Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Day

Yoga is amazing for our health and wellness in so many ways, there is no doubt about that! And it is so easy to start anytime, and do anywhere! You don’t need to invest lots of money on equipment and finding a spot in your home a place a mat down does not need effort. No wonder yoga is trending as such a popular form of movement currently and has been used in many traditions for centuries! See below the reasons to include Yoga in your day.

30 Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Day

These are some of the reasons why you should include yoga in your day:

  1. Improves your flexibility.
  2. Builds muscle strength.
  3. Betters your posture.
  4. Can improve the uptake of oxygen when exercising.
  5. Increases happiness & can help with depression.
  6. Lowers blood sugar.
  7. Improves your coordination, reaction time & memory.
  8. Helps you to relax & focus on the present.
  9. Improves your bone health and density.
  10. Increases blood flow.
  11. Gives your immunity a boost.
  12. Can help with migraine symptoms.
  13. Lowers your resting heart rate & blood pressure.
  14. Betters your balance.
  15. Improves ability to breath more efficiently.
  16. Slows down frustration, regret, anger, fear + more
  17. Prevents digestive problems.
  18. Can ease arthritis, back pain & other chronic conditions in your body.
  19. Reduces stress and even symptoms of anxiety.
  20. Increases sexual satisfaction.
  21. Makes you feel calm & peaceful.
  22. Maintains your nervous system.
  23. Releases tension in your body.
  24. Helps you to sleep better.
  25. Increases general productivity.
  26. Supports weight loss.
  27. Can lead to better self-esteem.
  28. Gives you more energy.
  29. Strengthen your core and help sculpt your abs.
  30. Helps detox the body of toxins.


Set up your yoga mat and find a comfy spot to connect with your body & calm your mind. Try these 10 yoga poses to start your day!



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