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Welcome to my new blog featured superfoods! The foods I love for optimal health and wellbeing. 

The first feature is Gingeran ancient spice traditionally used as medicine to aid digestion and treat stomach upset and nausea. 

Why I love Ginger:

  1. Nausea: Well I always get motion sickness. I can prove wrong the saying that you can’t get car sickness when your the driver. I definitely can!! So ginger can be a life saver at times when Im out on a boat, needing to drive in stop/start traffic or just when I’m not feeling 100%. It is also great if you are experiencing morning sickness, motion sickness, lack of appetite or just nausea in general.
  2. Digestion: When my stomach is upset, chewing on fresh ginger or a cup of ginger tea (recipe below) does magic. It can help treat cramping, bloating and flatulence and provide relief from female monthly period pain and associated symptoms. Also it aids digestion in activating digestive juices when consumed before a meal.
  3. Metabolism: Ginger is one of the foods to ‘consume in abundance’ on my 14 Day Holistic Metabolism Kick Start Program  because it assists in the metabolism of essential nutrients in the body.  When on the program it works wonders particularly in the Green Detox Smoothie.
  4. Cold & Flu Defence: If I feel something coming on, 1 tbs of grated fresh ginger in warm water I find kills anything if I get it early enough. If Im too late however it also assists with recovery and congestion relief.

Here is a simple ginger recipe I love that soothes and boosts the body.


Ginger & Green Tea Recipe:

1x Organic Green Tea Bag (I used Clippers)

2 slices of fresh Ginger

Squeeze Lemon

Fill a cup 3/4 full with boiling water then add a small amount of cold filtered water to make the water 80 degrees celsius (perfect for brewing herbal tea).

Add in the ginger and the green tea bag and leave for at least 10 minutes to brew and cool down. Take out the tea bag before placing in the fridge for 1 hour.

Serve with ice and a squeeze of lemon.


What I love About Spring!

Spring symbolised renewal! Its a time to leave behind and rid of the unwanted. It’s a time to start new projects, create new ideas, and take charge of our health and wellbeing.

Spring to me symbolises;

Flowy dresses & skirts

Time for an internal cleanse

New beginnings

Lots of berries

Less shoes & dirty feet

Longer days spent outdoors in the light of the early evenings

Breakfast in the sun

Crisp mornings and warm days

Beautiful colours blooming everywhere

The feeling of lightness as you leave the heaviness of winter behind

Birds singing in the earlier hours of the mornings

New colour to my skin

A time to manifest my dreams into life

Salt water through my hair

The clearing of physical clutter

Fresh juices

Evaluation of my goals and life direction

Running with the warmth and energy of the sun

New inspiration to write

Excitement for upcoming celebrations and trips away

Lying in the grass

Plaits and flowers in my hair

More salads and less soups

 A desire to sing and dance

More colour in my wardrobe

A season to be more mindful and meditate

Maybe add a bit more planking and squatting

A time for extra self nourishment

What does Spring symbolise for you?

 Running BareVitality

Each foot springs off the ground, bringing life to my entire body, powered purely by where your mind lies that day. As a fly through the air I feel powerful, strong and unstoppable.  My stresses get lost behind me, my energy of gratitude and happiness towards my life becomes of heightened focus, my mind creates masterpieces of inspiration and while this is all happening funny enough I get lost in a world of peacful stillness.

For me the simple humanistic movement of running creating an over whelming sense of happiness, love, clarity and personal strength and freedom. This is my relationship with running and this is why I am full blown, obsessively, deeply in love with it.

Yes now I can understand this may sound completely uncomprehendable to many of you, however let me share how I have made running into a life transforming wellness practice and how you can get on board and absorb its magic.

I always enjoyed running however the motivation to run and compete was originaly linked to a negative self belief, needing to meet the expectations of myself and those around me. You can see how this cycle can drown an expression of human vitality and why so many people hold negative beliefs towards running particuarly when the media is pushing it as a picture of weight loss, illustrating you must be feeling pain to experience any gain. Ahh this makes me so sad!  With alteria motives & negative thoughts driving & powering our bodies while we run, it’s no wonder so many people have this attitude towards running.  I now run purely for my own wellbeing and happiness and have just recently started competing again (a slow process with my health) and loving every cold early morning, mentally challenging, limit balancing part of it.

For me running has become addictive and I find myself dreaming about it while I’m driving, feeling the need to start running every time I hear a good song, being excited heading out before the sun has woken and with the cold air sending sharp pulses through my body. Shopping for new runners becomes as exciting as buying a new car and my bed side table has become over taken by running magazines and journals as I find myself wanting to learn more and more, feeding this wonderful relationship. It’s a relationship where the more challenging it becomes, the more exciting and rewarded you feel. It’s an equal relationship where by providing love and energy into your body through running, in turn you are gifted with a whole mind, body, soul happiness equal to what you put into it.

