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This Strawberry Coconut Bliss Smoothie is not only packed with flavour, but also superfoods and nutrients. It is free of dairy and free of refined sugar! This smoothie contains one of my favourite ingredients, LSA mix. It adds a fuller, slightly nutty flavour, but also contains rich sources of […]
I have just returned back from the shops with bags of delicious goodness!! Time to cleanse my body from all the Easter sugar. Each week I make up a ‘trail mix’ in a zip lock bag to snack on while I’m studying  or to take with me on the run. This is a great idea to keep in […]
Have you got a jog or walk planned for this week? Here are some ways to mix up your jog/ walk and to gain more than just cadio benefits. I aim for at least 1 jog and 1 walk each week for purely meditation purposes. For me jogging is an activity that I absolutely love and mentally need […]
These  Easter eggs/cubes are so so easy and a far healthier option than the typical chocolate Easter egg. A great Easter gift that’s dairy, refined sugar & gluten free and will have your skin glowing with it high amount of antioxidants and skin nourishing properties. I came across […]

Claudia Beyer

Founder of The BareVitality Studio – In the heart of Balmain, Sydney for 8 years, before transitioning to an Online Studio available world wide.

Accredited: Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Running Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner!

Also seen as: Health & Fitness Influencer, Creator, Presenter, a mum & foodie!


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