Protein Powder Talk + my Berry Breakfast Smoothie!

Berry Breakfast Smoothie!

Talk regarding protein powders is always a hot topic. What type, brand, when to use it, should I be using a variety of types, flavoured/ unflavoured, how to use it, water or milk, add fruit or veg, is it even necessary to include protein powders in my diet..?

Ok so here is my view as a Holistic Personal Trainer regarding whether protein powders are necessary!

My greatest belief is we should be gaining optimal nourishment from natures whole foods before supplementing. In todays society however our whole food quality is not what it use to be. Our soil is nutrient poor, creating grains, fruits, vegetables and animal products with less than optimal nutritional values, including those that are certified organic. Therefore even individuals with an organic nutrient rich diet often do need a bit of natural supplement support particularly if we are treating illness, deficiency, disease and/or under high amounts of physical (including working out) or mental stress.

So this leads to my next point- can you even image the quality of proteins that are not organic? Nutrient depleted and toxic chemical loaded products that are being absorbed into our blood stream to help assist our health and recovery… yes doesn’t sound too wonderful does it and can cause our body a whole lot of harm over the long run + it’s just wasted money! So my advise when choosing a protein source is opt for a high quality, organic product that is also free from refined sugars.

 A good organic protein powder is a great addition to a diet of whole food protein sources for both convenience and rotational variety. We just need to make sure we rehydrate the protein correctly to ensure optimal recognition from our bodies and nutrient absorption. Our bodies need a range of protein sources to achieve the required essential amino acid profile. Protein is essential for tissue growth & repair, stabilising blood sugar levels, creating sustainable energy, cholesterol regulation, bone, skin, hair and nail health… the list goes on!

Those of you who follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  will know I recently have been experimenting with Bare Blends organic products and have been highly impressed with the quality and results of the protein powder in particular. Adding this high quality whey protein (not usually my choice of protein source) to my weekly rotation of protein sources has worked surprisingly well with my lactose sensitivity and tastes awesome!!

Here is my new favourite breakfast berry smoothie using my Bare Blends products!


1.5 cups almond milk

2 heaped tbs vanilla bean WPI powder

2 heaped tsp freeze dried bare berries

1 large handful of organic baby spinach leaves

1 organic banana

2 heaped tbs goats milk or biodynamic yogurt

1 tbs coconut oil

1 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs almond meal

6x ice cubes

Blend on high for 3- 4 minutes and serve!


and check out more protein smoothies on the BareVitality Blog




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