Quit Chasing The Latest Health Craze – why this will harm your health!

Each month there is always a new diet or latest health craze that is taking over social media and the buzz on the streets! While it is fantastic that currently there is more interest in health and fitness than ever before. It has also created a cycle of chasing the latest health trend in a goal to keep up with the “cool thing” to do or eat and be healthier than ever before.

They all claim they are the worlds best lifestyle practise and you will feel like a new person by following it or consuming it for life!

The truth be told, there is not one diet or way of eating that is perfect for everyone!!! 

So why quit chasing the latest health craze?

Firstly anything extreme or limiting will place a stress on our body! I don’t know about you, but I want to nurture and care for my body so it can run as effectively as possible. It most certainly doesn’t need to deal with any extra stress!

Then your switching the next month to something else completely different! The body will be so confused and your metabolism is going to take a hit!!! Despite they are healthy trends, switching from one healthy lifestyle to the next more than once a season is going to start to seriously damage your metabolism in the same way yo-yo dieting does!!

Lets use the example of vegan one month followed by paleo the next and then keto the month after- your body will be like WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!

Lets also take into account the huge mental and psychological toll this will have on your health. Learning to organise around, educating yourself about and incorporate a new and different healthy lifestyle is a lot of time and mental energy. As well as updating all your friends and family on your new list of can and can’t eats and daily rituals….. well its not much different from the process of having to move house!

Its unsettling and time and energy consuming.

I have seen many clients who have come to me over whelmed by trying to follow the latest health craze and feeling like living healthy is just way to hard and complicated! This should not be the case.

Health is meant to be enjoyable and simple! 

Latest Health Craze

Then how do I know whats best for my body? 

Its as simple as trial and error. Just start with a balance of lots of whole foods. A range of vegetables, a little fruit, high quality protein and good fats + don’t forget those low GI carbs.

Feel free to add your bulletproof coffee and activated charcoal but don’t be too concerned in including these habits religiously everyday! Eat what makes you feel satisfied and energised! Stress less and just find a balance that works for you!

There is no secret formula as our body will require different nutrients from day to day anyway, depending on your stress and activity levels and your current state of health.

I personally will eat plant based for a couple days of the week, include a range of high quality animal products on other days and love a few bulletproof coffees through the week + a number of other inclusions here and there…

I don’t choose the days I will consume what. Its purely based around what my body needs that day and whats available to me!

Absolutely enjoy new meals or a new healthy food, just make sure you are not restricting, limiting or placing stress on your body unnecessarily!

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