Pre-Toxing, The New Detoxing!! + pre-tox smoothie recipe

So we were introduced to pre-toxing recently and are now obsessed!!! Why? Because it offers such a holistic approach to wellbeing and health which of course is something we are super passionate about at BareVitality!

It is a flexible way of maintaining health without the restriction that ‘detoxes’ usually bring and the stress detoxing places on the body. Often we go to extremes with our health i.e. from parties, fast food and huge family, social and work commitments to juice detoxing, daily mediation, rest and yoga. While detoxing has its health benefits, it also places high amounts of stress on the system when we jump from the extremes.

We have teamed with Fermio, the pre-tox experts to learn & share all about pre-toxing. Pre-Toxing is a proactive lifestyle that complements your body’s natural capacity to heal and detoxify. It optimises conditions for your digestive system to process, absorb and utilise nutrients. Pre-toxing fortifies your body’s innate defence against stressors for balance and vitality and involves small positive changes that result in long term significant improvement.

Pre-toxing offers all the rewards of a cleanse without the restrictions. It is approachable, unlike some other strict diets that seem to be around. Pre-toxing is easy to implement and maintain with no food groups eliminated. It is adaptable and can fit around your lifestyle because life isn’t always straightforward. It becomes a lifestyle. In the strive for wellness, daily progress in the little practices is better than perfection.

What Pre-toxing requires…

  • Rest: reduce digestive workload with wholesome foods and avoiding red meats, sugar, dairy, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Repair:  restoring digestive balance with a healthy gut micro biome. This can be through adding fermented foods, pro & pre biotic and avoiding the above list of acidic items.
  • Replenish: with easily assimilated vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. So think HEAPS of fresh fruit and veg, and a multi vitamin.
  • Reboot: gently cleanse the digestive system using the above steps and herbal support.
  • Routine: for optimal wellness everyday implement a pre-toxing routine at least twice a week.

On Pre-tox days it is important to prioritise…

  • Throughly cooked low GI vegetables such as pumpkins, sweet potato or zucchini.
  • Digestion friendly fruits such as banana, melons and peaches.
  • Easily digestible lean proteins such as fish, chicken, tofu, lentils or beans.
  • Healthy fats such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil, activated nuts and seeds and coconut oil.

It is important to ensure adequate hydration, limit caffeine and alcohol consumption, reduce intake of heavily processed foods high in sodium, sugar or fat and fried foods.

If you would like to take pre-toxing to the next level check out PT Molecure. We have loved trialling Fermio’s beautifully packaged vials. Super convenient and nutrient dense with their combination of plant based enzymes and bioavailable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients with pre-biotics and organic acids. The range of ingredients act as antioxidants, adaptogens, support energy, metabolism and are alkalising to the body. An easy way to complement and achieve the rest, repair, replenish and reboot stages all in one.

Pre-Tox Morning Recipe:

Step 1: Upon wakening, take one bottle of PT Molecure.

Step 2: 20 minutes later, enjoy our Pre-tox morning smoothie recipe.

Pre-tox Smoothie:


1 frozen banana

1 handful baby spinach leaves

1 cup coconut water

1/2 avocado

1 tbsp pre-soaked chia seeds


Blend all the ingredient together until smooth and enjoy!


We personally found PT Molecure bottles to be a wonderful addition to the pre-toxing benefits, however you can pre-tox anywhere, anytime through just the basic lifestyle adjustments.


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