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No one likes Jet Lag!! Have you got a trip coming up soon where you will be traveling across different time zones and a long flight time ahead of you? Preparing for jet lag is key because arriving at your destination not feeling your best definitely postpones the fun. With jet lag you may experience symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue as well as other, check out here. Jet lag is inconvenient when you just want to enjoy your holiday or have to get straight back into work post-vacation. We therefore have gathered the below holistic tips to avoid jet lag!

Holistic Tips To Avoid Jet Lag :

Before Your Flight

Make sure you:

  • Eat a healthy meal with lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water because it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Exercise to keep your stress hormones low.
  • Sleep at the time of your destination. This will help your body to adapt with the time difference.


During Your Flight

While flying it’s important to:

  • Eat lighter snacks, choose fruits instead of sugar-loaded treats OR practise fasting to keep your body’s immune system strong.
  • Drink water or choose vegetable juice/coconut water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they will disrupts your sleep cycle.
  • Cover your body with moisturizer/oil, as another way to avoid your body drying out.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so your body can adjust to temperature changes.
  • Put on compression stockings to reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Rather than sitting all the time, walk around and stretch your body.
  • Use headphones and an eye mask to assist with sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping pills.
  • Download a meditation track as a good way to reduce in-flight anxiety.


After Your Flight

Try to remember:

  • Keep eating healthy food. Root vegetables are a good choice because they ground your body and connect you to the earth.
  • Add a magnesium supplement with your daily meals. This will help with stress and sleep.
  • Exercise and practice yoga to help your body recover after a long journey.
  • Above all, water is still your best friend.

So, your checklist to avoid jet lag is ready. Now feel free to check out our other healthy travel tips. Furthermore, we wish you a safe flight and pleasant travel!



Pic @pinterest – MyDomaine 

Health Challenge

The 6 week mark has arrived!

I initially started my health reboot after noticing that some where along the line I had lost sight of a lot of my health goals and routines and despite a lot of time and effort being put into healing certain systems my body was struggling and I was encountering health issue after health issue. I needed a whole body health reboot and to get back on track and start feeling energised and strong again.

My goals were to restrengthen my immune system, rebalance my detoxification & digestive system, minimise unnecessary stress, improve my overall muscular endurance & flexibility, while supporting my adrenals and kidneys. You can find out more regarding my health reboot in my first post.

The program I created for myself was divided into nutritional nourishment, wellness practices and a movement program based on functional exercises to provide me with effective results in a short period of time with a less is more approach. This allowed my body to rest and flourish over the 6 weeks.

So here is my update on the last 2 weeks:

The last 2 weeks displayed the most significant progress. I have managed to continue to strengthen my immune system this week to a point of halving the CFS/ME symptoms that had flared up. The brain fog has cleared significantly and short-term memory has noticeably improved. Joint pain and stiffness is still present but improving. My digestive system has presented the greatest improvement with my body happily absorbing nutrients properly, no stomach pain and almost on top of an infection. Immune system, my greatest challenge has a long way to go but steadily improving which I am more than happy about.

The last 2 weeks I included a few extra steps in the nutrition side of the program to really give my body a reboot while it was progressing strongly. First of all in the 5th week I did a 4 day mini cleanse. This was tailoring my individual goals and included lots of easily digested foods in a meal plan that was based around detoxifying, then replenishing with high nutrient based whole foods. Hardest part for me was saying goodbye to meats and animal products for 4 days as naturally my body craves and thrives off organic animal products. Secondly I changed around the structure of most my meals to experiment with how this approach would affect my general health and energy requirements. Results- sleep better, last longer between meals, rebooted my metabolism + more..

Wellness practices were of great focus over the last 2 weeks. Lots of journaling, daily mindfulness and reflection. I also have taken on a new outlook towards my work that has relieved a lot of stress and I am hoping will allow me to gain greater value from my life and daily happiness.

The last 2 weeks with my health improvements I have been able to pick up my movement to a level I would like to endeavour to maintain.

Week 5 I was able to include;

– 2x cardio based sessions – 1x interval training session & 1x 30 minute run

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions – 2x high intensity & 2x low intensity

– 1x  yoga session

Week 6 I have included;

– 3x cardio based sessions 1x interval training session, 1x 30 minute run & a social jog with friends

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions- 1x high intensity & 3x low intensity

– 1x yoga session

I also aimed to include my daily stretching and foam rolling and always made sure I had at least have 2 days a week for ‘working in’ (only leisurely walk &/ or meditative movements). Mixing cardio & resistance sessions together is an effective method for results and time limitations.

So 6 week summary:

Well 6 weeks off alcohol, caffeine, soy, processed foods and adding lots more of other certain foods and changes in my fitness routine + a refreshed outlook on prioritising my wellbeing = definitely a rebooted me.

My goal was not to heal every health issue or become a marathon runner in 6 weeks. It was to address my health as a whole all at once and create a fresh slate to continue on my journey of healing and reaching a high level of health and physical abilities.

