My 6 Week Health Reeboot- 4 Week Update!

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Another 2 weeks has gone by so quickly and only 2 more weeks left. My previous blog post outlines why I decided to undertake a 6 week health reboot and goes into my first 2 weeks and how I achieved those initial results.

So heres my 4 week update:

These last 2 weeks for me were about getting back on track after the flu, huge amounts of nutritional nourishment, scheduling in rest time, regaining muscular strength & endurance and filling myself with lots of self love.

Always after catching something it takes my body a while to build up all systems again. While I was feeling well, signs of my weakened immunity were visable such as increased sensitivities to foods, an immune related rash and dry hair & weakened nails. Some of the CFS symptoms such as joint pain and brain fog had also flared up.

Kombucha concoctions have taken over my kitchen bench. Coconut oil doses have been doubled- but when you make chocolate out of it 6 tbs a day can go down very easily. Trying to include as much variety of organic fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, meats, poultry, fish, gluten free whole grains and superfoods into my diet without creating a build up of certain foods is on track. Keeping hydrated with high mineral salty or chlorophyled water + lots of specific herbal teas and lots more..

I have been combining stretching, foam rolling and mindfulness practices together and find myself looking forward to the daily routine. With early mornings and often later than I would like nights, I have been making sure I get in a 20 min- 1 hour rest each day (and not feel guilty about it) to support my adrenals now I am back into full pace and to rebalance my systems. Keeping stress to a minimum, decluttering and prioritising/ eliminating from the over whelming, never ending list of things to be done. With such beautiful clear nights lately I have thoroughly enjoyed shutting off at the end of the day by taking my puppy down to the water at and sitting, enjoying and sometimes listening to guided meditation on my iPod. Also choosing a positive affiliation each day and repeating it to myself has been nurturing and a powerful tool to assist letting go of the negative and embracing and bring in more of the positive.

Always a balance of working in and out is essential. So this last 2 weeks to regain that balance and prepare for a running event I was entering yesterday, cardio was kept to 1 session each week, zone exercises were practiced daily (slow meditative movements to support health and energy), a variety of full body functional resistance exercises at a comfortable intensity were performed 4 days a week for 10-20 minutes and of course lots of stretching and a yoga session. My upper body strength has improved considerably woohoo.

and guess what! All my efforts to restrengthen and rebalance payed off with a first place result in yesterdays trail run event yay!! Yes I am just slightly excited. Firstly in my achievements to regain the level of health I have to be able to do again what I loved but also to compete and achieve results I had accepted I would never be able to do again. The patience, discipline, continuous listening and caring for my bodies needs and ‘smart’ training payed off with pride and a sense of self fulfilment and a significant milestone in my health and personal growth.

My efforts to improve my circulation over the last 4 weeks were also noted with successful progress when tested in yesterday event.

Looking forward to updating in 2 weeks with a rap up of the 6 weeks and sharing the results of a few exciting additions to my health routine these following 2 weeks.

Until next time




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