Between organising moving house, filling out copious real estate forms to get approved for a new house, finishing off assignments, getting council approvals, documents and reports sent in, as well as my usual busy work week I can definitely say my body is not appreciating the stress I’ve placed on it this week.

While I wish I was able to perfectly manage my stress so I didn’t get to this point, I’ve accepted that its not reality at this point in my health journey and I must manage it in the best way I can to protect my body from further harm and to help improve my stress management skills.

So this is what I will commit myself to doing these next few weeks to lesson the stress on my body:

– While I’m at my desk, set a timer for every 15 minutes to take 10 deep breaths.

– Make at least 2x 20 minute breaks in my day on top of meal breaks for ‘me’ time- a walk, tea & a magazine, meditation session etc.

– Make a time  (9pm) when all electronics must be turned off.

– Fill my body with lots of nutritious goodness.

– Block negative and non constructive thoughts that create more stress.

– Prioritise what needs to be done and work on only one thing at a time.

– Make sure I make time to socialise each week and have a laugh.

– Get a good night sleep each night to allow my body to repair.

– Incorporate some light exercise most days to relieve tension & stress.

Do not under estimate the effects stress has on your body. Listen to your body and assist it to function at it’s best!

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