Super Cleansing Green Smoothie

I can even admit that looking at the ingredients this cleansing green smoothie does not look to appetising. Sipping on it right now I can tell you that it tastes refreshing, light, deliciously wholesome, and is easily to digest.

So why will your body LOVE this smoothie:
– Wheatgrass is 70% made up of chlorophyll (healing powers), and is believed to enhance the health of your liver, muscles, teeth, bones, metabolism, blood cells, digestion, energy, immune system + much much more.
– Kale is high in fibre & sulphur, perfect for detoxifying the body and keeping our livers healthy + kale is nutrient dense.
– Ginger helps cleanse the body by stimulating digestion and circulation.
– Aloe vera helps detox, alkalise and disinfect the body.
– Green apples are high in fibre, aids digestion, reduces liver and kidney problems + so much more.

Drink up the goodness!


Cleansing green smoothie

Cleansing Green Smoothie:

1 glass of filtered water or coconut water

2 tbs of pure 100% aloe vera juice

3-6 large kale leaves

Handful of fresh wheat grass or 1 tsp in powdered form

1/2- 1 tsp chopped ginger

1 green apple cored and chopped in quarters

Handful of ice

1 tbs hemp seeds or sunflower seeds (optional)

Blend all together on a high speed and serve while it’s fresh.

If using a thermomix: 8 seconds, speed 9



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