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So I currently have a 3 and a half week old sweet little girl and honestly pregnancy feels like it was AGES ago! I thought I better quickly jot down my third trimester pregnancy journey while I still remember it!

For a recap of my First and Second Trimester see below:

First Trimester Pregnancy Journey

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journey

Weeks 28-33

These were our final weeks overseas before we headed back to Sydney! There was a bit of caution in an attempt to avoid the baby coming early until we were home and close by our birthing team. Little did we know this baby had NO interest in coming anytime soon and was going to be overdue!

These weeks varied! Some days I had lots of energy and felt really strong within my body and was able to workout. Other days I struggled to walk around the block and was needing long day naps. It was definitely a day to day situation. I struggled with anxiety and insomnia during this time. Here is what I found helped- Mental Wellbeing During Pregnancy. My cravings consisted of most things cold- smoothies, juices, ice-cream, fruit, yogurt!

I continued to crave just being in water. We found a local pool in Paris which I visited a few times and really enjoyed floating and doing some laps. I have never been a swimmer, but seeing I haven’t been able to run in 6 months it felt good to move in this way.

Bali was our final destination on our way home which meant lots of pool time, pregnancy massages and a whole lot of fresh fruit and coconut water. By this point bubs kicks had become very strong and honesty I was not comfortable at all. Our last flight home, while it was the shortest flight of our whole trip (6 hrs), it certainly was the worst. Its safe to say Scott and I do not want to jump on a plane again anytime soon! For me sitting upright was the most uncomfortable during third trimester so every 20 minutes I would have to stand up and walk around a little and even waiting that 20 minutes was SO painful. Our other flights I was able to put my seat back a lot which gave my tummy more room and me more comfort.

By this point I had a few extra stretch marks on my chest and a little more cellulite on the back of my legs but honestly wasn’t bothered as this was all part of pregnancy I expected. On the positives of third trimester, my skin was looking super “glowy” and hair had really thickened and grown. Yay to pregnancy hormones!! I honestly felt really confident in my pregnancy body with its new curves and lines! I was proud of what my body could do and I loved being able to experience all the effects of our little one growing.

Weeks 33+

While our trip was amazing, I must say by this point in the pregnancy I was glad to be home in familiar comforts. During these final weeks we had lots of midwife appointments to make up for the time we were away. Our final scan at 36 weeks showed little one healthy and already 3.1kg.

Leading up to her birth I was getting regular Chiropractic adjustments to help align my pelvis, and relieve some of the rib pain I was getting. I also was seeing an acupuncturist who was helping reduce some internal inflammation I was experiencing. These services were by pregnancy specialised professionals from my local Health Space. Both services definatly helped!

At 34 weeks we did our weekend birthing course through SheBirths which we both gained so much from. It was important to us to feel we were informed and prepared with birthing knowledge tools to allow our little girls delivery to be an empowering and special experience. I will be sharing our birth story at some point. Watching and reading birth stories was one of our favourite things during third trimester.

At 35 weeks I shared a really special Blessingway with a small group of my closest friends. Full of stories, candles, angle cards, food and little activities that each person have organised to contribute. It was such a beautiful alternative to the typical baby shower which wasn’t really my thing.

The following weeks were long I must admit. The waiting game! I tried to stay distracted with work, nesting (nesting is real), catching up with people and appointments however they were still very long. I wasn’t sleeping well and was experiencing a lot of discomfort so was ready for the baby to join anytime from 37 weeks when she would be considered full term.

By that point she had definitely not dropped so we knew it wasn’t happening anytime soon. I was however experiencing lots more braxton hicks.

By 39 weeks with little progression I was recommended to include more long walks and swiss ball circles to help her drop down. I also was taking raspberry leaf extract, dates, pineapple and evening primrose oil to assist with helping this baby come naturally.

By 40 weeks, still no baby! This is where we started to get serious about natural forms of induction because we really wanted to avoid medical induction if possible. We were trying EVERYTHING!

The one thing that really ended up helping the most I believe was the 3 Stretch and Sweeps I was given by the midwives over a 6 day period. Not very comfortable but certainly effective… and well I’ll leave things there and continue the journey in my Birth Story to come!!


I received a lot of feedback from a post I shared a month back on social media regarding my pregnancy struggles and asking for help! Many people messaged in saying how much they could relate to this topic and how they would love to know what holistic lifestyle practices I have been implementing to assist with my mental wellbeing during pregnancy and sleep.

As per my post, I am now also about to start seeing a councillor to just have someone to chat to (where there is no thoughts of burdening them with your feelings) and to take the load off and share the”responsibility”.  This is provided through my hospital and most hospitals have pre and post natal support available so make sure to ask for help if you are struggling. It is such an important topic that does not get spoken about enough.

