Studio app to help you. 


  • Eat light and easy digestible foods during Spring. Back to routine, try and eat your meals at the same time each day and have a solid 3-4 hour break between each meal to rest the digestive system. Think whole foods in their most natural state. Limit dairy, heavy meats and animal products, alcohol and caffeine as well as keeping with warm foods. So avoid cold drinks/ foods and only drink warm or room temperate water. Herbal teas a great too- I love cinnamon, ginger and chilli teas to warm the body. Try to also include lots of alkalising foods and bitter veggies to support the liver and ball blander at this cleansing time. 


  • Get outdoors as much as possible. The body needs to connect with the natural Spring rhythms of nature- yes a bit of a mouthful! Dig your toes in sand, lye on the grass under the stars, lean on the trunk of a tree and read a book or practice your meditation.


  • Despite part of us may want to go full throttle into Spring, slow it down. Keep things simple. One goal or plan at a time. Make sure you have switch off time from technology and utilise Spring to heal. Which bring me onto the next point.


  • A Spring body is a symbol of a rejuvenated, fresh self. This is the time of healing and repairing relationships with both yourself and others. Feel good about YOU, forgive yourself and fill YOU with love and happy thoughts. Forgive others, you don’t want to be holding onto that heaviness. Make mends of cracks formed in relationships during those darker winter months. Everyone else is wanting to reduce and clear in Spring too so its the perfect time for both parties. 


Lots of love and happy cleansing



Is it a food, a supplement, a yoga pose?

Nope, no, na ah to all!

It is something even more simple, accessible and its free. It is something that absorbs us in fascination and wonder as young children and then becomes something in passing or only receives the attention from a small proportion of our conscious mind.

It has the ability to naturally adjust our mood, rebalance our hormonal system, reduce stress & anxiety, top us up with minerals, improve our energy & sleep, reduce our internal toxicity levels and increase our oxygen intake.

In summary it will cleanse the body and help us feel happier, healthier and younger.  Yes please! Where can I get some?

This magic wellness booster is all around us.  Nature – the key to vitality!

The diverse natural environments around us each provides their own natural wellness boosters. With our busy lives and large proportion of hours in the day spent inside, we need to make a conscious effort to absorb the nature around us, find ways to bring more into our daily lives and go source a dose of nature at its most rich.

These are my top nature boosters for optimal simple wellness:

The Country Air

The pure country air is oxygen rich and the abundance of flora and fauna boosts your wellness to a whole new level.

I was lucky enough when I was young to have grandparents with a big farm where we would visit on holidays and spend our days collecting eggs, climbing hay stacks, mustering cows on the back of a horse and really just getting super dusty, stung by stinging nettles and continually swotting flies. Now I know that doesn’t really sound like I am selling the whole country air thing but it was fantastic! You ended a day so contently exhausted, grounded and grateful!

Recently I visited The Cedars Cottages in Kangaroo Valley for just a few nights and instantly felt rebooted back to life. Limited phone reception, no laptop, no make-up, only the noise of birds and bugs, clean crisp air and 360 scenes so blissfuly spectacular. The few days we filled with very little other than leisurely bush walks, creek picnics, feeding farm animals and reading my book.


Simple Wellness

Simple Wellness


The Sand & Sea

The sand & sea are a mine of rich health enhancing minerals ready to be absorbed by the body. Those who live in very close proximity to the ocean often have a boosted wellbeing due to the high mineral salty air.

Whenever I am feeling a bit rundown or my immune system is struggling I hit the beach or go dangle my feet in the salty sea off the wharf down at my local park. Instant mineral boost and reconnects you with natures natural energy flow- pure simple wellness!

Simple Wellness


Flowers & Gardens

You can not help but feel happy when you enter a florist or a beautiful garden. Creating your own secret garden in your backyard is the perfect way to gain natures wellness on a daily basic when living in the city. Fill it with plants and flowers that make you feel happy, peaceful and serine & don’t forget a little herb and veg patch while your at it!

