Ayurvedic Spring Body Tips!

Spring is about reducing and clearing. As nature around us starts to warm up, our body tries to as well. The body wants to move on from winter stiffness and internal hibernation and start planting seeds of goals, ambitions and plans. We want to free ourselves from the layers, whether that be superficial or internal that have built up during the last few months. This is why I thought it so necessary to share my Spring body tips with you xx

Spring is the season of the Ayurvedic dosha, kapha. Kapha represents earthly, lubricating and watery qualities. This can bring us into a conflicting state if our kapha is not balanced.

When our kapha is balanced we feel strong, clear and stable. When unbalanced we experience feelings of dullness, lack of motivation, confusion, sleepiness and depression.

All NOT great qualities to be experiencing when your body is also wanting to reenergise and ‘spring’ into Spring.

So you can see how important a balanced system is at this time of year.


How can I balance my Kapha and utilise the season of Spring to transform my Spring body?

Here are some tips:


Spring Body Tips:

  • Spring bodies love rhythm and routine! Wake up at the same time each morning and go to bed at the same time each night. Aim for 10pm – 6am sleeping hours. 


  • Upon waking move the body to produce heat. This could be through 10 minutes of gentle yoga or a workout (follow along on our App), a walk/ light jog or maybe a class. If you live in the Southern Highlands, why not come along and try one of our BareVitality group classes in Moss Vale 🙂


  • A bit more on moving to build inner heat! Rhythmic breath is essential. When we breath too erratically we are losing heat out of the body and just reach a sweaty, overly stressed state. Think lots of sun salutations or functional movement with a smooth, repetitive flow. I am loving at the moment cardio boxing, yoga, pilates, jogging and circuit training.


  • Meditate daily! Yes I know you are probably screwing your face up at this one. Its something that I struggle with as well. Trust me! With so much change coming into Spring the mind NEEDS stillness and grounding. Start with 6 minutes a day just focusing on the breath and the body.  You can use The BareVitality Studio app to help you. 


  • Eat light and easy digestible foods during Spring. Back to routine, try and eat your meals at the same time each day and have a solid 3-4 hour break between each meal to rest the digestive system. Think whole foods in their most natural state. Limit dairy, heavy meats and animal products, alcohol and caffeine as well as keeping with warm foods. So avoid cold drinks/ foods and only drink warm or room temperate water. Herbal teas a great too- I love cinnamon, ginger and chilli teas to warm the body. Try to also include lots of alkalising foods and bitter veggies to support the liver and ball blander at this cleansing time. 


  • Get outdoors as much as possible. The body needs to connect with the natural Spring rhythms of nature- yes a bit of a mouthful! Dig your toes in sand, lye on the grass under the stars, lean on the trunk of a tree and read a book or practice your meditation.


  • Despite part of us may want to go full throttle into Spring, slow it down. Keep things simple. One goal or plan at a time. Make sure you have switch off time from technology and utilise Spring to heal. Which bring me onto the next point.


  • A Spring body is a symbol of a rejuvenated, fresh self. This is the time of healing and repairing relationships with both yourself and others. Feel good about YOU, forgive yourself and fill YOU with love and happy thoughts. Forgive others, you don’t want to be holding onto that heaviness. Make mends of cracks formed in relationships during those darker winter months. Everyone else is wanting to reduce and clear in Spring too so its the perfect time for both parties. 


Lots of love and happy cleansing




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