Strawberry Coconut Bliss Smoothie

This Strawberry Coconut Bliss Smoothie is not only packed with flavour, but also superfoods and nutrients. It is free of dairy and free of refined sugar!

This smoothie contains one of my favourite ingredients, LSA mix. It adds a fuller, slightly nutty flavour, but also contains rich sources of protein, fibre, and good fats!

The smoothie can be made without LSA as well, although it does add that extra nutritional value.

If you want to cut out the LSA, try a tbs of almond meal and a tsp of linseeds and feel free to even throw in some sunflower seeds if you don’t mind the texture!


Strawberry Coconut Bliss Smoothie Ingredients: 

– 3/4 cup of milk of choice (I usually use almond)

– 1/2 cup of coconut milk

– 1 tbsp LSA meal (linseed, sunflower seed, and almond meal)

– 1 tsp chia seeds

– 1 handful of organic strawberries

– 1 tbsp maca powder

– 1 scoop of natural vanilla protein powder

– 3-4 ice cubes


Blend all the ingredients together and pour the smoothie into a glass. For extra flavour, add a swirl of coconut milk, a few sliced strawberries and some coconut flakes on top for decoration!

One of my favourite smoothies to date, this takes just like a dessert, but free of guilt.


Enjoy x

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hey :) what else could I use instead of LSA Meal? I have problems finding it over here and I really want to try your super smoothie :)


    LSA is just ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. Try a tbs of almond meal and a tsp of linseeds and even throw in some sunflower seeds if you don't mind the texture. The smoothie can be made without LSA as well, it just adds that extra nutritional value.
    Hope this helps :)

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