27 Super Snack Ideas!!

Healthy Snacks

I’m one of those people who very much loves to snack.

I would much rather have an assortment of different things on my plate for dinner than just the one meal. Breakfasts I can never decide what I want so sometimes end up having 2-3 small nutritious and fill snacks such as a small chia pudding and breakfast smoothie. Its my motivation to get out of bed!

Lunch can often be a difficult meal, particularly for me when everyday is a different routine, so often I end up having 3-5 super snacks throughout the day to keep me powering before dinner. This helps regulate your blood sugars, manage your energy and assist in a strong metabolism. You can find out more on how to create a super strong metabolism in my eBook.

Now when I say super snacks I’m not talking about that super delicious chocolate bar, I’m talking about super snacks packed with nutrients and protein to provide your body with what it needs to run at its best throughout the day.

Having to work around a number of food intolerance, these snacks are also gluten-free, refined sugar, and additive free.


Here are some super snacking ideas to add in your day:

  • Greek, biodynamic or goats/ sheep milk yogurt with a few berries, nuts and seeds sprinkled on top. Delicious!!
  • Sliced apple/ pear with almond butter/ natural peanut butter spread on top. Also great to add seeds on top of the spread.
  • Craving a biscuit? Try these Walnut & Chocolate Chunk Biscuits guilt free & full of nutrition.
  • Slice of turkey (really any meat) with lettuce, carrot stick, tomato & avocado wrapped up inside.
  • Good old veggie sticks and hummus.
  • A good quality protein bar (watch out for high amounts of sugar and additives). I make my own and change the ingredients to keep them interesting. Protein Bar Recipe
  • Half an avocado with lemon, Himalayan/ celtic salt and pepper.
  • Healthy chocolate mousse great for those chocolate cravings. Just an avocado mashed with cocao powder, honey and vanilla essence + a pinch of Himalayan salt.
  • A healthy smoothie. There are so many different variations so get creative and pack lots of nutrients into them. This Hazelnut Choc Smoothie in one of my favourites.
  • Make your own trail mix – seeds, nuts, goji berries/ cranberries, cocao nibs!
  • Banana nut ice cream – mash together a banana, nut spread and vanilla essence and throw it in the freezer.
  • Brown rice crackers with avocado, salad and a slice of organic ham or chicken.
  • Bliss Balls – my fav! Try one of these; Apricot Cashew Bliss Balls, Cocao, Goji & Coconut Bliss Balls, Raw Cashew Maple Balls, Cocao Mint Superfood Protein Balls, Raw Cocao Fudge Balls.
  • A boiled egg rolled in your favourite spice.
  • A rice cracker or good quality piece of sourdough, or gluten-free bread with nut spread and sliced banana- yummy!
  • Chicken breast grilled and cut into slices to dip in self-made avocado dip, tahini or hummus.
  • A healthy muffin such as the Caramelised Banana Oat Muffins or Apple & Date Coconut Health Muffins.
  • Mince and diced tomato in a small lettuce cup. Or for a meal try my Wholesome Lime Pork & Paprika Lettuce Cups.
  •  Dry roasted chickpeas.
  • Guilt Free Earthling Bites!
  • Sweet potato wedges with Himalayan and a little bit of whole egg mayo & lemon juice if you like.
  • Quinoa, tuna fritters.
  • Small tuna can in spring water on a brown rice cracker, wrapped in lettuce cup or by itself.
  • Chia puddings
  • Kale or beetroot chips.
  • A Quinoa sushi roll with what ever you desire inside.
  • A good quality muesli bars. I make my own to avoid the refined sugar, additives, save money and so I can get creative and try new variations each week. Try using a whole grain (oats, quinoa puffs, amaranth puffs, brown rice puffs), a selection of nuts and seeds and held together with coconut oil and honey.

Hope these have given you some inspiration to get smart snacking!

You can see many more healthy snacks by following ‘Claudia Beyer – BareVitality’ on Facebook & claudiabarevitality on instagram.

and would love you to share your favorite super snack by hashtagging #HolisticChicks & #barevitality .



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Shane Beyer

That sounds great you are getting through and my habits are starting to change. Dad

Gustavo Woltmann

Great post Claudia! I'm starting m y 2017 right by reading these kinds of blogs. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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