Filling your home with a vase of flowers and indoor plants is another way to just bring a little bit of nature into the home and help reduce the indoor toxicity levels.

A daily walk to your local park/ reserve or one near your work place is great way to further improve your simple wellness.


Simple Wellness


Download the  ‘Your Holistic Metabolism’  ebook for a complete fitness, nutrition & wellness program to reach optimal health!

Please share in comments below your favourite way to boost your wellness with nature?


I had the pleasure of being featured by the girls over at Your Spicy Life. 

Talking all thinks health, wellness and business success.

Check it out!



This week’s interview is with the lovely Claudia Beyer. Claudia is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Outdoor Personal Trainer, creator of the blog BareVitality and author of the ebook Your Holistic Metabolism.

After years of following Claudia’s blog I (Mia) finally had the pleasure of meeting Claudia at a YouTube conference about a month ago. I can definitely say she is just as kind, friendly and glowing as she comes across on her blog.

One of my favourite things about Claudia’s blog (aside from the amazing recipes), is the easy and quick work outs she posts that you can do anywhere. For example this ab work out you can do while watching TV. Anything that allows me to watch my favourite TV show and get fit at the same time is a definite win in my book!

Now, get to know Claudia…

What are you most passionate about at the moment and how important do you think it is to incorporate your passion into your career?


Read more..


Health Challenge

The 6 week mark has arrived!

I initially started my health reboot after noticing that some where along the line I had lost sight of a lot of my health goals and routines and despite a lot of time and effort being put into healing certain systems my body was struggling and I was encountering health issue after health issue. I needed a whole body health reboot and to get back on track and start feeling energised and strong again.

My goals were to restrengthen my immune system, rebalance my detoxification & digestive system, minimise unnecessary stress, improve my overall muscular endurance & flexibility, while supporting my adrenals and kidneys. You can find out more regarding my health reboot in my first post.

The program I created for myself was divided into nutritional nourishment, wellness practices and a movement program based on functional exercises to provide me with effective results in a short period of time with a less is more approach. This allowed my body to rest and flourish over the 6 weeks.

So here is my update on the last 2 weeks:

The last 2 weeks displayed the most significant progress. I have managed to continue to strengthen my immune system this week to a point of halving the CFS/ME symptoms that had flared up. The brain fog has cleared significantly and short-term memory has noticeably improved. Joint pain and stiffness is still present but improving. My digestive system has presented the greatest improvement with my body happily absorbing nutrients properly, no stomach pain and almost on top of an infection. Immune system, my greatest challenge has a long way to go but steadily improving which I am more than happy about.

The last 2 weeks I included a few extra steps in the nutrition side of the program to really give my body a reboot while it was progressing strongly. First of all in the 5th week I did a 4 day mini cleanse. This was tailoring my individual goals and included lots of easily digested foods in a meal plan that was based around detoxifying, then replenishing with high nutrient based whole foods. Hardest part for me was saying goodbye to meats and animal products for 4 days as naturally my body craves and thrives off organic animal products. Secondly I changed around the structure of most my meals to experiment with how this approach would affect my general health and energy requirements. Results- sleep better, last longer between meals, rebooted my metabolism + more..

Wellness practices were of great focus over the last 2 weeks. Lots of journaling, daily mindfulness and reflection. I also have taken on a new outlook towards my work that has relieved a lot of stress and I am hoping will allow me to gain greater value from my life and daily happiness.

The last 2 weeks with my health improvements I have been able to pick up my movement to a level I would like to endeavour to maintain.

Week 5 I was able to include;

– 2x cardio based sessions – 1x interval training session & 1x 30 minute run

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions – 2x high intensity & 2x low intensity

– 1x  yoga session

Week 6 I have included;

– 3x cardio based sessions 1x interval training session, 1x 30 minute run & a social jog with friends

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions- 1x high intensity & 3x low intensity

– 1x yoga session

I also aimed to include my daily stretching and foam rolling and always made sure I had at least have 2 days a week for ‘working in’ (only leisurely walk &/ or meditative movements). Mixing cardio & resistance sessions together is an effective method for results and time limitations.

