Slow Yoga Flow To End The Day For Health & Wellness!


When we are go-go-go all day the body can become very airy and we often find ourselves living in our head and disconnected from our body. I thought I would share this slow yoga flow  practice.

After one of those days, this was a free style slow yoga flow based around just what I felt my body needed.

You can use this flow as a template to create your own evening yoga ritual.

The below video is in fast mode-  aim to practice this flow with at least 1 slow breath per movement.



Slow Yoga Flow Sequence:

  • Seated spinal twists
  • Childs pose
  • Side twisted childs pose
  • Cat/ Cow
  • Annahatasana (melting heart pose)
  • Downward dog > peddle out the feet
  • 1 Legged Plank > downward dog flow (focus on stretching out the hamstrings and calf muscles)
  • 3 Legged Dog
  • Hip Opener
  • Chaturanga
  • Warrior 1
  • Pyramid pose
  • Warrior 2 > Reverse Warrior > Angle Pose > Extended Angle
  • Chair > Twisted
  • Forward fold > halfway lift flow
  • Seated spinal twists
  • Butterfly > supine
  • Alternate hip flexion hugging the knee in
  • Savasana


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