It is also a unique relationship. My bond towards running will be different to everyone else’s. We each take what we require and/ or value out of the experience in our own individual way.

So here is the foundations of my relationship with running:

A form of stress management.

A meditative practice.

A spiritual experience connecting with nature and the environment around me.

A social outlet.

A form of expressing who I am and what I am made of.

An escape.

An space for inspiration and problem solving.

A tool of my physical rehabilitation.

An encourager of personal growth.

A dose of whole hearted happiness for the soul.


What are the foundations to your relationship with running? Now think about how you could change some of those negative ones and add a whole new level of wellness to your running. Those of you who’s relationship is built on avoidance of the movement at all costs, lets see if we can reintroduce you to a new side of  running you will fall in love with.

 Running BareVitality

Urban Tonique and I will be holding ‘Run Well + Run Wild’ beginners series as of the 9th AugustThis is a 10 week workshop providing you with the skills to adventure on whatever avenue of running your heart desires. We will explore the health benefits of running, forms of running expression, technique, injury prevention, nutrition, personal goal setting/ journaling, types of training, inner body awareness and so much more to assist you on your running for wellness journey.

Contact Urban Tonique for more info:

Urban Tonique
[email protected]
709A Darling St Rozelle NSW 2039
tel: 02 95551102
SMS: 0432537148



Claudia Beyer - BareViatlity

Over the last week I have been contemplating how I was going to put this post together when I have so much to share and no idea where to start. I came to the conclusion that like most stories you can’t go wrong by starting at the beginning. So here goes..

A bit over 2 months ago in a complete exhausted, overwhelmed and not so clear state,  a friend blatantly exclaimed that I needed a holiday. I am naturally not a very spontaneous person and the thought of going away overseas while I was already so stressed with the amount of work that I needed to get through seemed completely unrealistic. Over the next week it became obvious that my state of wellbeing was effecting all areas of my life from work performance, reduced short term memory, energy levels, sleep quality, self awareness and love, and returning symptoms of the CFS. While I had so many exciting things already coming up over the next few weeks, the idea kept creeping back into my mind regarding how wonderful it would be to leave everything behind for a week and re-energise and re-centre myself. The decision was made when I reminded myself of my # 1 rule I encourage my clients to follow- Your health & wellbeing are first priority. You can not give to those around you effectively unless you have positive stores of health and happiness available to share.

Happy, healthy me = happy, healthy clients!!

and so the adventure began…

My first few days of purely the company of me, myself and I was just what my internal doctor ordered! This time allowed me to slow down and listen to what my body was telling me and where my mind was misdirecting me. My accommodation felt instantly like home as I was greeted with warm, smiling faces and directed to a serene room overlooking rice paddy fields.

Waking at sunrise to the sound of birds chirping. Walking through the final morning hour of stillness before the hustle and bustle appeared. Spending 90 minutes of yoga (a practice I love, yet find mentally very challenging) in a room over flowing with positive energy and beautiful hearts. Nourishing my body with cleansing organic green juices and superfood bowls. Diarising my morning thoughts and objectives for the day…. and there was day 1 up to 9.30am.

So here is a summary of what I brought back from Bali:

1. Movement:


Recently I started competing in long distance running again (something that has not been possible for the past 5 years) which as my altermate passion and love has been so fulfilling yet an experiemental process of figuring out my limits and making sure I maintain balance. Slightly pushing this limit in an event just before my trip, I needed a solid month of restoring the balance- meaning no physical stress on my body.  Bali provided a wonderful opportunity of distraction free time to start week 1 of ‘working in’ practicing yoga, leisurely walks exploring my surroundings and using zone exercises (energy building) to assist the healing of my adrenal system. Returning home I have done my best to continue these practises. Catching a cold has set me back a bit, however I have now adapted immune building zone exercises to assist recovery and implemented lots of rest time.

As a personal trainer and long distance runner my attitude towards exercise is that unless I have the built up stores of ‘work in’ energy, I will not train or ‘work out’. My clients probably get sick of me saying it but listening to your body and providing it with what it needs at this present time will be your number 1 key to success in your health, fitness &/or weight loss goals.


2. Nutritional nourishment:


Oh my goodness, health foodie heaven!! I was blown away by the menu options available at the Bali health food cafes. The variety and inclusion of superfoods and food preparation for optimal nutritional absorption was like nothing I had seen in health food cafes before. The Balinese understand the essence of healthy eating and can provide us with much to learn . The use of local, organic produce, prepared and served with simplicity and love.

