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Holistic Fitness Services

Balmain Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates

Rear, 251 Darling St Balmain 

(Also Rozelle, Glebe, Drummoyne Areas).

Balmain Private Training
Balmain Group Training

Private Personal Training 



Special Focuses:

Natural Weight Loss
Core Strength & Stability
Functional Movement for Health & Wellness
Cardio Boxing
Kettle Bell Training
Pre Natal & Post Natal Exercise
Metabolic Conditioning for Maximum Weight Loss
Running Training – NSW Athletics Coach

Carefully constructed personalised, interactive sessions based around functional movement.

Your first Private Session is always a Holistic Full Body Fitness Assessment to help us identify your strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and best type of program and exercise style for your particular body type and fitness goals.

We want to help you better understand YOUR body and in turn have it feeling and running at its best! We strongly believe that to gain optimal results you need to tackling your fitness goals from a holistic approach. That’s why we have incorporated a bunch of nutrition and lifestyle coaching & services COMPLEMENTARY with your Private Personal Training package!

 Balmain Personal Training Private Personal Training Balmain & Rozelle


Causal Private Session – $96/ 1 hr session

8 Pack Private Session – $89/ 1 hr session

8 Pack Inclusions: 

  • Your First Session, a Holistic Fitness Assessment to better understand your individual body and needs
  • 8x 1 hour Private Personal Training sessions with one of our BareVitality Trainers
  • Initial Health Coaching with Food & Movement Tracking! This will assist us in building a solid and consistent healthy lifestyle and enable us to identify trigger foods and habits that may be limiting your health, fitness & weight loss goals.
  • 1x copy of ‘The 14 Day Holistic Kick Start Program’
  • Complementary Pass for 1x BareVitality Yoga or Stretch Class each week to help complement your private sessions. 

Balmain Personal Training

Balmain Group Personal Training
Best Health & Fitness Spots in Balmain
Balmain Personal Training

Partners/ Memberships

Althletics NSW Personal Training Balmain Personal training Balmain

Small Group Personal Training & Yoga


Create Your Own Weekly Holistic Fitness Program With Our Timetable!!

We provide a range of weekly holistic fitness classes, each complementing one another so clients can enjoy the benefits of a full holistic fitness program.

Circuit Training, Yoga Classes, Running Groups, Outdoor Fitness, Mat Toning & Endurance, Pilates, Stretch Classes, Cardio Boxing & Core…

Every session is completely different and guarantees to work your entire body! 

Perfect for all fitness levels and abilities!

Unlimited Classes for $49/ wk!!!

Or trial with our Intro Offer of any 5 Classes for $50.00!!

Balmain Personal Training Timetable Below! 

Mat Toning & Endurance:

This class focuses mostly on deep toning mat work. Great starting point to build up your base strength and create a stable core. You can turn up and work at your own pace for that day- whether that be a hard core sweat session or a leisurely toning workout.

Yoga Flow:

Designed to help balance out your other fitness sessions throughout the week. Assist in the overall improvement of total body strength, balance, endurance and self awareness. All levels and abilities welcome. 

Circuit Training:

Enjoy a full body workout using both body resistance exercises and a range of difference equipment. A big focus on functional movement. All levels and abilities welcome. 


This session leaves from the studio and is run in a local waterfront park.  Often a bit more cardio based however don’t let that scare you! We can adjust the session to all fitness abilities and how your feeling that day. Every session is different and will have you working hard. 

Cardio Boxing:

A combination of cardio boxing fun for upper body toning, agility, coordination and muscular endurance + a large focus on core strength and stability. 


Learn to mindfully run, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your cardio health and assist weight loss with our RunFit classes. We will assist you with correct running technique and tools to stay injury free and love your runs. 

Restorative Yoga:

Enjoy 1 hour of pure restorative bliss using props and poses to help the body align and let go. A necessary addition to everyones holistic fitness routine. 

Pilates Foundations: 

Train the smaller muscle groups in a big way! Great for toning, strengthening and getting back to basics to create a strong core and perfect technique.  All abilities and levels welcome. 

*Note the timetable can be subject to change.