My 6 Week Health Reboot- 2 week update!

6 week health reboot BareVitality

For those of you following me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) you would have probably seen my post 2 weeks ago regarding the need to take control again over my health.

Over the last few months I had found I had lost a lot of my health routines, I was catching every single bug doing around, my memory was declining rapidly again, joint stiffness was returning, I was feeling more fatigued than usual, digestion wasn’t happy and my kidneys and adrenals were running very slow. I also wasn’t putting effort towards scheduling time for my own workouts and work-ins, meditating and zone exercises we getting more and more rare and sleep pattern, well they were definitely not ideal.

Immediate change was needed and nourishing, healing, strengthening and caring for me became prime focus.

Doing an in-depth health and wellness screening on myself I was able to pull apart areas that needed priority and constructed a new, fresh and exciting 6 week health reboot program for myself. My focus is to re-strengthen my immune system, rebalance my digestive and detoxification health, minimise unnecessary stress, improve my overall muscular endurance and flexibility, while supporting my adrenals and kidneys.

I’m not a fan of scales & measurements but rather being in touch with my own body & noting changes in energy, appetite, eyes, skin, sleep cycle, cravings etc.. ..and while physical changes should not be the main focus, progress pics help keep you motivated & allow you to notice & appreciate your new stronger, happier & healthier mind & body.

The program I am following is individualised to my personal needs. It’s incredibly simple, yet effective using functional movement & my less is more approach.

So my 2 week update:

Well first half a week was great. I was back into routine with my morning tonics and meditation. I was including all the wellness practices into my day, had completed some sort of movement everyday (even if it was just taking the dog down to the park and 5 minutes of core work), sleep patterns were improving, nutrition was on track and I was loving my nightly stretching and foam rolling routine.

Then the flu hit me! Bed ridden for a few days my priority was rest, hydrate, nutritional nourishment and more rest. When I was up to it again I started to include a bit of stretching into each day to help regain movement and flush out blockages. Then leisurely walks once a day, again to just get some movement in my body and fresh air in the lungs. The last few days I reintroduced 10 minutes a day of low intensity body weight resistance exercises and did a yoga session yesterday.

My program obviously had to be adjusted over the last week and a half to work around an obstacle (the flu), but you know what- thats ok! This is part of life and we just need to take it as a sign from our body to slow down and adjust accordingly.

So with little exercise how did I manage to create a noticeable physical difference over the 2 weeks? Honestly this was something I had to deconstruct and figure out myself.

Well first of all my body was screaming for rest so a shut off from all stresses and isolating myself for a few days to purely look after me helped my body regain its natural sync. Lots and lots of nutritional nourishment and including a number of steps as part of a mini detox to clear out my system, my body started to feel normal again. The most effective aspect was that the very little exercise I had done was;

1) Constructed as functional movements to provide me with results that supported my health at that time and complimented the human bodies natural movement needs.

2) With zero stress my body was happy to co-operate in every way I wished, including gaining visible tone with very minimal effort.

I also lost a small amount of weight (not my goal) due to the first 2 days of illness however have regained most of that again by adjusting my nutrition and with the addition of movement again & not the added pressure of fighting off the flu, my body has started to metabolise & function normally again yay!

The next 2 weeks ahead will have a huge emphasis on immunity, energy flow through meditation and functional movement and back into healthy routines.

Till the next 2 weeks!




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