Superfood Toast Toppers!

For those of you who love decorating smoothie bowls as much as I do, you will have so much fun decorating these superfood toast toppers.

Gone are the days of just peanut butter on toast. Its all about the layers, different textures, colours and flavours now.

Super fun, delicious and very Instagram pretty whole food goodness! Great as a healthy start to the day or as a satisfying snack. 

So where do I start in constructing the ultimate superfood toast topper?

The Toast!!

Now it kind of defeats the purpose of nourishing your body with superfoods if your placing them all on a base of refined white bread. Opt for a quality gluten free bread, sourdough, rye or paleo bread.

Next is all about the spread. Think nut or seed spreads, avocado, cocao spread, mashed banana…

Add some fruit, then top with whatever superfoods your taste buds desire or body requires.

Here are two of my favourite combos of superfood toast toppers. Mostly because these seem to be ingredients I alway have on hand and very much love.

Superfood Toast Toppers:

Salted Caramel, Banana Toast 

Superfood Toast Toppers

Rye toast spread with tahini, pinch of himalayan salt & drizzle of honey = salted caramel layer.

Topped with sliced banana, chopped raw almonds, chia seeds.

Finish with a final drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon.


Cashew, Berry & Bee Pollen Toast 

Superfood Toast Toppers


Rye toast spread with cashew butter and a pinch of himalayan salt.

Topped with sliced strawberries and chopped raw cashews. Or you could go for the deluxe version and whip up a batch of Maple Salted Cashews!

Finish with a generous sprinkle of bee pollen and goji berries.


Would love to see what creative toast toppers you come up with.  Tag #barevitality @claudia_beyer in your toast topper creations on Instagram for the chance to win a copy of  Your Holistic Metabolism.


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