I personally didn’t expect to struggle with my mental wellbeing during pregnancy and it hit me pretty much overnight, out of no where in my second trimester. Attached to often is the stigma that if your not 100% happy during pregnancy you are either ungrateful/ a bad mum/ won’t love your child… But guess what! None of this is true. Pregnancy is a whirl wind of change both physically and emotionally. It creates chemical chaos in your body and can bring up emotional trauma and pain that you didn’t even know still existed. So take a few deep breathes, know that you are doing amazing and remember to just take it one day at a time, asking for help as needed along the way!

So here you have it, a list of the things I have implemented that have helped me. They are not always full proof but they do help and have allowed me to manage symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and on/ off mild depression.

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STRUGGLE – Asking For Help // I have honestly loved pregnancy despite earlier on saying to my husband “we are NEVER having another child again” after throwing up for the 5th time that day ? It has been such a beautiful bonding experience to share as a couple as well as personally, an amazing spiritual journey. It certainly has had its challenges, like many wonderful journeys. While I am beyond excited & many moments in my day reflect the above smile on my face, there has been struggle. So today at my midwife appointment I asked for help. We had already set up with my midwifes extra support post pregnancy to avoid postnatal depression however during I thought I would be fine. Unexpectedly a couple months ago I was suddenly struck with anxiety & insomnia out of no where. Two symptoms common in pregnancy, yet knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it easier. The two feed off each other & depression can creep in very easily. I feel blessed to know so many lifestyle tools to assist and while all these holistic practices have helped significantly in management, the responsibility feels overwhelming & exhausting (even with my husband 100% support). Asking for professional help & having someone to chat with (where you feel no burden on them) takes the load off & shares the “responsibly”. Ps. Appointment Update: baby is very healthy, active & measuring perfectly ☺️ Can’t wait to meet you little girl & looking forward to taking some of this mental load off so I can be more grounded & present for your arrival ? X #33weekspregnant

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Mental Wellbeing During Pregnancy – What Helped Me!

  • A solid bedtime routine!! Aiming to go to bed at a similar time each night.
  • Wind down for at least an hour prior to bed. For me usually 2 hours is necessary.
  • Avoid stimulation as much as possible e.g.. phones, laptops, stimulating music/ books/ TV shows/ conversations.
  • Really using my skincare routine as a nurturing meditative practice of self love. I am currently using pregnancy safe natural products from Akin, Trilogy, Andalou and The Jojoba Company. I like to mix and match!
  • Thinking of it like getting my baby to sleep – routine, nurture and calm.
  • Creating a routine of shower, skincare, dinner, mindless book or TV with a cup of tea and little chocolate.
  • Make my sleep environment calm, clutter free and comfortable temperature.
  • Using a fan as both white noise and air circulation.
  • Using ear plugs. No idea why but this one works better than most the other tips despite there is no noise in the room other than the fan.
  • Avoiding thinking about going to sleep! If I ever think about it, the anxiety around sleep would increase and I have no chance.
  • As soon as I put my head on the pillow to go to sleep I don’t think about what I am about to do, rather focus on slow mindful breathes and visualise my body clear and relaxed. Visually systematically releasing every inch of my body. This is a form of meditation.
  • I also use a visualisation of my body as a tree. Sturdy and grounded in the earth and any thoughts, feeling and sense of anxiety are the leaves on the above branches in which I can release off the tree.
  • The BareVitality Studio program meditations have also been helpful to follow along to.
  • Using Rescue Remedy drops. Its pregnancy safe and receives mild stress and anxiety.
  • Supplementing with magnesium.
  • Consuming lots of grounding foods – root veggies, wholegrain, spices..
  • Keeping my digestion as healthy as I can. An unbalanced gut causes so many mental health imbalances.
  • Enjoying treats mindfully!  This brings me joy so why not! Usually its my favourite chocolate.
  • Baking!! No joke this has really helped. Cookies have been a favourite. With these 2 recipes my go-to’s: Choc Chip Cookies Choc Nut Fudge Cookies
  • Physical contact with others I feel comfortable with. Eg. Hugs, massages..
  • Massaging oil into bump everyday. This is both great for the skin + such a beautiful nurturing and bonding practice. I am currently using Weleda Pregnancy range.
  • Moving my body in some way everyday. Yoga, light resistance exercises, walking, swimming. I have been following The BareVitality Studio movement program.
  • A walk in the fresh air after finishing work for the day to shut off.
  • Journaling out everything and anything in your head.
  • This is a time to spoil myself before much of  my attention goes into bub. I have treated myself to a few spa visits, a new outfit, self dates out to lunch or just an ice-cream in the park.
  • Slowing down life ALOT, saying no more often to create space for the right “YES” things in my life. Plus really reducing/ avoiding contact with anyone who does not make me feel happy and uplifted.
  • Laughing and singing everyday. It works!! Also just making sure you fit in “play”.
  • Focusing on all the beautiful and amazing aspects of my body and self in being able to grow a human.


