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Winter time for me calls for porridge and warm chia puddings. The problem with this is my body is really missing my nourishing summer green smoothies. I created this winter green smoothie perfect for those cold winter mornings, when you want to get in your green goodness but instead crave body warming ingredients.

The superfood spices, nourishing fats, warming and cleansing ginger, along with all the other powerful whole foods form the perfect winter superfood concoction.

The nutrient dense whole food ingredients in this winter green smoothie will keep your energy sustained, skin glowing and immune system strong.

This smoothie is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and “Your Holistic Metabolism” friendly!


Ultimate Rise & Shine Winter Green Smoothie Recipe:

1 1/2 cups coconut water

1/3 – 1/2 of an avocado

1/2 large banana

1 handful of baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup pre soaked raw cashew nuts

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 tbs raw honey or more to taste

Pinch of celtic salt/ Hymalayan

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp turmeric


Blend all the ingredients together in a high speed blender until you have a thick, smooth consistency.

Pour into a glass or jar and drink while the ingredients are still fresh.

Enjoy!  Winter Green Smoothie


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Making my own kefir has become my new favourite thing. Problem is, its fermenting quicker than I can drink it! So I have had to come up with ways to include it in my meals…. or in this case smoothies!  Raspberry kefir smoothie

What is kefir?

Kefir is like a very nutrient rich drinking yogurt. Its cultured, enzyme rich properties help restore and strengthen the ‘inner ecosystem’ for a healthy digestive system. Kefir is made by fermenting kefir grains in most commonly dairy milk however it can also be done in coconut water. A lot of people who have intolerances to lactose can tolerate kefir due to the yeast and ‘good’ bacteria consuming most fo the lactose.

Our digestive system is the centre of everything! A happy tummy = happy mind, healthy immune system, easy weight management + so much more..

When making kefir I combine the kefir grain with 1 L of unhomogenised organic milk. I then leave it in a jar covered with cloth on the bench for 24 hours and then in my fridge for a further 24 hours. Then it is ready to consume!

Below is a raspberry kefir smoothie recipe for a healthy, strong digestive system. There is also the option to add slippery elm powder. This is an amazing tummy soothing natural substance from the inner bark of a slippery elm tree. It can be found at most health food stores. I got mine from AboutLife.


Raspberry & Kefir Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup kefir + extra for topping

2/4 cup organic frozen raspberries or fresh

1 tsp slippery elm powder (optional)

1-2 heaped tsp raw honey

4-8 cubes of ice depending on how thick you want it

Whatever toppings you desire


In a blender combine all the ingredients and blend until you have a smooth, thick consistency.

Pour into a bowl or glass and top with extra kefir and whatever else you desire. I added more raspberries, raw honey and grain free granola.

Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy so your tummy can absorb its super powers in a relaxed state!



Day 3 was back to lots of clean juices and smoothies and a bit less protein to end the cleanse.

So here was my day 3:

~ I went out in the morning so started the day with a cafe organic orange,  ginger, mint, beetroot, celery & cucumber juice.   juice Cleanse

~ Next was getting in my 1.5 L of juice throughout the rest of the morning.

Strawberries, celery, carrot, lemon, green apple, filtered water and lettuce.

Juice Cleanse ~ Around lunch time I then had a chia pudding with passionfruit and activated walnuts, a brown rice cracker with mashed lentils on top  and a large handful of raw green beans.

~ Snacks and extras throughout the day; super greens shot, homemade raw chocolate, turmeric tonic and specific herbal teas.

~ The afternoon and dinner included 1L of my Raw Choc, Avo and Hazelnut Smoothie + a bowl of rocket, grated carrot & beetroot with lemon juice on top.

Juice Cleanse

This smoothie is super filling & yummy 🙂

1 avocado, cocao powder, coconut milk, LSA (linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds), raw hazelnuts, vanilla extract, hazelnut extract, stivia & Ice.

..and I have reached the end of my 3 day cleanse. I now will continue the week consuming at least 500 ml of juice a day, using a wide variety of different fruits, veg and herbs. I will avoid dairy and gluten and slowly introduce small amounts of organic, grass-fed meats back into my diet to avoid placing stress on my digestive system.

