Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Intuition

What actually is intuition you may be wondering…? It’s an inner knowing and can be experienced in everyday life. Have you ever been in a situation when something just doesn’t feel right? Your mind can note all the reasons you should stay in a job or relationship, but you may have a feeling so strong which is making you sense something is not quite right. There is no need to think it through, you already know how you feel. That is your intuition giving you a sign. Here are some simple ways to strengthen your intuition to live your life aligned with your purpose and to be living true to YOU!

Ways To Strengthen Your Intuition

A very first step is to recognise that intuition and read the signs it’s giving. Try these simple ways below to strengthen your intuition.

Instead Of Thinking, Feel

Next time you are struggling to make a decision, stop all the thinking and feel your senses and what an effect it has on you. Your mind chatter can become confusing and make decisions harder. Deep down you know what you need to do but it’s hard to choose when your mind is making you afraid to make that decision. Trust your inner feeling.

Be In Line With Your Values

Intuition never ignores your values but your mind can easily get distracted. Really connect with your values and you will start to get more in touch with intuition speaking to you and how it feels.

See How Your Body Reacts

If you experience a physical reaction when making a decision, try to listen to it and distinguish it as a good or bad feeling. Your body is the tool  intuition uses when giving you signs. Listen to your body instead of your mind and you will connect with your intuition deeper.


Notice  your intuition getting stronger in silence and meditation. Clearing the mind is a wonderful tool to further strengthen that inner feeling. When our mind is off distractions, recognising intuition and reading the signs is easier.

Get Outdoors

Say no to technology, instead go outdoors and quiet down. Spending time in nature helps us to be fully present and focus on other things than possible temptations around us. It’s a way to further clear the mind and listening to our body to discover the inner space we have. Check out Claudia’s experience at a silent retreat, where she left feeling clear in her thoughts.

Get Creative

When your focused on creative activities, time stops and frees you from all worries and the surroundings around you. Painting, drawing, dancing….  it can be anything! Give your mind more space, silence and a chance to connect with your inner self.


Strengthening your intuition allows you to live your most full, happy and purposeful life . Listening to intuition helps to make decisions and feel confident in your life choices.

Try spending the next week make all your life decisions based on your gut feeling.



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