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If you are following BareVitality on Facebook and Instagram you would be aware that I put up all these quick and yummy recipes, fitness, health and wellbeing tips and then they all get forgotten about as new posts replace them.

This is why I will be running a social snap shot blog post every month of so. The Social Snap Shot will include a selection of recent pics, tips and recipes that you can easily refer back to.


So we are going to start with this recipe in which I promised you last week (sorry life gets in the way sometimes)!

Cocao Mousse

@claudiabeyer_barevitality: How did 3 large avocados condense into only a small bowl of cocao mousse? ?
So amazingly rich and delicious however, so lucky you only need a few spoonfuls!
This little treat is a perfect example of #foodasmedicine with all its rich superfood ingredients! Recipe up on the blog next week.
Happy Friday ? xxx

And here is the recipe for you!

3 large avocados

1 tbs raw honey or a few drops of stevia

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch or 2 of himalayan salt

2 heaped tbs cocao powder

1 tsp maca powder

3 fresh mint leaves

Blend together until smooth!

+ walnuts and cocao nibs to sprinkle ontop!


Sydney Running

@claudiabeyer_barevitality: And the long weekend begins // Let’s get out and about and active! ?
Head over to & take your pick from my suggested walking and running spots in Sydney ☀️ The Bay Run for me this morning ?
Tag #barevitality with your weekend fit adventures xxx

Here is the direct link to Sydney’s Best Walking and Running Spots! 

What are your favourite Sydney active spots?


Bliss Balls

@claudiabeyer_barevitality: Peanut Butter, Cocao & Quinoa Protein Bliss Balls //
This was one of those batches where I just added whatever I could find in my cupboards, taste testing as I went. So in saying this I have no idea what quantities I used ?
Natural peanut butter, cocoa powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, quinoa flakes, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds from @thesourcebulkfoods and natural chocolate protein powder from @sunwarrioraus ✨
More healthy snack recipes (with exact quantities ?) over at xx

A must make!!! I have been loving these as a post workout treat.





claudiabeyer_barevitality: Days I just don’t have time to prepare healthy meals I grab a large box of healthy self serve options from @aboutlifenm ?
A much better option than take away or convenience foods. ✔️
Busyness is not an excuse to eat poorly! When we are busy it’s even more important to be nourishing our bodies with nutritious whole foods.
A number of my clients who work very long hours have opted for organic whole food delivered meals to keep them on track or try putting aside an hour or 2 on a Sunday afternoon for food prep. Xx


What are your healthy tips and tricks to eat a clean, balanced diet while living a busy lifestyle?


Day Bag Essentials


claudiabeyer_barevitality: Day Bag Essentials right now // @madebyfressko_official water or tea bottle, notebook to jot down thoughts ?, lip balm @lanolips, spare Bobby pins as I am ALWAYS losing them, @naturesenergysydney rescue recovery flower essence drops to calm the nervous system ? + always a natural snack bar. Currently loving @larabar ?
What’s in your bag today?


@claudiabeyer_barevitality: Coconut, cocao, avocado & blueberry smoothie this morning! ☀️
With a PT client earlier today we were discussing the concept of mind over matter.
Listening to your body and knowing it’s limits is so important.
Understanding when the mind is negatively influencing those limits as a result of lack of self belief however is even more important. ✨
When you doubt your abilities to be able to hold a plank for that extra 20 seconds, your body is going to listen to that self talk and react accordingly.
You will suddenly feel that plank getting more and more shaky & the mind becoming more and more absorbed in negative talk…. and the two feed off each other and 5 seconds later you are flat on the floor!! ?
Next time you hold that squat or plank, challenge that voice in your head by taking a deep breathe and lengthening just that little bit further, powering the energy through your body ✨
See what happens ? xx



After a bit of Free Style Flow Motivation? Check out this insta video- my form of dancing 🙂

Link Here


Personal Trainer

@claudiabeyer_barevitality: Exercise is a celebration of what our bodies can do.
A form of self love & respect.
A lifestyle practice to ignite our physical and spiritual being. ?
Move your body daily. Even if it’s just a stretch & light walk xx

So important to remember! Don’t just thing of exercise as a chore we must tick off to stay in shape. Learn to love it and embrace it! xx

Tag #barevitality in your health and fitness adventures so we can all share our journeys xxx



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