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A quick and healthy meal that is perfect for the whole family and great for left over lunches. Gluten free, grain free, clean, wholesome meal! Many people often ask do I eat only organic and what do I suggest. Really it comes down to money. I try to eat the foods at the top of […]
  I am sure most of you have had that challenging decision knowing you should be putting on your runners and heading out, but really the temptation of relaxing after a long day in front of the TV is much more appealing by this point. This is the reason why I have constructed a simple […]
I recently removed my much loved  occasional coffee from my diet.  Other than the fact coffee was creating huge fluctuations with my blood sugar levels, it was weakening my adrenal system and I reached the point where  my body instantly rejected even a couple of sips. It was too difficult to […]
  Fresh beetroot is an amazing vegetable. It contains powerful antioxidant properties, stabilises your blood sugar levels, lowers your cholesterol and contains high amounts of folic acid. Beetroot further reduces the risk of osteoporosis by helping the body utilise calcium and helps treat […]
This Strawberry Coconut Bliss Smoothie is not only packed with flavour, but also superfoods and nutrients. It is free of dairy and free of refined sugar! This smoothie contains one of my favourite ingredients, LSA mix. It adds a fuller, slightly nutty flavour, but also contains rich sources of […]

Claudia Beyer

Founder of The BareVitality Studio – In the heart of Balmain, Sydney for 8 years, before transitioning to an Online Studio available world wide.

Accredited: Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Running Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner!

Also seen as: Health & Fitness Influencer, Creator, Presenter, a mum & foodie!


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