The Keeping It Light Self-Development Checklist For 2019!

Self-development is often taken too seriously and for that reason, it can feel a bit daunting. It does not need to be this serious, big project!  Starting with little steps it can actually be a fun and playful path to endeavour on! So what actually is self-development?.. Long story short, it is simply the act of striving to be the best version of YOU by learning and growing! Self development can be just taking a little bit of time to invest in self discovery and being mindful of our physical and mental health during daily life. We can not achieve self development, rather it is a life long journey we continually explore!

The Importance Of Self-Development

Committing to regular self discovery will take you closer to experiencing a more rewarding and happier life. As your self-development improves, it becomes easier to prioritise and focus more on the things that bring value into your day! The importance of self-development can be seen in your daily successes, happiness, relationships, wellbeing, life choices. When you put in the effort to invest in you, it gives you the ability to manage yourself and feel more fulfilled within your life.


Ways To Improve Your Self-Development:

Read/ Listen to Podcasts/ Watch Documentaries

A simple way to gain greater knowledge of self is to read, listening to podcasts or by watching documentaries related to your interests. Even dedicating 20 minutes a day to learning is beneficial. Reading provides a grounded form of self reflection with the benefit of there being SO many self-development resources out there. It seams there is a new self help book out every week these days! Listening to podcasts can be done anywhere and anytime, even when taking a walk outside, cleaning the house or sitting in traffic. Why not try 1 night a month becomes Documentary Night with friends and family and a bowl of popcorn.

Find A Mentor/ Role model

Finding a mentor or role model that speaks to you can be a beautiful experience within your self-development journey! A mentor can provide knowledge, motivation, advice and encouragement. They can help you explore your goals and provide guidance when facing difficult situations. You can discover new ways of thinking through a mentor/ role model and that in itself is an essential aspect of our self-development journey.

Stay Honest To You

Ask yourself who YOU really are and what is important to YOU.  We must become clear towards our values and act in line with what they mean to us. Going against our intuitive self reflects itself in the manifestation of our life. So lets be mindful to stay honest to ourself and listen to our intuition and the signs it is providing. If you are not sure what are the signs, see how to recognise intuition speaking to you!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping into the fear and exploring fear further helps us to identify the fears we hold and why. Facing your fears is a great way to explore your self-development. This is because it proves that you are capable of doing things even if they scare you and we can start to rewrite the minds limiting beleifs. Your mind can tell you a thousand reasons why not to take that step to reach your dreams. Self-development happens when we challenge ourself. How empowering is it to discover nothing can stop you!

Identify What Makes You Happy

Choose a life that brings you the most joy and makes you happy. If you are not sure what exactly these things are why not try new hobbies, meet new people or attend events you have never been to before! Think of it as a trial and error experience to help identify what you like and don’t. Once you have identified activities that you most enjoy, do them regularly and make them habits. This then becomes a lifestyle based around your interests and what makes you most happy.


Writing down your feelings and thoughts of the day helps you to understand them better. This is also a good way to discover what you want in life and deepen you self-awareness. journaling can help you gain more control of your own emotions. Try going through what you have done that day, how these experiences made you feel, then observing what is not adding value to your days or what you might be missing.

Deepen Your Understanding Of Those Around You

Placing yourself in other peoples’ shoes helps to understand them more. This improves your communication with others which is an important skill in all areas of our life. It’ a great way to deepen our connection to those around us. Sharing your thoughts and listening to others is the key strengthening relationships and feeling understood. Listening as well as sharing are equally important! Deep conversations allows us to observe not only thoughts of others but also to reflect on our own.

There Is No Rush

Self-development is not a destination and no form of enlightenment is going to happen overnight. Consistency is where you will notice the greatest self improvement. Self-development needs time and practise – little steps daily. Time and the small daily steps is what leads us towards being our best self!


Even if you struggle with starting, self-development is worth the commitment and only needs simple steps to start. We would love to hear which of the above most resonate with you?



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