There is a lot and I definitely don’t do them all everyday. I choose what I need that day, while keeping some an everyday routine. It has taken a lot of trial and error and needs constant adjustments however these practices have really helped me and whether your pregnant or not they hopefully may help you.

I have now reached the Third Trimester and can’t beleive how quickly the last 3 months flew by and how very different they were to the first 3 months.

For a recap of My First Trimester Pregnancy Journey click HERE! 

So here is a summary of the last 3 months.


Weeks 13-18

Ill be honest, once I hit 14 weeks I was feeling a little ripped off. Where was this second trimester new energy I was promised and why was I still so nauseas? The nausea had definitely improved however I still had to make sure my stomach always had food in it, drinking water was still off limits and I was still on anti-nausea medication to be able to keep food down.

By 16 weeks I was just starting to accept this may just be the reality for the rest of the pregnancy and then there was a sudden shift. A little more energy returned and the nausea reduced enough that I only needed the medication in the day and could stop using it at night.

By 18 weeks I felt like a new person. New burst of energy (some days better than others), very little nausea and no more medication. Vegetables where on the table again and all other aversions I originally had, passed.



Weeks 18-22

These were my easiest weeks so far! I was able to exercise regularly again, eat everything and really start connecting with my little bump as it suddenly went through a massive growth spurt and kicking began.

Within these weeks I loved slowing down and really welcoming a new pace of life with the transition of long hours at The BareVitality Studio to flexible hours with clients and working towards launching The BV Studio Online Program.

This space allowed me to catch up on doctor appointments, a little much needed TLC time and I attended a beautiful Pre Natal Yoga Retreat Day that really helped me transition to loving my pregnancy journey after a tough start.

Within this time we also had our half way scan where we got to see our little bub again, all well and healthy and found out bub is a SHE!! We ticked off our first big midwife appointment and finalised all booking information within our birth centre.

22 Weeks then brought a sudden lot of pain to my pelvic and tail bone area + new circulation challenges. After a visit to a pregnancy specialised chiro (literally squeezed in the day before leaving overseas) I was adjusted and told I had the start of SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) which is caused by excess pregnancy hormone relaxin, making the pelvic joint particular unstable. So was given a strap to support my pelvis which has been a lifesaver.

With the tick of approval by our health professionals we then set off to Europe!



Weeks 23-28

Prior to the new complications I was pretty confident that travel while pregnant was going to be easy. I was still very mobile and active and so far everything was going pretty well.

I hadn’t quite equated for the Europe heat wave however!!

Honestly the flight was fine. I made sure I regularly drank lots of water, got up and walked around and wore compression stockings the whole time. I definitely had excess inflammation for a few days after however it did go down.

Our first stop in Madrid was a shock to the system. It was HOT and then add jet lag + a lot of walking… well my body wasn’t too happy and I also was dealing with very low blood pressure!! I experienced a lot of pain in my legs and pelvis and circulation wasn’t great but baby was happy and healthy which was the main thing. A few days later we jumped on the plane to San Sebastian where it was a lot cooler and I was able to do nothing other than sleep, eat and swim! This was bliss. From here everything started to improve with also the help of including a few exercises to help support my pelvis + stretches to release pain and tension + dry body brushing and lots of leg elevation to assist with circulation.

23 Weeks was also the end of the little running I was doing, walking and standing on my feet had to be limited and a little daily yoga became a necessity. Following The BV Program has made this really easy to manage and stay healthy and fit while traveling by incorporating the 10 minute workouts (to keep my body mobile and strong) and yoga practices.

I really had to accept letting go of everything I was capable of the week before and adapt for the time being.

When arriving in Paris a week later I loved that I could set up my yoga mat in the apartment, food shop for local fresh produce and cook again! This made my body feel itself again. My digestive system was happier and the inflammation really started to go down. When we were hit with another heat wave in Paris, I feel I was much better prepared. My body had adapted to the hot weather, I had lovely routines of self care in place and I was able to hibernate inside for much of the hotter parts of the day. We were actually in Paris (without air-conditioning) for its hottest day ever recorded at 42 degrees. Quite the experience I must say and there were a lot of ice blocks consumed during this week.

