Motivating Reasons To Get Fit This Winter!

Many of us become culprits to the Winter hibernation. Its so easy to, I know! Frosty mornings, dark by 5.30pm, so many more layers needed…. but these are not reasons why we can’t exercise and stay fit in Winter. These are just excuses we tell ourselves to make it ok to get out of our routines. ‘Get Fit This Winter….. please I will wait till summer!’

This is why I have compiled a number of reasons to get fit this winter!

Not just so you can get into shape, but how you can utilise Winter to your advantage for a whole range of holistic benefits.

Motivating Reasons To Get Fit This Winter:

Use the Winter Cycle To Boost Your Metabolism: 

During Winter our system naturally runs slower and functions to reserve energy. The problem is when we don’t move our body enough in winter, it takes this slowing down of the system to the extreme and further slows our metabolism believing its in ‘hibernation’ mode. So in keeping with the natural season cycle of our body, move the body is someway everyday and get in 2 sweat sessions a week. This allows your body to maintain in its natural winter cycle while naturally boosting your metabolism in the process.

Strengthen Your Immunity:

Staying fit through winter will boost your immune system, helping to protect you from all those nasty Winter bugs going around. Just make sure your staying warm while exercising and recovering.

Anti Ageing Secret:

You will age less by exercising through Winter! Yes Im actually serious. Improved circulation to the skin throughout Winter is a little anti ageing secret.

Prevent Those Winter Blues:

Do you notice how the grey skies and cold exterior of Winter has a huge effect on your mood? Well staying healthy and fit doesn’t just release feel good endorphins to boost your mood. It also gives you a purpose in your day-to-day life with self care at the root of intention.

You Will Make Healthier Food Choices:

It has been proven you are more likely to eat healthier through Winter by exercising regularly. When we are motivated to improve our fitness, we naturally crave healthy food options. Win, win!!

Excuse To Go Shopping:

Winter is a great excuse to kick start you #fitgoals off with a new Winter activewear outfit! Go out and find a new set of cosy tights and a long sleeve top that you feel good in… and in the health and fitness world there is no looking down on someone for wearing the same activewear more than once!! In fact, exercising the hell out of your favourite tights is something to be congratulated on!

Natural Detox:

Sweating in winter is the best winter detox!! However make sure you rug up quickly after (even if you still feel warm) to prevent your body temperature dropping too quickly.

Easier to Challenge Yourself:

Its easier for our body to train hard in Winter than the warmer months. This is because it takes a lot longer for our body to overheat and tire! Use this to your advantage. Challenge yourself a little bit more over Winter to build a strong fitness base for for the coming months.

Motivating Reasons To Get Fit This Winter!

And of course make sure you are also nourishing your body with lots of whole foods to fuel your workouts. Check out some of these Healthy Winter Eats!!


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