Pre-workout Snacks for Weight Loss!

Much of my Personal Training client base initially come to me with the goal to lose weight, tone up and feel great! So one of the first questions is always ‘should I eat before our sessions?’.

The answer- yes!

I will tell why, along with what are the best pre-workout snacks for weight loss.

But before we get into that, lets clarify!!! When we talk about weight loss in this post, we are talking about utilising our workouts to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. Not actually the number on the scale themselves!!

So lets get into it!!!

How does our pre-workout snacks assist our weight loss goals?

When we exercise we are first and foremost utilising the bodies energy stores, that if not used will convert into fat.

With the goal to lose weight, we are wanting to be building lean muscle to boost the metabolism and reducing excess fat. So you might be thinking, if we are trying to burn the bodies energy stores first, why would we want to add to the stores with a snack?

Heres why:

  1. We don’t want low blood glucose levels! When these levels are low and we are placing physical stress on the body (e.g.. exercise), the body will go into energy saving mode of all fat stores while it believes it is in a “crisis”! Therefore we create an overly stressed system that is holding onto fat stores…. the ones we are trying to get rid of may I remind you!!
  2. Food = energy! Energy = more effort during workout! Greater effort = greater results!!


So are you saying Claudia its fine to eat a bit of chocolate before my workout because that will bring my blood sugar levels up??

Not exactly!!! 

The type of pre (and post…. for another time) workout snack you choose is almost as important to your weight loss goals as the workout itself.

Best Pre-workout Snacks for Weight Loss

We are after something easily digestible, with a bit of natural sugars to boost blood glucose levels and a small amount of protein to slow the release of the sugar to prevent that blood sugar drop.

I know it all may seam a bit complicated but I promise its not!


Here are some examples of great pre-workout snacks for weight loss:

  • 1/2 banana sliced length ways with a spread on almond butter in-between.
  • Any other fruit with a bit of nut butter.
  • A small smoothie w berries or mango, baby spinach leaves, coconut water and LSA (linseed, sunflower seeds, almond meal).
  • Bliss ball
  • 1/2 a natural health bar with nuts and seeds in it.
  • 1/2 natural protein bar.
  • Brown rice cracker with organic ham/ tuna or nut butter.
  • Veggie juice + a small handful of activated nuts/ seeds.


As per usual, these are just a guide. Listen to your body and if you know your really prone to blood sugar drops, then you may need a larger snack and play around with the carb to protein ratio.

Your prior meal should be your main energy source towards this workout, the snack is purely for a quick glucose lift!

How long before a workout should I consume my snack?

We don’t want to burn through our snack before the workout has even begun. Nor do we want that smoothie slushing up and down in our stomach.

Now everyone is so different and its all about trying to find the amount of time perfect for YOU! Personally I find 45 minutes beforehand to be just right.

Trial somewhere between 1.5 hours and 30 minutes beforehand and see what works best for you. The larger the snack, the greater time you are wanting to leave between consuming and starting exercise.

Happy snacking!


Pre-workout Snacks for Weight Loss


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