I end this 6 weeks excited for the next 2 weeks, the next 3 months and the next year ahead. I am excited because the changes to my health in this 6 weeks alone have significantly impacted my value of life to be able to do the things I love and feel well while doing so. I can wake up at 5.30am feeling fresh and motivated for the day, not like I have a permanent head cold. I can radiate energy around my clients, friends and family naturally, not in a strained and exhausted state. I can eat as much as I want without worrying about weight and feel only love for every flaw my body holds. I can run (my absolute love) without feeling like death for days after and notice improvements in my performance with limited training needed. I feel physically stronger and feel a great sense of accomplishment towards my journey and health goals.

I still have and will have ‘bad’ days & sometimes weeks but these are critical signs your body is sending you that something is up or a few adjustments need to be made. Think of these days as gifts of support and utilise them, rather than ignoring them-your body will just continue to send you more and more.

I hope through my health reboot I have inspired you to harness your health as a whole from a holistic approach and listen, nourish, respect and care for it each and everyday. I hope I have allowed you to recognise the importance of having individualised goals and programs and that health is about healing from the inside out.  I hope my documented fortnightly update pictures and movement details have shown you that there is no need to spend hours in the gym but rather utilise functional movement that complements your health needs- this along with a less is more approach can have you noticing the greatest results. I hope these progress pictures have also demonstrated that scales are not an effective tracking method for results. I weigh 2 kg more than when I initially started this program however I look leaner, more toned, healthier and feel fantastic.

If you would like to find out more about my methods of training or have me help you along your health journey feel free to shoot me a message through my Holistic Personal Training Website.

 Sending lots of health your way,



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 Running BareVitality

Each foot springs off the ground, bringing life to my entire body, powered purely by where your mind lies that day. As a fly through the air I feel powerful, strong and unstoppable.  My stresses get lost behind me, my energy of gratitude and happiness towards my life becomes of heightened focus, my mind creates masterpieces of inspiration and while this is all happening funny enough I get lost in a world of peacful stillness.

For me the simple humanistic movement of running creating an over whelming sense of happiness, love, clarity and personal strength and freedom. This is my relationship with running and this is why I am full blown, obsessively, deeply in love with it.

Yes now I can understand this may sound completely uncomprehendable to many of you, however let me share how I have made running into a life transforming wellness practice and how you can get on board and absorb its magic.

I always enjoyed running however the motivation to run and compete was originaly linked to a negative self belief, needing to meet the expectations of myself and those around me. You can see how this cycle can drown an expression of human vitality and why so many people hold negative beliefs towards running particuarly when the media is pushing it as a picture of weight loss, illustrating you must be feeling pain to experience any gain. Ahh this makes me so sad!  With alteria motives & negative thoughts driving & powering our bodies while we run, it’s no wonder so many people have this attitude towards running.  I now run purely for my own wellbeing and happiness and have just recently started competing again (a slow process with my health) and loving every cold early morning, mentally challenging, limit balancing part of it.

For me running has become addictive and I find myself dreaming about it while I’m driving, feeling the need to start running every time I hear a good song, being excited heading out before the sun has woken and with the cold air sending sharp pulses through my body. Shopping for new runners becomes as exciting as buying a new car and my bed side table has become over taken by running magazines and journals as I find myself wanting to learn more and more, feeding this wonderful relationship. It’s a relationship where the more challenging it becomes, the more exciting and rewarded you feel. It’s an equal relationship where by providing love and energy into your body through running, in turn you are gifted with a whole mind, body, soul happiness equal to what you put into it.

It is also a unique relationship. My bond towards running will be different to everyone else’s. We each take what we require and/ or value out of the experience in our own individual way.

So here is the foundations of my relationship with running:

A form of stress management.

A meditative practice.

A spiritual experience connecting with nature and the environment around me.

A social outlet.

A form of expressing who I am and what I am made of.

An escape.

An space for inspiration and problem solving.

A tool of my physical rehabilitation.

An encourager of personal growth.

A dose of whole hearted happiness for the soul.


What are the foundations to your relationship with running? Now think about how you could change some of those negative ones and add a whole new level of wellness to your running. Those of you who’s relationship is built on avoidance of the movement at all costs, lets see if we can reintroduce you to a new side of  running you will fall in love with.

 Running BareVitality

Urban Tonique and I will be holding ‘Run Well + Run Wild’ beginners series as of the 9th AugustThis is a 10 week workshop providing you with the skills to adventure on whatever avenue of running your heart desires. We will explore the health benefits of running, forms of running expression, technique, injury prevention, nutrition, personal goal setting/ journaling, types of training, inner body awareness and so much more to assist you on your running for wellness journey.

Contact Urban Tonique for more info:

Urban Tonique
[email protected]
709A Darling St Rozelle NSW 2039
tel: 02 95551102
SMS: 0432537148



 My basic principles for health & healing

” A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illness”   – Hippocrates (460BC- 377BC)


Approximately 90-95% of all diseases result from faulty diet and lifestyle practices.

Now think about the number of people today taking numerous medications to cover up the symptoms these diseases have caused and while most of us still continue to expose ourselves to the factors of its origin. The cycle continues to worsen as the body has to then fight against this added chemical being subjected into the body, creating weakening of other health systems and therefore more negative symptoms, needing more medication and the cycle continues… It’s exhausting just reading about it!