As I initially stated in my Day 1 post, this was a cleanse I constructed for my personal health status. To learn more about your own personal health status and what your individual body requires, feel free to contact me regarding information on an In-depth Health Pre Screening through the BareVitality Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching Services.

Visit Website!! 


Day 1 of my Nutritional Cleanse!

Day 2 of my Nutritional Cleanse! 

Marketing in the food industry today can make it rather challenging to distinguish which health foods are actually healthy.

Below is a list of the top culprits I come across in clients health journals when they unfairly believe they are making positive healthy food choices.


1) Soy Products:

Soy is a popular choice for the lactose intolerant and vegan communities. Unfortunately soy today is genetically modified and contains phytoestogens, high levels of phytic acid and other harmful properties responsible for creating severe hormonal imbalances in both men and women, as well as malabsorption of certain vitamins and minerals, all creating a spiralling deterioration of health.

Soy in its fermented state is least harmful, so think miso and tempeh. Now I love the taste of soy milk and being lactose intolerant sometimes I do treat myself to a soy beverage when there is no source of almond milk in sight. Moderation and  listening to your body is the key. I limit myself to 2 cups of organic soy a week, however there are weeks when I know my body is not at its strongest and I avoid soy all together.


2) Packaged Dried Fruits:

Dried fruit can be as bad as highly processed snacks. Hidden inside you can often find added sugars, sulphur dioxide (causes allergies & asthma) and insect larvae that lead to parasite infections. Dried fruit also loses many vitamins and minerals in the manufacturing process and is a high energy (sugar) snack.

Including organic, additive free dried fruit in moderation does have its nutritional advantages. So purchase carefully and pre soak and rinse your dried fruit in filtered water beforehand.


3) Muesli Bars:

As much as the food companies try to convince you they are the key to weight loss, energy and health, really you might as well eat a chocolate bar. Muesli bars are full of sugar. Organic cane sugar or corn/ rice syrups does not make them any healthier. These fibre/ protein enriched health benefits we are marketed on are extras added to the sugar based snack to label it ‘healthy’. Often produced with poor quality oats, wheat and rice flours, muesli bars are a carbohydrate heavy, immune depleting, erratic blood sugar creating food item.

Solution- choose organic, refined sugar-free, additive free brands or even better make your own.

Natural Protein Bars

The 9 Nut Slice


4) Low Fat/ Fat Free Dairy Products:

Oh my goodness where do I even start! Our bodies were not meant to consume products that have been deconstructed. In its full fat whole state is always best. When we tamper with whole foods, our bodies can not digest and metabolise them effectively.  The other problem with low fat/ fat free products is that to compensate, large amounts of sugar and other additives are added to enhance the flavour and consistency.

So if your going to consume dairy, please choose organic, full fat versions. This also includes pure butter- please please avoid margarines at all costs. 


5) Muti-grain breads and wheat products:

Unfortunately wheat is not produced to the quality it use to be. The wheat we consume today has a much higher gluten content, hence why many people have become gluten intolerant in today’s society. The grain lacks the vitamin and mineral content it use to posses. Multi- grain products are usually made from refined wheat flour (possessing no nutritional benefits) and then they just add a few extra unrefined grains to the mix to label it multi-grain.

So in the end you are receiving a high gluten, hard to digest product with very little nutritional value, made from a base of refined grains and often even including hidden artificial additives. Sourdough, organic or sprouted grain loaves are an alternate healthier options.

I will have the recipe for an easy wholesome gluten-free loaf in the Ebook- The Holistic Health Guide.


6) Sport drinks:

Being in the fitness industry I see athletes and trainers sculling these products down on a daily basis and then the everyday person using them as an energy lift or post workout because they believe they are a healthy addition to their workout routine. The problem with sport drinks is they are packed with refined sugar and artificial minerals. The sodium content if extreme for the everyday person and the sugar content not only is unnecessary, it also negatively effects the bodies muscle recovery abilities.