The last month baby has certainly grown. She kicks much more regularly and certainly stronger. She reacts to voices and sounds and already has a bit of a sweet tooth…. maybe because mums has also increased!!




Cravings have been all about fresh fruit, icy drinks, dairy in the form of yogurt, custard, cheese and Ben & Jerry cookie dough ice cream (never cared less about it prior), eggs and pasta.

Other 2nd Trimester Symptoms = dry skin, very stuffy nose (also due to relaxin), hungry all the time, disturbed sleep, still struggling with constipation but improved, amazing healthy nails, hair on my head is growing really fast..

Weirdest symptom so far is my eyelashes started thinning and have become much shorter despite hair on my head going great?  Hoping they return to normal post pregnancy..

By the end of second trimester I had put on a total of 9.5kg since falling pregnant (within healthy range) and blood pressure while still lower than normal had improved.

Looking forward to this little one continuing to grow and so excited for all to come within third trimester.

During pregnancy it’s important to include a snack between meals to balance blood sugar levels and support the growth of your baby. While the old pregnancy saying “Eat for two” isn’t quite accurate, the body does need extra nutritious calories during the different trimesters for babies development. Snacking around smaller meals allows pregnant women to keep their blood sugar levels in balance, help with energy and supports a healthy metabolism and digestive system. Use your snacks as an opportunity to nourish your baby and your body through all the changes both are experiencing.

See below our healthy pregnancy snack ideas:

Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

  • Boiled Eggs – contain vitamin D, which is key to a baby’s developing bones and teeth + protein and good fats.
  • Trail Mix (w nuts, seeds and dried fruits) – packed with magnesium, calcium & vitamins + protein and all the good fats.
  • Fresh Berries & Yogurt – yogurt supports a healthy digestive system + berries are full of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Alternatively just your favourite in season fruit with yogurt.
  • Veggie Sticks & Hummus – another opportunity to get in more veg + hummus is rich with iron & extra protein.
  • Health Bars – refined sugar free bars are easy for a quick snack full of fiber, good fats, and minerals.
  • Wholegrain Crackers w Avo – during pregnancy, a woman needs extra potassium found in avocados, making them a perfect pregnancy snack!
  • Apple Slices w Almond Butter – almonds are high in calcium to help assist babies bone development + protein and god fats.
  • Kale or Spinach Chips – full of folate which can help to prevent birth defects and to build baby’s cells.
  • Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds w Pasteurised Ricotta – the goodness of calcium and lots of Vitamin A.
  • Banana Sliced w Peanut Butter – a wonderful source of potassium and protein.
  • Tuna & Tomato on Crackers – source of essential omega’s & protein + Vit C. Just make sure you are keeping within pregnancy guidelines for max weekly tuna intake.


Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

Claudia’s favourite pregnancy snacks at the moment are;

  • Avocado on a piece of sourdough toast is so quick and easy to make!
  • Smoothies are perfect to pack in all the nutrients.
  • Bliss balls are easy to make and full of all the good stuff. I like to make a different batch each week.
  • Veggie juices for extra nutrition straight to the blood stream.

as well as including lots of the above snack ideas!

Check what nutritional needs during pregnancy. The best snacks are the ones full of nutrients and satisfying to keep hunger at bay!


By now you have probably gathered the newest update in my life – IM PREGNANT! So here is my pregnancy first trimester journey… because it really has been a rollercoaster journey!

Firstly my husband and I are beyond excited and so incredably grateful to be able to share this news. It still feels so surreal. It has been a really tough last few months and now at 15 wks pregnant I feel I can finally take a deep breathe and start truely enjoying pregnancy life.

For me being a mum one day had always been a high priority in my life. From a young age I knew that was my purpose in life. I have always loved my career but my passion towards one day bringing up children with the love of my life and creating a warm, loving family has always been far beyond any other desire or dream.

Lets just say pregnant life so far has been a rollercoaster beyond what I could have imagined. 8 weeks ago I was adamant I NEVER wanted to fall pregnant again to give you an idea! There has been a lot of doctor visits, tears and struggle of juggling normal life.

Below is a little summary of my first trimester experiences! Its raw, honest and contains a lot of detail so opt out now if thats not for you. I personally found reading and hearing about others experiences, particularly during my first trimester comforting and reassuring.


Finding Out We Were Pregnant: 

We had decided from this particular month we would just start trying and see what happened. It was the first month we could have fallen pregnant without it affecting our big trip this year….. because priorities you know!! 😉 I had been taking prenatal supplements for a couple months prior as advised by our doctor.