Treating symptoms of disease results in a negative cycle of deteriorating health. Listen to your bodies warning signs no matter how insignificant they may seem and heal the cause not the symptoms.

Our bodies systems (circulatory, digestive, hormonal, muscular skeletal) all work as one. The compromised health of one of these systems results in a spiralling deterioration of health in the others.

These are my basic principles of health:

1. Build healthy foundations:

Implement the 4 Doctors into your lifestyle- Dr Quite, Dr Diet, Dr Happiness, Dr Movement

2. Nourish the bodies systems:

High quality nutrition and hydration that is individualised to your body.

A balance of movement that allows you to ‘work in’ and ‘work out’.

3. Heal the body when necessary from the root cause:

Using nutrition, lifestyle changes and other practices, the body can be rebalanced naturally and therefore allowing it to heal the way it was made to.


Through my journey of healing my body from disease and my interaction with clients coming to me with long lists of symptoms all diet and lifestyle related, I feel very strongly towards these basic principle of health. We all deserve to live our most happiest and healthiest life possible. If you would like more insight into your bodies individualised needs, feel free to email me regarding a health consultation.

Much love,

Claudia  xx


Claudia Beyer

Founder of BareVitality

Personal Trainer & Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

E: [email protected]

W: www.future-list.flywheelsites.com.au


Ref: How to eat, move and be healthy- Paul Chek



Life Balance

Finding a balance in your life that is perfect for you is one thing, now try maintaining that balance. Sometimes this feels like an impossible task in todays society.

Priorities in our life today are often imbalanced, defocused and confused with the real importance of life. To live a life of vitality, happiness and fulfilment, our health from a holistic level must be the priority. We need to balance the internal and external elements.

A centred, happy, relaxed, peaceful mind. Excitement to start everyday with an abundance of self love and love and gratitude for everyone and everything around you. A pain free, strong, healthy body that allows you to not just survive but thrive. A glow of healthy radiance.

To me this is health. To achieve, and maintain the balance of life’s elements is challenging and ever changing. So where do you start and how do you make sure you maintain this personal balance?

Its simple;

1. Me first:
Yes you are the centre of your life balance. It’s not selfish to prioritise yourself, it’s just smart. When we prioritise a healthy body and mind we are then able to share our best and most productive self with the rest of life.

As a Personal Trainer I hear a lot of ‘I don’t have time to exercise’. If you don’t have time to put aside even 30 minutes (thats only 2% of your day) to care for yourself, your performance in other areas of your life will suffer. Exercise achieves so much for not only our physical health but mental wellbeing.

Yes food tastes amazing and has become a huge part of social and family life but it is also our form of survival or deterioration. Choose foods that will strengthen, protect and positively fuel our bodies, allowing ourselves to have the ability to thrive in life and feel fantastic doing so.

Take time for yourself. We all need to do things for ourselves that challenge, provides us with self fulfilment, and just allows us to be alone with our thoughts and/or escape them for a few moments in each day.

Everyday fill yourself with self love and gratitude! Whether you keep a diary, note down positive reasons and affiliations and/or just tell yourself them first thing in the morning and when needed throughout the day.

Also assess and priorities the importance of the people in your life. Don’t allow your energy to be drained by those who compromise your happiness, self worth and/or positive drive. Surround yourself with people who allow you to thrive.


2. Prioritise and acknowledge:

‘You can do anything but not everything’ – David Allen

Breakdown the internal and external elements of your life.

Internal; physical health, mind, heart

External; family, social, work, enjoyable ‘me’ time

At this point in time, which elements take first priority? You should have at least 3 of these to create some sort of balance. Now in each category go through and prioritise what are most important to least. Acknowledge that if the least important are consuming more of your time and energy than those above, changes need to be made.

For example last week I acknowledged within my work balance a lot of my time and energy was being focused on areas that actually had little importance in the bigger picture of things and this was then affecting my health, mind and ability to balance family, social & ‘me’ time.

Have clear set goals and regularly assess their current importance and your progress. Life changes and so might your priorities. Embrace it and reprioritise- its the fun of the game.

I like to end each week acknowledging areas that were positively balanced and assessing changes needing to be implemented towards those not. There is no set formula for life balance. It’s personal and it’s up to you to create, maintain and regularly reassess your own perfect balance.




Self life balance assessment:

Ask yourself these questions.

Where is most of my life balance tipping? Now where would I like it to be?

Do I address each internal and external element of balance in my life? If not how will I?

Which elements are most important to me? Now within those, which areas will be my first priorities?

Within myself what am I most happy/proud of? How can I embrace these further?

Within myself what am I unhappy about? How can I change it?

Do I take time to exercise regularly? If not where in my daily routine will this priority sit? If I do exercise regularly how can I improve my exercise routine?

Am I strengthening and protecting my body  or am I weakening and creating deteriorations towards my health through my food and drink choices?

Am I generally happy? If not, why not and what can be done as this is now my first priority?

Much love,

Claudia X

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