Breakfasts of omelettes, raw superfood porridges, gluten free superfood pancakes, and lots of teas, fresh juices and fruits. Lunches were usually more fresh juices, whole food salads, raw macrobiotic dishes, grilled chicken satay sticks (my fav), nourishing soups and/or mixed whole food platers. Dinner was always a selection of multiple dishes to share and enjoy. Fresh seafood, more chicken satay sticks, veggies, curries, stir-frys… Desserts, snacks and treats were superfood smoothies, raw superfood chocolate mouses, cupcakes, tarts, slices, biscuits and local seasonal fruit and organic chocolate. Coconut water became a daily staple to stay hydrated and replenish minerals.

I fell in love with Earth Cafe’s (a health cafe chain in Bali) freshly made cashew milk, hot ‘Herbal Maca Java Chai’ and their ‘Nutrient Nourisher’ smoothie of cashew milk, banana, carob, cashew butter & honey.



The pride in the locals as they shared their food with you and absorbed your complements with praise was so special. The Balinese & Buddhist traditions regarding eating embed so many crucial elements of wellbeing to be taken.  Firstly there are no set meal times. People eat only when their body tells them they are hungry. They therefore are more in tune with their bodies natural nutritional needs and food is eaten only until the body is satisfied. Often traditionally the preparation of dinner starts with the blessing then slaughtering of an animal and picking and gathering of other fresh produce. This deep connection to the beauty and energy provided by mother nature for our survival and life cycle, allows us to form a strong appreciation and connection to life’s energy we are consuming and then utilising for our own health and wellness. Sitting on the ground and eating with their hand is another form of connection to their food and where is came from.

Try this today! Hold a peice of organic fruit or a vegetable with 2 hands. Take time to look at it and appreciate it. Now close your eyes and hold it and try and feel the energy produced from this living gift. Take a bite, savouring the taste and chewing until it is liquid.  It is then that you swallow this concentrated, easily digested, nutritious energy form and feel vitality being absorbed into the blood stream.


3. Mind:


Shutting off for the week was bliss! Daily meditation or just mindfulness practices. Stress free time to focus purely on me. Rebuilding strength and re-centring my mind. Opening myself up to future possibilities and recognising areas that required change.

The most prominant realisation was my need to return home and simplify again. My goals had become overwhelming and my workload unnecessarily was ever increasing. Taking a step back and re-evaluating my priorities is now something I have taken back home and I am currently practicing every couple of days. Having your goals, dreams, positive affiliations, little reminders in areas visable is a great way to stay centred. Ideas include; in your diary, on your mirror, as the background of your laptop or phone, make a board or poster- get creative & find something that will work for you.


4. Self love & nurturing:


Yes another area I feel very strongly about- self love and nurturing!! This is an element of my wellbeing that needs regular focus. Ending a relationship where another person wore down my own self worth and wellbeing, I have  journeyed to heal, love and strengthen me. When I use ‘me’ time this is about reaching inside and giving yourself what is needed, whether that be stillness, creativity, spoiling, clarity, exercise etc..

Spoiling  our self is often something we feel guilty about (I know I do), however it should be used as a way to express your worth & love to yourself. My rule while I was in Bali was I needed to put aside time for a massage a day. Also allowing myself to purchase an item I did not need but instantly fell in love with- remember its ok to give gifts to ourself sometimes.

I also treated myself to a day spa of a hot stone massage (a first), face masks, body scrubs, and a rose petal bath to thank my body for doing everything it does. We can also care for our bodies by minimising the toxic load absorbed through it’s biggest organ, our skin. Use all natural skin care, beauty and hair products that instead nourish the body with wholesome ingredients. On my trip I came across a number of boutique natural aromatherapy shops. While I enjoy making my own basic face scrubs, combining face oils and creating different moisturisers, my limited knowledge on aromatherapy & essential oils has prevented me from playing around with many other wonderous ingredients and combinations. My pocket size Bali find ‘Apracticle Guide To Aromatherapy & Essential Oils’ is now my newest companion to going 90% chemical free (currently about 70%).




5. Mother nature reconnection

With my mind consumed by all the unnecessary stresses I had started to lose touch with what was around me. Bali brought me back there in no time at all. My eyes and heart were instantly opened to my wondrous surroundings. Rainforest’s, oceans, waterfalls, strong tall trees, sun rises and sunsets, bright stars and glowing moons. Each day I made it a priority to connect and feel gratitude for mother nature in one way or another. Weather this was by walking barefoot through the soil of rice paddy fields, digging my toes in the sand, swimming in the ocean, mediating in rock pools, absorbing the energy of standing under waterfalls or staring into the night sky and watching the rotation of colours in the sunsets.