Within BV I have worked with A LOT of women over the years who have struggled with fertility and I have been exposed to the pain and struggle that comes with this. Due to our particular client focus, more of our prenatal clients coming to us were considered high risk than those low risk! As a result I was cautious of the whole process and believed it probably would take us a few months at least. My husband on the other hand was highly optimistic and rather confident in the fact we would just fall pregnant straight away.

Well not long later that month I sensed just subtle changes in my body and had to admit to him “I actually think we might be pregnant”! We waited the recommended time to test. First pregnancy test was a “negative”. At this point he was doubting and I was still sure we were. We waited another 24 hours and sure enough it was a clear “positive”. It was the morning before I was just about to go away for a girls weekend and to be picked up in 20 minutes! There was a lot of excitement in the rush with also a sense of uncertainty knowing it was very early days.


The First 6 Weeks: 

These were easy! I was slightly more tired at night but honestly had so much more energy in the day than I have had in 10 years (prior autoimmune). I was so productive in the day, sleeping so well at night and able to maintain much of my usual fitness efforts (with pregnancy first trimester modifications). It was a “I love pregnancy” time!


The Rest Of First Trimester:

The 6 week mark brought with it all day and night sickness with an instant BANG! I suddenly had no energy, was unbearably nauseous and food aversions become a really big thing. A couple days after this the throwing up started and continued to increase with intensity each day. I had to completely give up my previous healthy lifestyle and adapt to really anything that helped. At this point my diet consisted of hot chips, hot cross buns and chicken schnitzel and making sure these foods were in my stomach continuously. Even still now an empty stomach is danger zone (aka triggers me to throw up).

Any liquids were impossible to get down and absolutely no vegetables or fruits even if I tried to disguise them in my meals. Exercise became non existent other than a very little walks in fresh air each day. I slept continuously and had to reduce my work load as much as I could, taking naps in-between the necessities whenever I could.

After 2 weeks of being very sick and dehydrated I was prescribed quite strong anti nausea medication that they usually give you in the hospital (of course pregnancy approved) which was life changing. Up until a week ago I was on this 24 hours a day, however now just in the day and hoping to reduce this over the next week or 2. This meant I was still nauseas 24/7 however it was manageable. I had more control over being sick and was able to figure out routines to manage the sickness.

These included; Eat toast before sitting up in bed in the am (bless my husband for becoming my personal chef), no liquids until 10am and hydralytes only, eat every 1.5- 2 hours, keep only with the foods I knew worked (mostly high GI carbs), avoid travel, avoid smells particularly cooking smells, avoid thinking about food and avoid putting my head or torso on an angle that wasn’t upright or directly flat (bye bye yoga).

Im embarrassed to say I have consumed more McDonalds in the last few months than I have my ENTIRE adult life! For some reason at the moment their meals settle my stomach better than most over foods.

Slowly as the weeks went past I was able to introduce new foods such as some fruits and some healthier grains such as rice and oats. Towards the end of the first trimester allowed the return of eggs, meats, nuts and some vegetables as long as they were blended or disguised.

Up to this point on top of all the sickness I have experienced I bad UTI infection and had to go on antibiotics, chronic constipation with 9 days becoming the new norm of regular (currently now a little more under control with doctors help), a skin flare up + lots of other fun little things..

I have also had the pleasure of witnessing how amazing the human body is! The changes and its ability to adapt in such a short period of time astounds me. I have loved watching my little bump grow with its first appearance quite early at 8 weeks. Keeping track of bubs development from week to week on my pregnancy app with my husband has been so great. We also have had so much fun fantasising together about life when he or she arrives in what feels like no time at all.

Anyway fast forward to 15 weeks. I now can eat most the things that were part of my pre pregnancy diet. Some veg are still out, including all green vegetables unless in a smoothie or juice. Unfortunately no salads yet and the veg I’m eating usually has to be roasted and covered in a flavour. Still can’t keep down water unless its flavoured and carbs need to be the base of every snack and meal to keep my stomach settled…… but this is all great in comparison to the before! I have started to slowly include a little strength work into my week to gain back some of which I lost and trying to make movement a little more regular with the goal to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible.

Pregnancy so far has been a process of letting go and celebrating the little wins!

All medical professions have confirmed along the way our little baby is very healthy, chilled out and has a very full tummy which is all we could ask for 🙂

Heading forward my aim is to try and get my gut health back on track, include more nutrition in my diet and work on hip stability, deep core, pelvic floor and back strength for ongoing pregnancy health.

You can follow my regular pregnancy updates here: FB & IG


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