So 6 week summary:

Well 6 weeks off alcohol, caffeine, soy, processed foods and adding lots more of other certain foods and changes in my fitness routine + a refreshed outlook on prioritising my wellbeing = definitely a rebooted me.

My goal was not to heal every health issue or become a marathon runner in 6 weeks. It was to address my health as a whole all at once and create a fresh slate to continue on my journey of healing and reaching a high level of health and physical abilities.

I end this 6 weeks excited for the next 2 weeks, the next 3 months and the next year ahead. I am excited because the changes to my health in this 6 weeks alone have significantly impacted my value of life to be able to do the things I love and feel well while doing so. I can wake up at 5.30am feeling fresh and motivated for the day, not like I have a permanent head cold. I can radiate energy around my clients, friends and family naturally, not in a strained and exhausted state. I can eat as much as I want without worrying about weight and feel only love for every flaw my body holds. I can run (my absolute love) without feeling like death for days after and notice improvements in my performance with limited training needed. I feel physically stronger and feel a great sense of accomplishment towards my journey and health goals.

I still have and will have ‘bad’ days & sometimes weeks but these are critical signs your body is sending you that something is up or a few adjustments need to be made. Think of these days as gifts of support and utilise them, rather than ignoring them-your body will just continue to send you more and more.

I hope through my health reboot I have inspired you to harness your health as a whole from a holistic approach and listen, nourish, respect and care for it each and everyday. I hope I have allowed you to recognise the importance of having individualised goals and programs and that health is about healing from the inside out.  I hope my documented fortnightly update pictures and movement details have shown you that there is no need to spend hours in the gym but rather utilise functional movement that complements your health needs- this along with a less is more approach can have you noticing the greatest results. I hope these progress pictures have also demonstrated that scales are not an effective tracking method for results. I weigh 2 kg more than when I initially started this program however I look leaner, more toned, healthier and feel fantastic.

If you would like to find out more about my methods of training or have me help you along your health journey feel free to shoot me a message through my Holistic Personal Training Website.

 Sending lots of health your way,



And don’t forget to subscribe to receive free health tips, recipes, inspiration and motivation xx

Claudia - Bare Vitality

Have your workouts lost their sense of adventure and excitement or have they diminished all together with your motivation & negative thoughts and feeling towards exercise?

Here are some ways to embrace your inner child’s need to move freely with excitement and creativity, and turn your workouts into an adventure bringing wellness to your body, mind and inner soul.

Claudia - Bare Vitality-47


1) Create an obstacle course with whatever you can see around you. Think stairs, benches, hills, walls, tree branches, the lines in concrete slabs, light posts, puddle    jumping..

2) Set out on a jog or walk without a plan and let your inspiration take you in whatever direction it pleases. Just make sure you don’t get too lost.

3) Go on a hunt for the biggest hills you can find and tackle them like mountains!

4) Workout mindfully in the outdoors. As children we formed amazement over the beauty of simplicity. Take in your surroundings with an eye of curiosity and gratitude.

5) Workout with your besties! Who better to create and share adventures with, while challenging and encouraging each other.

6) Make your workout a game. Challenge yourself trying to beat your previous score (times/ reps/sets).

7) Leave your workout up to chance. Put together a lucky dip of different workouts and only pick one just before you’re about to head out the door with your runners on.

8) Try a class that reminds you of your childhood or something that is completely out of your comfort zone. A close friend and I are about to revisit a childhood memory and start beginner’s ballet- super excited!

9) Plan to take day trips and explore new places, combining different types of activities.

Maybe try;

– Kayaking, bushwalking and then a swim

– Rock climbing and trail running

– Beach interval training and wave jumping

– Cycling and a surf

10) Add music! Put on your favourite high energy tunes and dance like crazy, while including squats jumps, star jumps, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers and kick ass those burpees!

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