When we learn to connect with mother nature we can learn to utilise her gifts of energy, happiness and vitality.


6. Community

The local community work as one. They cherish the company of each other and share a deep love and loyalty towards their families. I took in their way of life being based around the simplicity of the necessities with admiration- family, religion/spiritual connections, food & wellness.

I felt such warmth and welcomeness from nearly all the beautiful people I came across on my holiday.


I have returned from my trip with a re-centred approach to my life.  Re-prioritising my happiness and health as first priority and then I can share with others and support them through their journeys of creating and maintaining vitality.

We don’t need to go to Bali to re-energise and re-centre  however we all do need to regularly take a step back and check in with how we are going and where areas of improvement are needed towards our health and happiness.

Much love,

Claudia xx





Life Balance

Finding a balance in your life that is perfect for you is one thing, now try maintaining that balance. Sometimes this feels like an impossible task in todays society.

Priorities in our life today are often imbalanced, defocused and confused with the real importance of life. To live a life of vitality, happiness and fulfilment, our health from a holistic level must be the priority. We need to balance the internal and external elements.

A centred, happy, relaxed, peaceful mind. Excitement to start everyday with an abundance of self love and love and gratitude for everyone and everything around you. A pain free, strong, healthy body that allows you to not just survive but thrive. A glow of healthy radiance.

To me this is health. To achieve, and maintain the balance of life’s elements is challenging and ever changing. So where do you start and how do you make sure you maintain this personal balance?

Its simple;

1. Me first:
Yes you are the centre of your life balance. It’s not selfish to prioritise yourself, it’s just smart. When we prioritise a healthy body and mind we are then able to share our best and most productive self with the rest of life.

As a Personal Trainer I hear a lot of ‘I don’t have time to exercise’. If you don’t have time to put aside even 30 minutes (thats only 2% of your day) to care for yourself, your performance in other areas of your life will suffer. Exercise achieves so much for not only our physical health but mental wellbeing.

Yes food tastes amazing and has become a huge part of social and family life but it is also our form of survival or deterioration. Choose foods that will strengthen, protect and positively fuel our bodies, allowing ourselves to have the ability to thrive in life and feel fantastic doing so.

Take time for yourself. We all need to do things for ourselves that challenge, provides us with self fulfilment, and just allows us to be alone with our thoughts and/or escape them for a few moments in each day.

Everyday fill yourself with self love and gratitude! Whether you keep a diary, note down positive reasons and affiliations and/or just tell yourself them first thing in the morning and when needed throughout the day.

Also assess and priorities the importance of the people in your life. Don’t allow your energy to be drained by those who compromise your happiness, self worth and/or positive drive. Surround yourself with people who allow you to thrive.


2. Prioritise and acknowledge:

‘You can do anything but not everything’ – David Allen

Breakdown the internal and external elements of your life.

Internal; physical health, mind, heart

External; family, social, work, enjoyable ‘me’ time

At this point in time, which elements take first priority? You should have at least 3 of these to create some sort of balance. Now in each category go through and prioritise what are most important to least. Acknowledge that if the least important are consuming more of your time and energy than those above, changes need to be made.

For example last week I acknowledged within my work balance a lot of my time and energy was being focused on areas that actually had little importance in the bigger picture of things and this was then affecting my health, mind and ability to balance family, social & ‘me’ time.

Have clear set goals and regularly assess their current importance and your progress. Life changes and so might your priorities. Embrace it and reprioritise- its the fun of the game.

I like to end each week acknowledging areas that were positively balanced and assessing changes needing to be implemented towards those not. There is no set formula for life balance. It’s personal and it’s up to you to create, maintain and regularly reassess your own perfect balance.




Self life balance assessment:

Ask yourself these questions.

Where is most of my life balance tipping? Now where would I like it to be?

Do I address each internal and external element of balance in my life? If not how will I?

Which elements are most important to me? Now within those, which areas will be my first priorities?

Within myself what am I most happy/proud of? How can I embrace these further?

Within myself what am I unhappy about? How can I change it?

Do I take time to exercise regularly? If not where in my daily routine will this priority sit? If I do exercise regularly how can I improve my exercise routine?

Am I strengthening and protecting my body  or am I weakening and creating deteriorations towards my health through my food and drink choices?

Am I generally happy? If not, why not and what can be done as this is now my first priority?

Much love,

Claudia X

Health and friends

Exercise, healthy eating and socialisation are all essential components of our wellbeing which can be achieved through the support of our friends.