Rehydrate with good old water and add a pinch of a good high quality trace mineral salt (celtic or hymalayan) to your drink bottle to replenish mineral stores. A post run snack will effectively help with muscle recovery and regulate your blood sugars.

More on post run snack + yummy recipe


7) Fruit juices & smoothies:

As most of you know I am a bit smoothie obsessed and I am a big promoter of a good green juice. My problem is the pre packaged juices (with the exception of a few brands) and even most of the juice/ smoothie bars and cafes which are selling high sugar, poor quality products that are getting directly absorbed into your blood stream.

With a juice, my rule is 2 vegetable to every fruit to help reduce the sugar content and avoid a blood sugar crash. With smoothies make sure they don’t have added sorbet or sugar sweetened yogurt added. Also being mindful of the quality. By consuming a non organic juice, you are absorbing a high concentrate of residue chemicals into your blood stream. The best juices and smoothies are those made yourself!


8) Peanut butter:

Ok I am a full-blown peanut butter addict, so I can understand your disappointment with this one on the list. So whats wrong with peanut butter? First of all the peanut butter we buy off the shelves is made with poor quality peanuts and is full of refined sugar, salt, harmful vegetable oils and often a few other unidentified additives. Peanuts also have a high omega 6 content. While omega 6 are necessary in our diet, the imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids is becoming a serious health concern in our diet today. Peanuts also contain aflatoxins which are a natural occurring fungal toxin and high lectin content which is hard to digest and creates inflammation and an immune response in the body.

So whats the alternative for those other peanut butter addicts out there? If you are going to purchase peanut butter, choose an additive free, organic brand. You can also make your own by grinding raw organic peanuts. I also love almond butter or other nut butters.


9) Gluten free packaged products:

Don’t be fooled by the latest gluten-free health phase. Packaging labeled ‘Gluten Free’ does not necessarily mean it is healthy. Packaged gluten-free products are usually created from a base of refined white rice flour and corn fillers with lots of refined sugar and additives.

When selecting gluten-free products, opt for whole food versions with the least amount of processing. Products containing quinoa, buckwheat, almond meal, brown rice and/ or amaranth are all healthier options. Look for no added sugar and choose organic where possible.

BareVitality 4 wk Smoothie Challenge

You are invited to join in the BareVitality 4 Week Smoothie Challenge!

When: Monday 5th August – Monday 2nd September

Where: At any home, from any shop, in any city or any country

What: Drink 1 nutrition packed smoothie everyday for 4 weeks

Why: Poor nutrition is the leading cause of preventable illness and disease. Let us take control of our health in a delicious and enjoyable way. Nutritionally nourish your body, feel energised, gain a glowing complexion and share all the creations of delicious smoothie goodness recipes & ideas to help others.

Who: Everyone! Get your family, and friends involved.

So why smoothies?

Smoothies help us get in a large proportion of our fruit, vegetables, fibre, protein & superfood intake into each day. The nutritional density of smoothies and their filling effect, encourages healthy eating habits and is a great tool to reach or maintain a healthy weight. Smoothies have the ability to act as a meal, snack or dessert depending on what you put in them.  They are also far more cost effective that juices. While fresh juices do have their benefits, they are often high in sugar, calorie dense, contain little fibre, are not very filling and create unstable blood sugar levels. While I do love a juice, smoothies remain my number one to go to for a nutrition boost, to ensure I am including sufficient superfoods and fibre each day and really I just love their versatility.

Share you Smoothie photo’s and ingredients on the BareVitality Facebook page or #barevitality on Instagram. This will help support and encourage others in the challenge and the most creative nourishing smoothie posted over the 4 weeks will be featured on the blog along with a bit about the creator. 

I will be posting my daily smoothies and I welcome you to post as many smoothie pictures and descriptions as you wish. 

The beginners smoothie guide may assist you with ingredients ideas: http://bit.ly/14mwgCV

Make sure your following us on Facebook for the latest updates on the challenge: www.facebook.com/BareVitality

Share the invite with your family and friends and lets get as many people involved in the smoothie health challenge and stop poor nutrition being the leading cause of preventable illness and disease.

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