My Kitchen Cupboard


While some people find pride and joy in their car, scrapbooking,  garden, the newest electronic-  mine is my kitchen cupboard. For many this is a place you try and avoid, however for me its a place of inspiration, creativity, meditation and health. I visit my kitchen cupboard many times each day and with one look inside I instantly feel happy and excited.

I love coming home from the supermarket and re-stocking and re-arranging my cupboard. I always make sure my cupboard is stocked up with healthy and wholesome products. Placing ingredients in containers makes them last longer, keeps the cupboard tidy and creates convenience particularly when your getting creative in the kitchen and your master piece just seams to be getting bigger and bigger.

When you have a cupboard full of delicious goodness their isn’t the temptation to look at the shelves above in my case that contain processed, sugary, salty products that my partner considers his pride and joy- no thank you!! Instead you start to put ingredients together in your head and in minutes you have created a healthy snack or meal that costs so little, is nourishing your body and will rid the unhealthy food cravings.

The picture above is one of the shelves in my cupboard. Below is a list of my usual staple items:

– Assortment of seeds and nuts

– Coconut shreds or flakes

– Goji berries

– Chia seeds

– Flax seeds

– Quinoa

– Amaranth

– Almond butter or a mixed nut butter

– Coconut  oil

– Olive oil

– Maca powder

– Bee pollen

– Cocao powder and nibs

– Puffed Quinoa and Amaranth

– Maple syrup and Raw honey

– A tea selection

– A herb selection

– Good quality dark chocolate

– Celtic salt

– Vanilla extract

– Natural protein powder

– Pasta alternative

– Almond, pecan & hazelnut meals

– LSA (Linseed, sunflower, almonds)

– Coconut sugar

– Nativia


Make your kitchen cupboard a happy place!




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