Get your friends on board. Share with each other your health goals and allow each other to encourage and motivate one another. We all have not so healthy days and thats when a friend can make all the difference to get you back on track.

Here are some ideas of ways to keep healthy with your friends:

– Have a routined walking/jogging and catch up day. This could be 5 mornings a week or each Sunday afternoon. Choose different locations, routes to walk or if there is one walk you both just love or is convenient, stick with that.

– Enter fun runs or another active fundraising event together. A great way to support a good cause, work towards a goal together and be out in the fresh air moving your body.

– Swop your breakfast, lunch or dinner catch ups for a healthy picnic in the park or have fun trying out health cafes and restaurants (resent post on BareVitality Facebook page regarding top Paleo eats in Sydney).

– Swop cocktail night for a night of creating and enjoying delicious, nutrient rich smoothie and juice cocktails. Think berries, pomegranate, oranges, lime, lemons, mango, passionfruit, mint and ice.

– Visit health markets and speciality health food shops together and stock up for the week ahead.

– Join an outdoor fitness group (like BareVitality), yoga or pilates class together.

– Shop together for fitness clothes that make you feel good. Then go out and wear them in!

– Play around with healthy recipes and share with each other what you come up with. Sending your friend a photo of your big, delicously colourful vegetable, quinoa and bean salad is going to make them second think about ordering that greasy pizza for dinner.

– Plan adventures! Bush walks, rock climbing, swimming in rock pools/ ocean, exploring a new place etc..

Most importantly just have fun and enjoy each others company, while knowing you are doing something positive for you body! …. and don’t forget the power or laughter.

To celebrate the starting of Online Wellness Packages and Coaching, I am giving away an amazing gift to one lucky winner. This will provide you with a personalised wellness program and coaching to help you reach your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

This large package is worth over $200 and includes:

A health and fitness evaluation

1 hr Health & Fitness Coaching Consultation over Skype

A personalised Personal Training Fitness program

A personalised Super Nutrition meal plan

Daily Wellbeing practices

Online support

Discover how easy your own optimal health can be to achieve.

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Best of luck and I look forward to helping the lucky winner reach their health & fitness goals.


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I was going through ideas in my head thinking what my next post should be about that wasn’t anything to do with food because lets face it, I am slightly obsessed with getting creative in the kitchen. This was when it became apparent that I should be telling you a bit about the idea behind BareVitality and why I so strongly believe in it, allowing you to put all my posts into context. Central Coast women’s fitness

What does BareVitality stand for:

BareVitality is about stripping back the toxins of the developed world so we can live a lighter, happier, healthier more energised life through focusing on achieving optimal nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Nutrition: the whole idea of wholesome, clean eating and taking away what we were not made to consume and filling our bodies with natural nutrient dense super foods for optimal health. Mums and bubs fitness

Exercise: exercising in the fresh air of the outdoors and using functional movement to promote sustainable health. I love utilising what is around me such as hills, stairs, water, grass, benches, trees, sticks, different air temperatures etc as they all play a role in creating simple health. Also incorporating incidental exercise. Go through your routines and change a few things – walk or ride to the shops, get off the bus a couple of stops early, mop the kitchen floor while bracing your abdominal ….. and the list go’s on.
No human body functions the same. As a personal trainer I aim to construct exercise that is individualised to the clients goals through exercise tailored to each body type, energy levels and physical requirements. This helps people reach their individualised optimal fitness and health, and better understand their own body. personal Training 

Wellbeing: in today’s society we have everything, yet we are more stressed, anxious, and discontented than ever before. Environmental pressures are destroying our self confidence,challenging our ethics, and depleting our natural health defense mechanisms. My aim is to provide small, practical steps to help people reduce these toxic pressures in their life so they can learn to have control over their mind, strengthen their body and feel an over whelming sense of happiness for everything around them.

Why I believe in BareVitality: 

Its as simple as the concept behind BareVitality provided me with a healthier more meaningful life. Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from a young age, I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that I had to change everything that I thought made me ‘me’  in order to regain some sort of life besides the one that was isolating me in unhappiness. It was the end to all my competitive athletics, high achieving studies and perfectionist personality. While my mind was still strong, my body had given up.

Through years of trying different elimination strategies, seeing different professionals, studies in health, fitness & meditation programs as well as my own personal research, I have healed myself through a new lifestyle I composed; a combination of the most practical and effective aspects of my discoveries with a simplified approach to health that so many people over look & manipulate in day to day life.

Join me on the path to discover ways of nurturing your body so you can reach and maintain your own optimal health and live the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

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